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THE ANGEL IN MY ARMS by Stefanie Sloane

THE ANGEL IN MY ARMS – Stefanie Sloane
Regency Rogues, Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-345-51740-1
July 2011
Historical Romance

Lulworth, Dorset, England – 1811

Marcus MacInnes, the Earl of Weston, returns home to Lulworth. He is on assignment for the Young Corinthians, a covert organization investigating smuggling in the area. His leg is still healing from a bullet wound acquired on a previous assignment. He meets Sarah Tisdale, her brother, Nigel, and their huge mastiff swimming in the lake. Mud prevails.

That evening, Marcus holds a party inviting the local gentry, hoping to gather some information regarding smuggling. Sarah is not anxious to meet Marcus because she is afraid her mother will have marriage on her mind, even though the people in the district are prejudiced about the earl because of his Scottish heritage. Marcus is pleased to see an old friend, Bennington, who is wed to Sarah’s best friend, Claire. Bennington warns him about Sarah saying she is different, clumsy, and a restless young woman. Little do they know that she wanders through the woods in the middle of the night in her shift and hides from her would-be suitor, Ambrose Dixon.

Sarah’s father, Sir Arthur, invites Marcus to come by for some of his choicest brandy. Dixon is also present. Could one of these men be a smuggler? Marcus gets some information regarding smuggling at the local tavern. His superior believes smuggling may be connected to the robbery of the Orlov emeralds that are worth a small fortune. It is said that the French have six of the jewels from the necklace.

Claire talks Sarah into attending some of the events at her house party. She can see that Sarah is attracted to the handsome earl. Will anything come of their attraction to each other?

And then tragedy strikes…

Sarah is a somewhat unconventional young woman who thinks she is clumsy and unattractive, and wishes to never marry. She is feisty, has a soft heart, and often uses unorthodox language. Her favorite expression is “bugger”, which you may get tired of hearing. She doesn’t like Dixon, who is cruel to his animals, but she is attracted to Marcus who laughs at her antics. Marcus looks for the smugglers and enjoys French brandy. Even the children in the area play at smuggling, but could it be dangerous for them? Marcus begins to take smuggling more seriously as terrible events ensue. Sometimes amusing, sometimes serious, the hero and heroine are likeable in THE ANGEL IN MY ARMS.

Readers of the Regency Rogues series will be pleased to know that book three, THE SINNER WHO SEDUCED ME, will be published in July, followed by book four, THE SAINT WHO STOLE MY HEART, book five, THE SCOUNDREL TAKES A BRIDE, and book six, THE HERO MEETS HIS MATCH. That should keep historical romance readers happy for a while!

Marilyn Heyman

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