Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Spotlight Review:

SEMI-SWEET - Roisin Meaney
Grand Central’s 5 Spot
ISBN: 978-0-446-57011-4
April 2011
Women’s fiction

Present Day Clongarvin, Ireland

Cupcake on the Corner is Hannah Robinson’s dream come true. Her hard work has paid off, and tomorrow is the grand opening for her cupcake shop. Tonight she is having dinner with her family and live-in love Patrick. Just as the taxi arrives to pick them up, Patrick informs her he’s leaving her for another woman…What?

Hannah is heart-broken but has the support of her parents, Stephen and Geraldine, and best friend, Adam. Realizing Hannah is feeling vulnerable and a little scared about what the future holds, Adam challenges her to commit to keeping the cupcake shop open for seven months. Adam uses his birthday as a time line. If it is not a success by then, move on. Adam moves in to help Hannah with her rent. This paves the way for his sister, man-eating Nora, to stay at Adam’s apartment.

So what is going on with sleazy Patrick? It seems Leah, his hot little honey, is pregnant, and Patrick feels trapped. Will he remain faithful or stray? What about his new sexy secretary, Nora? Leah's mother, Fiona, is devastated that her daughter stole another woman’s man. To make matters worse, she has to face Hannah’s mother. Seems they play bridge together every Friday evening. When word leaks out that Leah is pregnant, it doesn’t help the awkward situation between Geraldine and Leah. Especially when Geraldine figures out that Leah got pregnant while Patrick and Hannah were still together. Oh My!

Family friends, Alice and Tom, face the serious issue of drunk driving, which explodes after Tom’s accident. Alice was aware of his drinking, but unfortunately, she didn’t want anyone else to know. In a small town, secrets do not stay secret for long…and that is what makes this such a good read.

SEMI-SWEET follows Hannah, her family, and her friends as Hannah works through her pain and discovers that life goes on. Not only is her business a success, but life is good. Readers get to know Hannah and many other characters who are part of this small town.

This is a marvelous character driven story. As the story progresses, the characters and plots and subplots are woven together, and readers won’t stop turning the pages till the very last. Ms. Meaney has written a winner.

Enjoy folks!

Deborah C Jackson

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Kathleen O said...

I am going to be checking out this book. I love that it takes place in Ireland....what of my fav places in the world...