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Spotlight Review:

ANY MAN OF MINE – Rachel Gibson
ISBN: 978-0-06-157911-0
May 2011
Contemporary Romance

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Not many people know that Autumn Haven and Sam LeClaire were once married and have a son together. Certainly very few know that they once spent a wild and wicked week together in Las Vegas which culminated in a whirlwind wedding that both regretted. After all, Sam, a Seattle Chinooks hockey star, is the sexy bachelor who dates reed-thin models. Their son, Conner, is the only tie that binds them together now. Sam and Autumn’s contact with each other the past few years has been sporadic, with a third party acting as a go-between for his visits with Conner. At a wedding, Sam spots Autumn, and surprisingly, his interest in her rises again. Without understanding why, he wants to know more about the mother of his son. Of course, her old resentment rears its head. Surely other than Conner, they have nothing in common?

Autumn has raised her son while trying not to show Conner how much she resents Sam. She fell for the man in Vegas and married him, only to have him dump her in a hotel the next morning. Their divorce was completed faster than their marriage ceremony. Conner is the reminder of their alliance. Autumn hates Sam for what he did and tries to not be around him, but with her company coordinating the wedding of the Chinooks team owner to Sam’s friend, he can’t be avoided. When he starts hanging around Conner more, she’s not sure if she can stand it, because it brings up the feelings she thought were dead. Autumn wants what is best for Conner, but does that include playing nice with Sam?

What could have been if they hadn’t made the mistake of marrying first before getting to really know one another is at the heart of ANY MAN OF MINE. An instant attraction when Sam and Autumn met in Vegas consumed them to the point of combustible lust, which eventually melted when reality set in. Both had unresolved issues from in their pasts which made it difficult to form any lasting relationship. Sam has guilt over his sister, as well as how he never really had a dad. While he kept his visitation rights with Conner, he never really seemed to be there for his son. Let’s face it…Sam knows very little about his own son. Now he’s trying to get to know Conner, and this also means coming into contact with Autumn.

Sam’s walking out on her reminded Autumn of her father’s abandonment and left her not trusting men too well. She’s made a good career as an event planner and used Sam’s child support payments to buy a home. For Conner’s sake, she tries to not let her anger over Sam get to her, or the fact that he seems to go from one woman to another. To top it off, he’s a hockey player. Autumn doesn’t follow hockey. Oh, my. These

two have a lot to overcome before they can rise over the hump to get on the same side. She’ll have to learn to trust Sam again before she can love him. Will they succeed?

Rachel Gibson has once again proven why she’s a master of witty romantic comedy as she manages to make Sam and Autumn truly engaging as they maneuver the rocky road to love. You won’t go wrong in picking ANY MAN OF MINE for an all out fun read.

Patti Fischer

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