Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Perfect 10:

THE RESTORER – Amanda Stevens
The Graveyard Queen Series – Book 1
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2981-7
May 2011
Paranormal Romance

Charleston, South
Carolina – Present Day

Amelia Gray is a cemetery restorer. Restoring cemeteries is a precise art, involving a lot of research and careful care. But Amelia is well versed in abiding by strict rules and procedures. When she was just a little girl, Amelia saw her first ghost, and since then her father has hammered the rules into her. Do not acknowledge the ghosts, and do not associate with haunted people. But when Officer Devlin interrupts her after-dinner walk to ask for her help with a case involving a cemetery, Amelia begins to see that the rules she has abided by all her life are not always so easy to follow.

Someone is using the old cemetery to hide fresh bodies, and Devlin believes Amelia may hold the key to finding the murderer. The more Amelia and Devlin work together, the more potent the attraction becomes, and the more she realizes Devlin is draining her energy as much as his ghosts are draining him. Amelia knows she should just share her knowledge of the cemetery and walk away from it and Devlin, but when the killer starts leaving her clues and nearly attacks her, she knows there’s no turning back.

THE RESTORER is one of those books that crosses genre lines and manages to rise to the top of each one. A mix of paranormal, romance, mystery, and suspense, this is a novel that really will appeal to a large number of
people and will easily be loved by just as many. Amelia is a smart heroine dedicated to her craft, and this knowledge and appreciation of the restoration craft appears well researched and incredibly dead on, pardon the pun.

The relationship between Devlin and Amelia is electric, organic, and something special. The description of not only the characters, but the setting and story as a whole was so incredibly vivid, I was even a little afraid to go upstairs after finishing the book in case the ghosts had actually leapt from the page. THE RESTORER more than deserves a Perfect 10 rating, because this truly is a beautiful, haunting tale that will stick with you long after you close the book.

Readers should keep a look out for the future books in The Graveyard Queen series, THE KINGDOM (November 2011) and THE PROPHET (May 2012).

Amanda Toth

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