Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spotlight Review:

Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-439-17649-8
March 2011
Contemporary Romance

Cedar Springs and Austin, Texas – Present Day

Holly Fisher almost has it all. She just signed a contract with Quincy Crowe, an aspiring singer whose next three songs, her songs, just might go straight to the top! So, when her sister Hannah abandons her infant son, Holly is angry. How dare she? Today is the most important meeting of Holly’s life, but now she’s literally left holding the baby, without a clue what to do with him!

Holly tries everything to find Hannah. She calls Hannah’s husband Loren, but all he does is give her grief. Finally, days later, in desperation, she locks up her loft apartment in Austin and heads home to Cedar Springs and the house her mother left her. Now, she’s stuck with baby Mason, her sister is nowhere to be found, and the cowboy living next door has decided he wants to be friends. Can her life get any more complicated?

Millionaire Wyatt Clark is intrigued with Holly Fisher. The old ranch house has been deserted since Peggy Fisher died, but now her youngest daughter has come home, and with a baby in tow. Wyatt pretty much stays to himself ever since his wife left him, but he still sees his daughter Grace as much as he can. Holly Fisher is a new diversion. Lately, the most exciting thing in Wyatt’s life has been the newest “Word of the Day” on his computer. Holly sure is pretty, and she thinks he’s just a poor old cowboy. Life in the next few months might get interesting indeed.

There is A LIGHT AT WINTER’S END for both Holly and Wyatt as they get to know and depend on each other. Holly struggles with her career and the sudden acquisition of her nephew, taking her from single girl to mother in the blink of an eye. Wyatt’s pride still stings since his wife left him for her first husband, who came back from the dead and the war. Wyatt’s used to being alone. He hides out on his ranch, mending fences and just getting through each day before another one dawns. Having Holly to talk to is making him feel alive again. Until Holly’s world is shattered with the news that Hannah is in rehab. Now Holly must decide whether or not to fight Hannah for custody of Mason, leaving her to struggle with the rights and wrongs of her situation.

The characters in A LIGHT AT WINTER’S END are lively, and the story is strong, dealing with many emotional issues. Both Wyatt and Holly have a long road ahead of them before they can find happiness, but little by little, things have a way of working themselves out.

A LIGHT AT WINTER’S END is a winner!

Diana Risso

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