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Spotlight Review:

KEEP A LITTLE SECRET – Dorothy Garlock
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-446-54014-8 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-446-54012-4 (Hardcover)
March 21, 2011
Historical Romance

Sawyer, Oklahoma, 1939

The Wallace twins, Owen and Hannah, grew up never knowing who their father was. Owen, especially, grew angrier and angrier watching his mother work herself to death to keep the little family alive. When her last illness took her and her secret to an early grave, Owen searched her papers to find the identity of the man responsible for her troubles. He found a name and a location, John Grant in Sawyer, Oklahoma. Owen and Hannah left Colorado and are now situated on Grant’s horse ranch where they were given a small cabin. They go under the names Owen and Hannah Williams.

Whether or not Grant fathered the twins, he appears to be a good man. Hannah fits right in with the family and the employees; she works in town for a lawyer and uses her position to search town records for any information about her mother and the local citizens. Owen works on the ranch, but keeps to himself. He’s eager to get revenge, but hopes for solid proof he has the right man before he acts.

Meanwhile, Sawyer has a new schoolteacher. We last met Charlotte Tucker as an eight year-old in Ms. Garlock’s STAY A LITTLE LONGER. She’s worked hard to get an education and is thrilled to be venturing out into the world all on her own. John Grant invites her to live at the Grant ranch, where she gets to know the Williamses. When misfortunes begin to occur at the ranch such as seem to be too coincidental, suspicion tends to rest on Owen as an unfriendly outsider. Charlotte can’t believe he is guilty.

Owen, Hannah, and Charlotte are well developed and easy to identify with. Other characters of note include John Grant, of course; Hale McCoy, a big, outgoing ranch hand who turns shy around Hannah; a misfortunate child and her father; and a villain who hates John Grant.

About equally plot and character driven, KEEP A LITTLE SECRET is an entertaining and absorbing read.

In my mind, Dorothy Garlock owns the early twentieth century. I think you’ll like KEEP A LITTLE SECRET.

Jane Bowers

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