Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spotlight Review:

Silhouette Desire #2065
ISBN: 978-0-373-73078-0
February 2011
Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Gavin Mason is the typical rich businessman, living life the way he thinks it should be lived: gorgeous penthouse apartment, fancy car, Canali wool and cashmere suits, Santoni loafers, Hermes silk ties, Ferragamo shirts, and underwear specially made in a small shop in France. But when a book written by a high priced call girl describes him perfectly in chapter twenty eight, everyone in town assumes it’s him. Like he needs to pay for sex! But after growing up on the mean streets and clawing his way up the ladder of success, Gavin has a reputation to uphold. He cares a lot what people think of him; his reputation and outward appearance are sacred to him; he needs them to keep his place in this world and all its advantages. How dare someone impugn his character? He will go to the book signing and see what this call girl and the author of High Heels and Champagne and Sex, Oh, My! has to say for herself.

Violet Tandy thought long and hard before she wrote her first book, and decided that writing a book that appears to be a memoir was a very popular trend lately. Surely a story about a high class call girl and her clients would be interesting. Little did she know that everyone assumes SHE is the call girl. SURE, she worked at the Chicago Ambassador Hotel but didn’t spend illicit nights looking at the mural on the ceiling in the Princess Suite. SURE, she was a waitress at Chez Alain and knew how the croquet monsieur with truffle sauce tasted. SURE, she’s never tried those sexual positions and only read about them. At the book signing when a gorgeous man comes up and threatens to sue her because she wrote about him in chapter twenty eight and is ruining his reputation, Violet doesn’t know what to say. Don’t people realize that writers MAKE UP what they write about, or research it, that she is not a call girl? But her dream of a house with a white picket fence in the suburbs may be threatened if she can’t find him and get him to forget about suing her. Maybe if she just explains….

It sounds weird that someone doesn’t know a writer makes up what she writes, but I’m sure many people might actually believe it, especially if a man who matches a client of a call girl is well known around town. Gavin can’t even get a date any more for goodness sakes! Gavin talks to Violet and decides that if he’s seen around town with a good looking woman, namely her, maybe everyone won’t assume the book is true. Will Violet give in to her feelings for a man who cares only for what other society people think of him, and will Gavin learn to appreciate Violet for what she is, not what he can make her into?

Elizabeth Bevarly has written a delicious, cute and funny story that will tickle all of your senses. At times you think Violet is writing this story, and other times she and Gavin talk in their own voices. Emotions, pride and knowing what you want out of life gives the story special interest and we are easily drawn in to Gavin and Violet’s world and what eventually becomes important to each of them.

The only secondary character is Roxanne, the fictional diarist of the book. It’s her hijinks and sexual partners that bring Gavin out to protest his fury with being included in the book, even if his name is given as “Ethan”.

THE BILLIONAIRE GETS HIS WAY is a sure-to-please read when you want a laugh and a story that isn’t like all the rest of the billionaire stories. Here, Gavin must reassess his whole way of life and goals, and Violet must determine if what is inside him is worth her time and love. A delightful novel that will leave you with a smile on your face, THE BILLIONAIRE GETS HIS WAY is well worth your time and money.

Carolyn Crisher

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