Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Perfect 10:

CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE – Susan Elizabeth Phillips
A Perfect 10
William Morrow
ISBN: 978-0-06-135152-5
February 2011
Contemporary Romance

Wynette, Texas – Present Day

Meg Koranda arrives in town to be a bridesmaid for her best friend Lucy Jorik’s wedding to Ted Beaudine, the favorite son of Wynette. One look at Lucy and Ted together has Meg advising Lucy that she needs to call off the wedding. To her surprise, Lucy does and takes off, leaving Meg behind to deny that she was responsible for the canceled wedding. Everyone now hates Meg, including Ted, and an unfortunate chain of events has made it impossible for her to leave town. One sludge job after another has Meg pushing onward while she tries to convince those around her in Wynette that she isn’t the bad person they’ve declared her to be. Ted gets in on the punishment of Meg and the two battle toe-to-toe as she wants to prove to him she isn’t a spoiled rich girl. Hate soon turns to lust between them. She, the bad girl of Wynette, is bedding the town’s shining star. They’re total opposites, yet the attraction between them sizzles hotter than a Fourth of July fireworks show. Even so, Meg is convinced that Ted is nothing but a robot controlled by lack of emotion. If he’d let it loose, then he’d be even happier. But if that happens, what will become of their tenuous relationship? Surely there is no future between Ted and the woman who broke up his wedding to another.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips has crafted a wonderfully engaging tale in CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE that brings back characters from several of her previous books. (You can find the family tree up on her website at Meg has wandered around in her adulthood not quite knowing what to do with her life. Her family has basically washed their hands of her, and the one true friend she has is Lucy Jorik. Meg thought she was doing Lucy a favor by offering advice about her impending marriage. She didn’t expect that Lucy would indeed take off just as she was about to march down the aisle, leaving Meg to pick up the pieces. During the ensuing weeks afterward, while Meg’s misfortunes seem to worsen, she learns to hold her head up high and not care what others think of her. She finally discovers that she can take care of herself. Ted is mayor of Wynette, and they are in the process of negotiating with plumbing magnate Spencer Skipjack to build a new golf course. Ted, of course, is perfect in everyone’s eyes…except Meg’s. Even if she isn’t intentionally doing so, she is bent on stripping away the veneer of control he has in place. When Spencer starts pursuing Meg (to her horror), Ted and everyone in town has to treat her with respect for fear of the golf course deal being called off.

With lively banter, Ted and Meg shine together as a couple, despite the fact that even they can’t see how they can possibly have anything in common. She’s messy. He’s a neatnik. They are the quintessential opposites attract. Yes, they’re an irresistible couple. I loved reading their story, and at times, found myself losing track of time as it flew by, which is why I have to give CALLME IRRESISTIBLE a much deserved Perfect 10. I have read the previous, related books about the characters mentioned and it was fun getting my memory jogged with a pleasant trip down memory lane.

I haven’t read Ms. Phillips recent releases (though they are on my “to be read” pile), but CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE reminded me why I have enjoyed her in the past. Run to the nearest bookstore and grab this one. CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE is a book you’ll want to put at the top of your reading list.

Patti Fischer

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Ashlee Schmitmeyer said...

Wow, that's a great idea for a story! I love romance novels where the hero and heroine are seemingly at odds, but can't help but fall in love anyway. Thanks for the write up!