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A WEREWOLF IN MANHATTAN – Vicki Lewis Thompson
Wild About You Series, Book 1
Signet Eclipse
ISBN 978-0-451-23247-2
January 2011
Paranormal Romance

Manhattan, New York and Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Aidan Wallace as Chief Security Officer for the Wallace werewolf pack has been keeping surveillance on Emma Gavin, an author who has been writing books on werewolves. Because of her accuracy at depicting the pack, Aidan’s father, leader of the Wallaces, is getting nervous, but Aidan has seen no sign of any contacts Emma has made with the Weres. Aidan is very attracted to the petite blond whom he has been watching closely for the last three months. He has to continue surveillance as Emma goes on her tour around the country promoting her new book. He introduces himself at her latest book signing and hopes to have his father, who is a good friend of Emma’s publisher, have him assigned as her bodyguard. She has received a call from a fan telling her he is a werewolf and wants to show himself to her. Is it real, or is the fan demented?

After the signing, Aidan takes Emma to a club owned by the Wallaces. It is gorgeous with trees and stars simulating a forest. They dance and are even more fascinated with each other. He must be careful around her because unsatisfied arousal makes him begin to shift. Aidan’s brother, Roarke, shows up and warns Aidan that he is getting too attached to the human when he is destined for a political marriage. He tries to talk Aidan into assigning someone else to watch Emma, but will Aidan take his advice?

Aidan discovers that the son of the Chicago pack leader is the one contacting Emma. The young Theo has always been a problem threatening the safety of secrecy for the pack. Chicago brings more than a book tour for Emma—she finally sees for herself the reality of werewolves.

There are some comical situations in A WEREWOLF IN MANHATTAN when Aidan is near Emma and his fur begins to grow. Theo has even played some practical jokes that will make readers smile. Emma is an independent woman and Aidan an alpha male. They are likeable, and as their attraction grows, things really heat up! You can expect some very sizzling scenes in A WEREWOLF IN MANHATTAN as the alpha male growls his satisfaction. Scent has the most appeal in attracting Weres. But what will Emma think when she discovers Aidan’s secret life?

Readers will enjoy the light-hearted and fun story of A WEREWOLF IN MANHATTAN, which depicts werewolves as very sexy in their human form. Of note are Ms. Thompson’s striking covers for her books with such wonderful art work.

Marilyn Heyman


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