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NO PLACE TO RUN - Maya Banks
A KGI Novel , Book 2
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-23819-6
December 2010
Romantic Suspense

Tennessee - Present Day

In the five months since the KGI mission that took him to Mexico, Sam Kelly hasn't been able to get Sophie out of his mind. It's bad enough getting involved with a woman while on a mission, but that he can't forget her, or the fact that she had disappeared by the time he went back for her, is making Sam a little crazy. Then, while enjoying a barbecue with his brothers at his cabin, Sam sees a woman floating in the lake. Her rescue reveals the woman has bruising around her neck, a bullet-wound in her arm, a pregnancy bump…and finally Sophie's beautiful face.

After killing her father, a conscienceless arms dealer, Sophie knew the worst thing she could do would be finding Sam Kelly. A few too many close calls with her father's men and the difficulty of being on the run leave her with little choice. Kelly Group International hires former military personnel and specializes in rescue missions and government work that the government won't admit to, just the kind of help Sophie needs. Having to admit that she lied to Sam as much as he lied to her during their affair is bound to have him believe that she also betrayed him, but for the baby she's carrying, Sophie will do whatever it takes.

With NO PLACE TO RUN, Sophie turns to the one person she believes can keep her safe—and the one person who has the most reason to distrust her. Both had agendas when they first met, but the passion between them was hard to resist. That passion is still strong, yet Sophie and Sam have a lot to deal with now, including the revelation of the lies between them. Growing up the daughter of an arms dealer who despised weakness and had no concern for her welfare hasn't left Sophie with the ability to easily trust, but she is hopeful that Sam is the man she thinks he is. Sam, along with three of his five brothers, runs the Kelly Group International (KGI). They are a close-knit family, and his brothers, Garret and Donovan, play a large part in this novel. Despite the many questions Sam has about Sophie and the story she's telling him, he feels protective of her and her baby.

Though this is the second book in the KGI or Kelly series, NO PLACE TO RUN stands well enough on its own. The novel focuses mostly on the relationship between Sophie and Sam and the interactions within the Kelly family, but they are an interesting family, and you may want to know more about them and how Ethan and Rachel's story (THE DARKEST HOUR, September 2010) came about. A riveting tale of action and romance, don't miss NO PLACE TO RUN.

Jennifer Bishop


cheryl c said…
I really enjoyed the 2 books in this series!
Estella said…
I love this series!

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