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EXPLOSIVE – Beth Kery Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-23671-0
December 2010
Erotic Romantic Suspense

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Dr. Sophie Gable is taking a well-deserved week off at Haven Lake when in walks Thomas Nicosia. Thomas works in the same building she does, and she sees him all the time, always feeling there was some kind of attraction between them, but neither of them has had the nerve to make the first move. Now Thomas looks rumpled, is not talking normally, and seems less than his usual well kept persona. When they end up in bed together and he's gone the next morning, she knows something was wrong with him. Could it have something to do with the death of his “brother” and nephew recently? In fact, Thomas's brother, Rick Carlisle, was the son of the man who took him in at the age of ten after both his parents were shot to death. Rick Carlisle was a journalist, and word is he was going to name his father, Joseph, as head of the Chicago mob. Joseph Carlisle is the reason Thomas was not an orphan, and his love and trust in Joseph is unshakeable.

Thomas doesn't know what is wrong with him, but for some reason life seems to be spinning out of control after the death of his “brother”, and the FBI is trying to blame his father for being the leader of the Chicago mob. Joseph Carlisle raised him and can't be the person Rick and the FBI are saying he is. Thomas can't believe Rick had a source naming their father as being a member of the mob; why would he believe that of his own father? For some reason, Thomas is attracted to Sophie and can't seem to keep his hands off her. When Thomas and Sophie are almost involved in an explosion, they return to Haven Lake trying to escape whatever is threatening Thomas.

Beth Kery has written a sort of psychological story about a man who is clearly having some sort of psychotic break with reality. Half the time Thomas doesn't remember what he's done, and Sophie is trying to be the person who brings him back to reality. Handled with attention to detail, Thomas and Sophie's relationship seems to revolve around Thomas and whatever has happened to him to make him forget almost 12 hours of his life.

As Thomas and Sophie spend time at her lake house getting to know each other, they are both aware that the FBI is involved in an investigation of Rick's death. Whatever happened to Thomas has someone after him, and he acts with extreme ups and downs at times, wanting sex all the time. Not that Sophie minds the sex, but her history has her unable to trust Thomas as much as he distrusts her. Is she working with the FBI to get some information out of him? But sex with her is the only thing that calms him down and can get him to think clearly. What could be the secret that his mind is hiding from him?

Secondary characters include the late Rick Carlisle, who was Joseph's son and the instigator of the investigation of his father; Sophie's associate, Andy, who was a psychologist treating Rick before his death; and Joseph, who seems to be at the center of whatever is happening. Is he being unfairly blamed?

EXPLOSIVE is just like the title suggests, one hot story with lots of sex and lust. Thomas is hypersexual, and Sophie is attracted despite his unusual actions. Can they reach a normal relationship, or will Thomas and his history come between them until the mystery is solved? Make sure you're calm and collected when you start reading, because the EXPLOSIVE sex will knock your socks off.

CeCe Johns


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