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LIBERTINE'S KISS by Judith James
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Abandoned by his cavalier father at a young age, William de Veres grew up knowing precious little happiness. But William has put the past firmly behind him and as a military hero and noted rake, he rises fast in the ranks of the hedonistic Restoration court. Though not before he is forced to seek shelter from a charming young Puritan woman…

The civil wars have cost the once-high-spirited Elizabeth Walters her best friend and her father, leaving her unprotected and alone. She flees an unwanted marriage, seeking safe haven, but what she finds is something she never expected. When her kindness and her beauty bring her to the attention of William, and then the king, she will have a choice to make. After all, can a notorious libertine really be capable of love?

Question for readers....what is your favorite historical time period to read?

Post your responses and I'll pick a winner on Tuesday night.

One entry per person, US and Canada mailing addresses only.


LSUReader said…
I enjoy reading different time periods, but I do love those Regency romances.
aromagik said…
I'd say anything set in the 1700s-1800s in England will usually capture my interest if the story is good.

Scorpio M. said…
I like the Victorian era.
Linda Henderson said…
I probably read more from the regency period than any other. Although I do enjoy them all.
Estella said…
I enjoy them all!
Chelsea B. said…
Victorian, for sure!
Stephanie M said…

smccar1 at hotmail dot com
debbie said…
I like all the time periods, but my favorite is the early 1900's.
Martha Lawson said…
the early 1800's thru the 1860's!

This one sounds really great.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com
Izzy said…
My favorite is during the American Revolution

bradunwanted @ yahoo . com
I love reading about regency! So romantic :)

Emily said…
The 20's were kickin!

fantasizesgam at gmail dot com
Sheree said…
Regency is my favorite.

CrystalGB said…
Regency England is my favorite.
Karen H said…
My favorite time period is the Regency Era but I really love anything set in the 19th century.
Maureen said…
I like all different times but I think the Regency is my favorite.
booklover0226 said…
Regency is my favorite.

LIBERTINE'S KISS's cover is beautiful. Did you work closely with the artist to create it?

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com
Cybercliper said…
Time periods in my reading kinda depend on my mood - right now I'm glomming up anything from 15th and 16th century Scotland! annhonATaolDOTcom
sgambunny said…
I like regency (victorian)

sgambunny @ hotmail . com
Jessica said…
this one looks great I really like nineteenth century romance

jsididia at gmail dot com
Seo said…
ooh this is a hard one lol. I think I really like revolutionary periods (like the revolutionary war, the western expansion, etc).

sxg21 at scasd dot org
Kathy said…
I'd say the 1700s. :D
Steph said…
I like really early American settings (think the Mayflower)

2love.stephanie at gmail dot com
Caffey said…
Love the new RRT site! Looks fab!

Oh I so enjoy many of the different periods in historicals. Recently its been Victorian. So I do jump to reading a variety of the settings and the one I'm reading is the favorite! So lately its the Victorian (and too Regency, LOL)

cathiecaffey @
Momof1DD said…
I like cowboy and indian type.


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