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DAY OF THE DRAGON - Rebecca York Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-23819-9
December 2010
Paranormal Romance

Present Day

Ramsey Gallagher hopes that the lecture he'll be attending will give him the answers he has searched for all of his life. A recent archaeological expedition in Italy has uncovered some startling facts, and considering that the dig is located in roughly the same area where he was found as a child, Ramsey isn't about to miss the lecture. When Dr. Madison Dartmoor arrives, though, she quickly explains that she will not be presenting her information due to an attack on the site. Ramsey had seen Dr. Dartmoor the night before and was interested then, but now it's not just the attraction he feels that has him following her out of the conference…and straight into danger.

Though her team has been threatened, Madison is too focused on her aborted lecture to think about being in danger herself — until a man tries to force her into his car. The rescue by Ramsey Gallagher is appreciated, but unsettling also. She finds herself acting uncharacteristically, and Madison can't help but wonder what is going on in her life. Ramsey proves to be knowledgeable about archaeology and ancient cultures, and his interest in her findings seems genuine, but she knows he's hiding something.

As they flee from the men pursuing her, Ramsey does his best to convince Madison to take him to the dig site in Italy . It's not just the answers to his origins that he is searching for, but a recent battle has cost him the use of his powers, and Ramsey needs to find a way to restore them.

DRAGON MOON introduced readers to Ramsey Gallagher and in DAY OF THE DRAGON, a spin-off of sorts, we learn more about him. Found as a child roaming the countryside in what is now Italy , Ramsey has no idea of his origins, and didn't even know about his powers until he was a teenager. He has spent his very long life looking for answers and is sure that Madison Dartmoor and her dig site hold the key. The tragic loss of her parents caused Madison to turn to their friend Dominic Coleman, who is now her mentor and benefactor. He helped to influence her decision to become an archaeologist and shares her views on the necessity of finding answers. She's a strong woman who doesn't trust easily, and Ramsey makes things difficult for her.

DAY OF THE DRAGON takes things in a different direction from Ms. York's Moon Series in spite of the connection to it, so it's not necessary to have read the previous books in order to follow along, but some of the references may be better understood with the background. An intriguing novel, be sure to look for DAY OF THE DRAGON.

Jennifer Bishop


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