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ISBN: 978-0-06-198842-4
November 2010
Contemporary Romance

Twilight, Texas – Present Day

Sadie Cool may be a bestselling author of children's books, but deep down she is still shy, insecure Sarah Collier. Raised by parents who were more interested in their medical careers than their only child, Sarah cherishes the memories of her now deceased grandmother, whom she'd visit every Christmas in Twilight. One of her memories is of baking Kismet cookies. Folklore says if you put a Kismet cookie under your pillow on Christmas Eve before you sleep that you will dream of your one true love. Alas for Sarah, her hopes for marrying her true love were dashed at age fifteen when she crashed Travis Walker's Christmas day wedding announcing that he couldn't marry Crystal because she, Sarah, was his one and only true love. Let's just say her world came crashing down. Now an adult, she hasn't forgotten that day and hopes to never set foot in town again. But then she receives a heart-wrenching letter from a fan in Twilight. All the little girl, Jazzy, wants is a mommy for Christmas…before she dies. Sarah's agent convinces her that a visit will be good PR, and while she hates the idea of returning to Twilight, she agrees.

Travis Walker is now a single parent raising his daughter Jazzy, who has a severe form of asthma. All he wants for Christmas is for her to get well. Nothing else matters. The visit of Jazzy's favorite author, Sadie Cool, has her excited and seemingly healthy again. Imagine Travis's surprise to learn that Sadie is Sarah, the pudgy, shy girl who had a huge crush on him and crashed his wedding. She is nothing like the girl he used to know. While Travis is interested in Sarah, he realizes that his first priority is Jazzy and getting her well. Despite this avowal, as Christmas approaches, he finds himself falling for Sarah, but she continues to keep a part of herself locked inside, confusing him. Is he living on borrowed time, letting Sarah into Jazzy's life and hoping that his prayers for his daughter's good health will be answered?

Emotions run as deep as the Mississippi River in Lori Wilde's THE FIRST LOVE COOKIE CLUB. With Jazzy as their link, childhood friends Sarah and Travis reconnect, and an attraction begins to build. But Sarah resists, because deep down her insecurities are still there. After her ill-fated Christmas declaration all those years ago, Sarah never came back to Twilight, while Travis remained and started a family with Crystal . But his ex couldn't handle Jazzy's asthma and left town. The expenses for treating his beloved daughter are huge, but he will do anything for her. What happened on Travis's wedding day has Sarah erecting a wall to keep him at arm's length. Sarah can't see that she is going to have to learn to deal with the past before she can start her future. There is a lot of baggage that both Sarah and Travis have to resolve before they can come together. But once they do, you can bet Jazzy will be a big part of this.

The people of Twilight also provide part of the colorful background to THE FIRST LOVE COOKIE CLUB and are too numerous to mention them all here, except for perhaps Raylene, who is Travis's aunt. She has her own secret, even as she begins to question whether the entrance of Sarah into Travis and Jazzy's life is a good thing. Will she do something to hinder the budding romance, or will she provide the catalyst to bring them together?

THE FIRST LOVE COOKIE CLUB is a feel good tale that will leave you warm and cozy on a cold winter's night, wanting to reach for a cookie to go along with your hot drink. I'll admit that I reached for the cookbook to scour for some homemade cookie recipes. Forget the diet and inhale this enticing tale, one that I highly recommend you put at the top of your next book-buying list.

Patti Fischer


Estella said…
I loved this book!

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