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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Perfect 10:

A Perfect 10
Dynasties: The Jarrods, Book 6
Silhouette Desire #2055
ISBN: 978-0-373-73068-1
December 2010
Series Romance

Aspen, Colorado – Present Day

It's early December and Trevor Jarrod enters his office to find a strange woman waiting for him. She has a baby with her and introduces herself as Haylie Smith and says that the baby, Bradley, is her nephew…and his son! Seems Trevor had a one night stand with Haylie's sister, who has since died, and she's determined for him to know his son. He doesn't quite believe her, but he's willing to wait out the results of the DNA test. Trevor also is more than a bit attracted to Haylie and asks her and Bradley to stay with him until the results are back. Of course, the fact that he wants to get to know both his son and the aunt has a lot to do with it.

Haylie thought she was doing the right thing bringing her nephew to meet his father. However, she has begun to realize that Trevor has the power to take Bradley away from her. It also doesn't help that she finds him very attractive. But she shouldn't get involved with a man who's a bit of a playboy, right? And staying in his house might result in giving in to temptation. Can a leopard really change his spots?

Heidi Betts has penned a sexy, fun tale with INHERITING HIS SECRET CHRISTMAS BABY and the final installment in Dynasties: The Jarrodsseries. The last thing Trevor expects walking into his office this fateful day is the news he's a daddy. He's not the least bit prepared, and one can't blame him for being skeptical when he cannot even recall Haylie's sister. Yet, there is something about Bradley that has his instincts telling him that he is probably the father. Now he not only wants to get to know his son, but Haylie as well.

Haylie had always been the levelheaded one of the sisters, so one can see she thought she was doing the right thing telling Trevor about Bradley. She figures he'll accept his son and let things go on as before…with her taking care of the baby. His interest in Bradley—and Haylie—leaves her confused. Dare she get involved with her nephew's daddy? Or is he using their connection as a way to get custody? She's caught between liking Trevor and distrusting him. Which will win by the end of INHERITING HIS SECRET CHRISTMAS BABY?

The changing emotions Haylie and Trevor feel in INHERITING HIS SECRET CHRISTMAS BABY make it a heart tugging read. Plus, add in Heidi Betts's saucy writing, a cute baby, and a couple who are truly engaging with tons of chemistry, readers will find this tale one they won't want to put down, nor want to end. It's books like these that deserve A Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today. Find out for yourself what I mean by grabbing a copy of INHERITING HIS SECRET CHRISTMAS BABY.

Patti Fischer

The winner is....

Poster #18 - SEO wins the copy of ROYAL HOLIDAY BABY by Leanne Banks.

Congrats and email me by 1/5/11.

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Notes: The Wild Rose Press Author Clare Austin joins us to discuss her releases BUTTERFLY; ANGEL'S SHARE; and HOTFLASH. Door Prize: One lucky winner will receive a free download of either book! Moderated by KatBos.

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A Perfect 10:

THE BARDS OF BONE PLAIN – Patricia A. McKillip
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-441-01957-1
December 2010

Caerau, Belden

Phelan Cle is in his final year of studying to become a bard; he only has to complete his final paper before he will graduate. Bored with school, he picks an easy topic he knows hundreds of other students have chosen before him, the tale of the bard Nairn and the Bone Plain. But studying the mysterious life of the antiquated bard leads to Phelan learning more about the mysteries of his own city, and the music itself.

Princess Beatrice enjoys digging around the city, searching for lost artifacts from the olden times. On one such dig, she found a coin with odd scratches on it, and her curiosity led her to the archives. Soon, Phelan and Beatrice are on a similar track, searching for a place lost in myth and lore. While digging in a new site, she discovers a strange stone door with another odd symbol, something older than ever before discovered, right about the time a mysterious and intriguing stranger travels to town.

Nairn's story is told alongside that of Princess Beatrice and Phelan's. Two stories separated by hundreds of years are beautifully woven together into an ending so surprising and wonderful it is only surpassed by the alluring music and poetry interlaced within the stories. The key characters play gorgeous music that resonates throughout the ages, and the prose is so marvelously written, the reader can practically hear the sweet sounds of the harp, or the flutter of the reeds.

An enchanting story, THE BARDS OF BONE PLAIN has something for everyone: myth, magic, and lore for lovers of true fantasy, enough of a puzzle for mystery fans, and an entwining of lyrical notes to strum any music lover's heartstrings. Be sure to check out this fantastic novel by author Patricia A. McKillip, a shining example of a high fantasy novel, and in my opinion, a Perfect 10.

Amanda Toth

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Book Giveaway:

Silhouette Special Edition


Valentina Deveraux was still in shock. She had always been the good girl, the model princess—not the one getting mixed up in tabloid scandals. But one carefree night burning the bedsheets with charming Texan Zachary Logan had changed everything. Now her main responsibility was not to the throne, but to her unborn child...and getting to know his or her father.

With Zach, Valentina felt she could put down her tiara and just be herself. But the rancher had a dark secret—one that threatened any chance of happily ever after. Could the American cowboy be her true Prince Charming? Or was she risking it all for a royal heartbreak?


Tell us a little about how YOU celebrated Christmas.

Winner announced Wednesday night. US and Canada mailing addresses only.

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New Reviews posted at Romance Reviews Today!

Volume 12, Issue 2, December 2010

Romance Reviews Today – The best reviews on the web!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the staff at Romance Reviews Today!!

Chats – All chats begin at 9 pm eastern. Check out the RRT Blog for the most current author chat schedule. Open Forum with Scheme on Monday, Author Chat's with Crazy Mo on Wednesday, and Friday Nights with Patti. Don't miss the chats they are informative and fun! A Link to the chat room can be found on the home page at

New reviews this issue: 38 (includes 2 Erotic review)


MINE UNTIL MORNING – Jasmine Haynes – Holly – Erotic Contemporary Romance

THE OTHERSIDE – J.D. Robb, Mary Blayney, Patricia Gaffney, Ruth Ryan Langan, Mary Kay McComas – Jennifer - Paranormal

Contemporary Fiction

GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART – Teresa Mederios – A Love Story in 140 Characters - Jane

SOCIAL LIVES - Wendy Walker - Diana - Women's Ficiton

THE THREE KINGS – A Christmas Dating Story - Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez – Diana – Chick Lit

YOU DROPPED A BLONDE ON ME – Dakota Cassidy – Deborah

Contemporary Romance

EXPLOSIVE – Beth Kery – CeCe - Erotic

THIEVES LIKE US –Starr Ambrose – Allegra


BLACK WINGS – Christina Henry – Kathy – Urban Fantasy

DEMON UNDERGROUND – S.L. Wright – Confessions of a Demon, Book 2 – Amanda – Urban Fantasy

DRAGONS DEAL – Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye – The Dragons Wild series, Book 3 – Marilyn

RIGHT HAND MAGIC – Nancy A. Collins – A Novel of Golgotham, Book 1 – Kathy – Urban Fantasy

SEER OF SEVENWATERS – Julliet Mariller –Sevenwaters series, Book 5 – Robin

THE BARDS OF BONE PLAIN – Patricia A. McKillip – A Perfect 10 – Amanda

THE KINGDOM OF OHIO – Matthew Flemming – Lenore – Alternate History

Historical Fiction

RIVAL TO THE QUEEN – Carrolly Erickson - Amy

STARS OF FIRE – Mary Ellen Dennis - Jani

THE KING'S DAUGHTER – Christie Dickason – A Perfect 10 – Jani

THE LADY'S SLIPPER – Deborah Swift – Jani

Historical Romance

A PIRATE'S POSSESSION - Michelle Beattie - Pirates, Book 3 - Lenore

HIS CHRISTMAS PLEASURE – Cathy Maxwell – Victoria

OUTRAGEOUSLY YOURS – Allison Chase – Her Majesty's Secret Servants, Book 2 - Victoria

SINFUL IN SATIN – Madeline Hunter – The Rarest Blooms, Book 3 – Lori

WICKED NIGHTS WITH A LOVER – Sophie Jordan – Marilyn


LAW OF ATTRACTION – Allison Leotta – Lori Ann – Legal Thriller

Paranormal Romance

ETERNAL HUNGER – Laura Wright – Mark of the Vampire, Book 1 – Lori

STRONGER THAN SIN - Caridad Piniero - Kathy

Romantic Suspense

MURDER IN PLAIN SIGHT – Marta Perry – Amish Suspense Series , Book 1 – Diana

NO PLACE TO RUN – Maya Banks –A KGI Novel, Book 2 - Jennifer

PROMISES IN THE DARK – Stephanie Tyler – A Shadow Force Novel , Book 2- Lenore

RIDE THE FIRE – Jo Davis – The Firefighers of Station Five – Deborah

Series Romance

DANTE'S MARRIAGE PACT – Day Leclaire – The Dante Legacy , Book 7 – Patti – SD#2057

INHERITING HIS SECRET CHRISTMAS BABY – Heidi Betts – Dynasties: The Jarrods , Book 6 – Patti – SD #2055

PRIVATE PARTS – Tori Carrington – Private Scandals, Book 3 – Patti – HB #580

SWEET SURRENDER, BABY SURPRISE – Kate Carlisle – Jennifer – SD #2058

THE TYCOON'S PATERNITY AGENDA – Michelle Celmer – Black Gold Billionaires, Book 1 – Patti – SD #2053

UNDER THE MILLIONAIRE'S MISTLETOE – Maureen Child and Sandra Hyatt – Patti – SD #2056

WILL OF STEEL – Diana Palmer – Men of Medicine Ridge – Diana – SD#2054



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Kat Martin chats LIVE at Romance Reviews Today on Wednesday 12/22/10!

Wednesday December 22, 2010
Time: 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm Eastern Time
Location:  or go to and click on RRT Chat.

The chat is held in Mo's Book Buzz chat room

Notes: Author Kat Martin joins us to discuss her book, AGAINST THE FIRE. Door prize: One lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of SCENT OF ROSES and a $10 Borders Gift Card! Moderated by CrazyMo.

Spotlight Review:

DAY OF THE DRAGON - Rebecca York Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-23819-9
December 2010
Paranormal Romance

Present Day

Ramsey Gallagher hopes that the lecture he'll be attending will give him the answers he has searched for all of his life. A recent archaeological expedition in Italy has uncovered some startling facts, and considering that the dig is located in roughly the same area where he was found as a child, Ramsey isn't about to miss the lecture. When Dr. Madison Dartmoor arrives, though, she quickly explains that she will not be presenting her information due to an attack on the site. Ramsey had seen Dr. Dartmoor the night before and was interested then, but now it's not just the attraction he feels that has him following her out of the conference…and straight into danger.

Though her team has been threatened, Madison is too focused on her aborted lecture to think about being in danger herself — until a man tries to force her into his car. The rescue by Ramsey Gallagher is appreciated, but unsettling also. She finds herself acting uncharacteristically, and Madison can't help but wonder what is going on in her life. Ramsey proves to be knowledgeable about archaeology and ancient cultures, and his interest in her findings seems genuine, but she knows he's hiding something.

As they flee from the men pursuing her, Ramsey does his best to convince Madison to take him to the dig site in Italy . It's not just the answers to his origins that he is searching for, but a recent battle has cost him the use of his powers, and Ramsey needs to find a way to restore them.

DRAGON MOON introduced readers to Ramsey Gallagher and in DAY OF THE DRAGON, a spin-off of sorts, we learn more about him. Found as a child roaming the countryside in what is now Italy , Ramsey has no idea of his origins, and didn't even know about his powers until he was a teenager. He has spent his very long life looking for answers and is sure that Madison Dartmoor and her dig site hold the key. The tragic loss of her parents caused Madison to turn to their friend Dominic Coleman, who is now her mentor and benefactor. He helped to influence her decision to become an archaeologist and shares her views on the necessity of finding answers. She's a strong woman who doesn't trust easily, and Ramsey makes things difficult for her.

DAY OF THE DRAGON takes things in a different direction from Ms. York's Moon Series in spite of the connection to it, so it's not necessary to have read the previous books in order to follow along, but some of the references may be better understood with the background. An intriguing novel, be sure to look for DAY OF THE DRAGON.

Jennifer Bishop

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guest Blogger: Kat Martin

Where Do Story Ideas Come From?

It’s amazing the places an idea for a story can come from. Years ago, my first book, MAGNIFICENT PASSAGE, started swimming around in my head as I watched a TV show called The Quest, a tale about two half brothers. I’ve actually had people ask me if that is where my story idea began.

NIGHT SECRETS was inspired by the old song “Brandy,” about the tavern maid who fell in love with a sea captain whose heart belonged to the sea. Fortunately, the story was only loosely connected to the song--which saved me from a lawsuit by the people who wrote it!

Often my Contemporary novels blossom from something I’ve read in the newspapers or seen on TV. SEASON OF STRANGERS was about a young woman and her sister who had an encounter with a UFO, a subject I’ve read a great deal about.

My new book, AGAINST THE WIND, began in a similar fashion. I was cruising along the 90 Freeway crossing Montana, enjoying the crisp fall weather, the brilliant colors of the leaves, and listening to the country channel on the radio. As I headed toward home, a Trace Atkins song came on, How do you like me now? It’s a wonderful tune that tells a great story. And it gave me the kernel of an idea for a story I was able to expand into a book.

In the song, a young girl humiliates a boy who has a crush on her. Later that boy grows up to be extremely successful and he wonders how that girl feels about him now.

In my mind, that boy and girl became Jackson Raines and Sarah Allen, the hero and heroine in the book. Years later, Sarah returns to the small Wyoming town of Wind Canyon, in trouble after her failed marriage. Unfortunately for Sarah, the only person who can keep her and her little girl, Holly, safe is Jackson Raines, the boy--now a man--she humiliated in high school all those years ago.

Most of the time, my story ideas seem to come out of nowhere. One day I’m looking for a plot for a book and then suddenly, I know that I want to write about Gabriel Raines and his struggle to find the arsonist who is trying to kill him. Then I search for the woman Gabe is going to fall in love with, no easy task for a macho man like Gabe. Lady architect, Mattie Baker, filled the spot perfectly, and the book became AGAINST THE FIRE.

AGAINST THE LAW, the third book in the trilogy, seemed to come fairly easily once I got started. I loved Dev Raines, the sexiest and wildest of the Raines brothers. Once Lark Delaney walked into his life, the plot began to roll. The novel developed as I wrote it, which is unusual for me, and it turned out to be one of my all-time favorites.

I’ve discovered that readers seem to like trilogies. I wonder how you all feel about them? Like them? Hate them?

I hope you’ll watch for the Raines Brothers trilogy, AGAINST THE WIND, AGAINST THE FIRE, and AGAINST THE LAW. They’re coming January, February, March. Till then, happy reading and all best wishes, Kat

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Book Giveaway:

WICKED WONDERLAND by LuAnn McLane,, Susanna Carr and Janice Maynard


Three bestselling authors steam up the pages with sexy tales of women who earn spots on Santa's naughty list...

In LuAnn McLane's Hot Whisper, a woman is stranded in a small town when a sexy local offers her lodging, eggnog-and more-to wait out the cold winter night.

In Susanna Carr's Hot for the Holidays, corporate rivals become lovers, thanks to an office Christmas party gone wild.

And in Janice Maynard's Hot Arctic Nights, a B&B in the far reaches of Alaska promises bed, breakfast and beyond for the new female manager and a hot tenant.

Some hot stuff here. Tell us your favorite steamy romance of 2010!

One entry per person. US and Canada mailing addressess only. I'll announce a winner in a few days.


The series winner is....

Congrats to CHEY who wins a copy of the The Twelve Nights of Christmas.

Please email me your mailing address at

Tracy Wolff winner is....

Congrats to Estella, who wins a copy of  Tracy Wolff's book!

Estella, please email me at with your mailing address.

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Q&A with Cara Marsi!!!

1. Tell us about your newest release.

In "Murder, Mi Amore," Lexie Cortese's Roman holiday turns deadly when she's mistakenly slipped a stolen blue diamond. Lexie is in Rome to forget her ex-fiance's hurtful betrayal, but she's suddenly thrust into a world of terrorists, murder, and kidnapping. Pursued throughout Rome by people who will kill to retrieve the diamond, Lexie doesn't know what to believe or who to trust. She's befriended by a mysterious, handsome Italian, Dominic Brioni. Can Lexie trust Dominic, or is he involved with the people who want to kill her? Dominic has one job-befriend the American and bring her to justice. His superiors at Interpol believe Lexie is involved with international jewel thieves and terrorists. Only she's the most unlikely terrorist Dominic's ever met. Will Lexie and Dominic learn to trust their hearts before they are both killed?

2. Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story?

Dominic is injured when he and Lexie fight off someone trying to abduct her. Because of his minor injuries, Lexie insists Dominic stay with her.They spend the night in her hotel room, and when they wake up the next morning, they make love. This is where they both decide to trust each other, but Dominic learns something soon after that makes him wonder if his trust in her is misplaced.

3. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I've always loved to read. As a teen, I read the Judy Bolton mysteries by Margaret Sutton and the YA novels of Elizabeth Howard. That's when I knew I wanted to be just like those authors.

4. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

Sometimes I'll see something in the news or read an interesting article and I think, "what if." Also, when I travel I get ideas from my surroundings. I set "Murder, Mi Amore," in Rome, where my husband I visited in 2006. There's a chapter set in the small town in Abruzzo where my grandparents came from. We visited Abruzzo on that trip and I incorporated real sights in the town into my story. I based Lexie's hotel on the one we stayed at on the Via Corsi in Rome. It was a short walk from the hotel to Trevi Fountain, where Lexie and Dominic meet. Lexie's from Las Vegas, and the book ends in Las Vegas. My son lives there and I recently visited. I wanted to tie in the real Trevi Fountain in Rome to the fake one at Caesar's Palace in Vegas.

5. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

When I'm stumped on a scene, I get up and walk around my house. I walk and walk and think about the scene and I don't stop until I figure out what I need to make the scene work.

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

What a hard job writing is and that I fall madly in love with my all my heroes.

7. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Too many to list. My critique partners, past and present; the successful authors who took the time to help a new writer; my sister; the many friends I've made through RWA.

8. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My husband is very non-supportive and I don't discuss my writing with him, although he did help me with my video trailer.He doesn't read books and can't understand my love of books and of writing. My son who is grown has never read my books, but he tells all his friends his mother is an author. My sister and cousins and aunts are very proud of me and support me in everything I do.

9. Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

I love to travel, to read, watch TV. I walk two miles a day and I recently signed up with a personal trainer to help with upper body strengthening. I'm also a news junkie. And I love going to conferences with my writer friends. I've met so many friends through RWA.

10. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

I write short stories for the confession magazines, True Romance, True Love, True Experience. I love writing these stories. I have numerous stories with them and I intend to keep writing my shorts while I also write novels. I'm working on another story with an Italian hero and the American woman he loves. I've completed a werewolf paranormal about a sexy werewolf and the woman who is sent to kill him.


Learn more about Cara by clicking here to her website

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Book Giveaway:

Harlequin Presents
November 2010


Unexpectedly homeless for the festive season and exhausted from transforming the penthouse of the hotel where she works into a dazzling winter wonderland, chambermaid Evie Anderson secretly sleeps over. Woken by an outrageously sensual kiss, Evie feels her body come alive…until she realizes her seducer is Rio Zaccarelli, her dangerously attractive new boss!

This Christmas, it's imperative that Rio's reputation appear spotless—but innocently enticing Evie is a temptation he can't resist! Their scorching chemistry leads to twelve nights of endless pleasure. But will it last once the decorations come down?


I am going to assume we have some series romance readers on this blog. So, what was your favorite romance from Harlequin in 2010?

Post away and I'll pick a winner in a few days.
One entry per person
US and Canada mailing addresses only.

Winner of Sex on the Slopes is....

The winner is..... AmyS!!!

Congrats and email me your snail mail addy at

Chat Wednesday night with Dara Girard

Dara Girard chats at Romance Reviews Today!

Date: Wednesday December 15, 2010
Time: 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST

or go to and click on RRT Chat. The chat is located in Mo's Book Buzz chat room.  
Notes: Author Dara Girard joins us to discuss her book, PAGES OF PASSION. Door prize: One lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of WORDS OF SEDUCTION, the first book in "The Ladies of the Pen" series! Moderated by KatBos.

Learn more about Dara by clicking here.

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Guest Blogger: Tracy Wolff....and a giveaway!

I love this time of year. I love the cold that finally seeps into our weather here in Texas. I love shopping for family and friends. I love making cookies with my mom and my boys. And I love all the other wonderful traditions that my family has at this time of year. Things like getting all dressed up on Christmas Eve and going to church and then out to a fancy restaurant to eat. Things like collecting donations in our neighborhood for the local food pantry. Things like spending time with my loved ones when the rest of the year we’re usually going in a million different directions—especially my husband who travels so much for work that he even missed Thanksgiving this year.

In my new December Harlequin, Unguarded, my heroine and hero have their own traditions. Not necessarily for Christmas, as this isn’t a Christmas book, but for other things in life—good and bad. My heroine, Rhiannon, is part of a big family that likes to gather regularly to celebrate all of life’s small accomplishments—and since she’s from Texas, those gatherings are usually gigantic backyard barbecues complete with brisket and potato salad. Shawn, my hero, is pretty much on his own, but he and his friends have their own weekend traditions, including basketball games and poker nights.

A tradition that both of them share, however, is one that involves keeping their own hearts safe—that of pushing away anyone who gets too close. Rhiannon was the victim of a brutal rape two years before the book opens, one that ruined her marriage, her career, and her self-confidence. While she is finally beginning to get her life on track she is so used to distancing herself from everyone and everything, that she nearly lets Shawn get away. And Shawn, who has a bit of a dark past himself, has spent nearly a decade hiding beyond a carefree personality, refusing to ever drop his guard.

Writing this story was difficult at time, heart-wrenching at others, and also deep down wonderful, especially as I got to watch two of the wariest characters I’ve ever written slowly learn to trust themselves again … not to mention, each other. Their tradition of not trusting anyone slowly dissolves and what’s left is, I think, a truly wondrous thing.

So, as the holiday season gets into full swing, what are some of your traditions—that you love or that you wish you could let go. Leave a comment and be entered to win the first book in this trilogy, From Friend to Father.


You can learn more by visiting Tracy's website at

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A Perfect 10....and a Giveaway!

Here is a two for one... Posting a copy of the review for Sex on the Slopes and a giveaway for a copy from RRT.

A Perfect 10
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-23701-4
December 2010
Erotic Contemporary Anthology

Whistler, British Columbia – Present Day

Three smoking hot tales revolving around a wedding taking place at Whistler during the winter will have readers reaching for a cold drink to cool down. Maybe one of the recipes provided in the book will help do the trick.

Fire and Ice

Wedding planner Andi Radcliffe wants Tom Davis and Shelley Williams' wedding to be perfect and she knows it has to be her top priority, but a fire at the Alpine chalet where the wedding party is staying immediately puts a crimp in her plans. Everyone is safe, but Andi has an encounter with a sexy firefighter who proves to be very distracting.

Jared Stone is a dedicated firefighter, and after losing his late wife, he's not looking to get involved with another woman. Andi makes it clear she's only here for a week as the chemistry between them sizzles, so why not indulge in a brief affair? However, the more they're together, the harder it proves to keep his feelings for her from exploding. Will their fling last after the wedding is over, or melt away like fire to ice?

The weather might be cold outside, but it's sultry hot inside for Andi and Jared in Fire and Ice. They hit it off immediately while meeting under the most unlikely of situations—a fire at the chalet that forces everyone to evacuate briefly. Andi and Jared are soon forgetting what brought them together and concentrating on each other. As a wedding planner, she needs everything to go smoothly, so of course, things don't. Meanwhile, Jared is still carrying sacred memories of his wife, and soon it becomes clear that there are three in bed with Jared and Andi. Can he exorcise his feelings and start a new beginning with Andi?

Slippery Slope

Brianna George has worked hard as the host of a hot television show to bring her career to the very pinnacle of its success. While she feels out of place as the wedding preparations go on around her (she's the groom's boss), she attempts to enjoy visiting Whistler. A day trip learning to ski brings Brianna into contact with sexy hot Aussie ski instructor Zack Michaels. The air between them sizzles enough to warm the cold air, but she holds back because she's not into sex with men she barely knows, besides, Zack is much younger than she.

Zack likes what he sees in Brianna. Even with all the “do me” ski bunnies around him, he's more interested in the tightlipped Brianna. It takes some heavy duty persuasion on his part, but soon he has her right where he wants her—in his bed. Brianna still wants to keep their relationship a secret, but the more he's with her, the more he wants to shout out how he feels about her.

An older woman-younger man relationship isn't what Brianna had planned for the trip to Whistler in Slippery Slope. After being burned by men in the past, she's generally distrustful, but Zack has her slowly breaking down her walls. Will something happen to test their friendship and love affair? Will it all end when the wedding vows are said and done by Tom and Shelley? Uber hot sex highlights a fun middle tale in SEX ON THE SLOPES.

In Hot Pursuit of a Bad Boy

Always the bad boy while growing up as friends with Tom and Maddie Davis, nothing appears to have changed for Logan Carver as he joins the Davis family in celebrating the upcoming wedding of Tom and Shelley. Now an undercover cop with the Royal Mounted Police, he's working to infiltrate a suspected drug organization. Staying with the wedding party is just a cover. However, Logan can't forget how much he wanted Maddie all those years ago. Sweet, innocent Maddie has grown into a sexy, sinful woman who makes it clear she wants Logan…in her bed.

Maddie never forgot Logan and it's clear their chemistry still sizzles right off the charts. She convinces him that she only wants one night with him and that Tom and her parents won't find out. But one night soon turns into another… Will Maddie prove to be a delectable temptation Logan won't be able to give up?

Years ago, Logan and Maddie kissed and Tom, his best friend, had warned him away. Logan left town and has lived up to his bad boy image through the intervening years, though it's helped him in his career in law enforcement. The sparks still fly between Maddie and Logan during In Hot Pursuit of a Bad Boy, and she certainly shows she wants them to heat up the sheets. She promises Logan that she only wants a fling, but will one night—or even one week—be enough? She'll have to work hard to make her case. Meanwhile, the case Logan is working on doesn't need a distraction like Maddie. Will something happen to make Logan realize that while Maddie says she isn't looking for a future with him, they are destined to be together forever? The sex scenes are scorching hot, so be sure your cold drink is close at hand.

It's really hard to say which of the three tales in SEX ON THE SLOPES is my favorite. Fire and Ice, Slippery Slope and In Hot Pursuit of a Bad Boy are all sexy, scintillating reads which were hard to set down. Susan Lyons has once again proven that she knows how to entertain readers and write sexy hot stories. For this reason, I'm awarding SEX ON THE SLOPES one of RRT's coveted Perfect 10 awards. It's a book I highly recommended to anyone who likes sizzling contemporary tales that are filled with passion and riveting plots.

Holly Tibbs


Want this? Then tell us what your favorite Winter sport is!
US and Canada residents only.
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Okay, the winner of To Tame A Sheikh by Olivia Gates has not stepped forward. I rewound the number generator and....

The winner is Stephanie, Poster #6

You can find the list of those who entered here.

Stephanie, please email me at

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Q&A with Joselyn Vaughn!!

Welcome JOSELYN VAUGHN to the RRT Blog!

1. Tell us about your newest release.

My next release is Courting Sparks. It is about a young woman, Daphne, who has had a rough dating history and has decided it is time to try again. Unfortunately, in her mind, the only person she is attracted to is her male best friend and ex-boyfriend’s cousin, Noah. If that’s not bad enough, someone burns pictures from her prom at a local teen hangout and she could be blamed for the arson.

2. Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story?

Courting Sparks was so much fun to write; it is hard to pick one scene. There’s the scene where Daphne is trying to give a presentation while Noah is dancing – he’s not good, but he’s cute. Or when Daphne has to bail her cousin Peggy out of jail after her bachelorette party. Or the ride in Peggy’s VW Beetle at the end. Peggy is quite the colorful person and has a tendency to steal the show.

3. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve probably always wanted to be a writer. My necessities when going anywhere, especially as a kid were a book and a notebook. When my mom took me to the grocery store, I would stand and study the pens and notebooks while she got groceries.

I finally became serious about writing a couple years ago. My friend and I were bouncing around an idea at work, so when I came home for lunch, I started working on it. It eventually became CEOs Don’t Cry, my first book.

4. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

From events and people around me. Things they say, stories they tell. They’ll say something and I think ‘oh the Minnie would say that’ so I jot it down. I work in bits and pieces here and there for a character, but they aren’t all from the same person.

5. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

My critique partner just rolls her eyes at this, but I write all my first drafts by hand. She always says why don’t you just type it, so you don’t have to do it later? I have small children, so my time using my laptop without them helping me is slim. They are less interested if I am using a pen and paper, although I occasionally get an extra hand or two on the pen. I can also take a notebook anywhere in the house or the backyard or the park and get a couple paragraphs down without having to wait for my laptop to boot.

Handwriting my first draft also helps me wander a bit and find the story. I usually have very little idea about what will happen in the book when I start chapter one. As I write I find the story and can check back with what I’ve already written. It is also easier for me to turn off the inner editor and I don’t lose my train of thought when I misspell things.

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

How a story can change and evolve. I recently wrote a story about a woman who was having car problems and thought it would be a simple story about her and the mechanic falling in love. Then all these issues developed. Why couldn’t she just sell the car and get something new? Why was he working at a tractor shop instead of being an auto mechanic? The story kept developing these layers that made the characters more complex and hopefully more interesting.

7. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

I think every author I’ve read has influenced me somehow, either because I loved the story so much I wanted to create a world as magical as theirs or because reading their story has given me confidence to try it myself. My critique partner, W. S. Gager (A Case of Infatuation and A Case of Accidental Intersection) is always pushing me to take the story to the next level.

8. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

So far everyone thinks it’s pretty cool. My brother and sister say I have inspired them to start writing as well. They are waiting for me to make millions. Haha! My husband wants to know when he can retire and when he needs to pose for a book cover. I tell him when I have a hero that looks like him. So far he’s out of luck.

9. Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

Reading, of course. I love searching for deals at thrift stores and garages sales. When I had more free time, I enjoyed sewing and quilting and hope to get back to that when my children are a little older. I also run and play golf, although I haven’t done the latter in a couple years because of the aforementioned children.

10. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

I am working on two more books in the Ladies Night Out/ Library Ladies Series. After that I hope to start something entirely new with a whole new set of characters.


Learn more by visiting the author's website at

You can purchasing Courting Sparks by clicking here.

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Winner is....

Linda Henderson wins a copy of SPUN BY SORCERY!!

Congrats and please email me at by 12/15/10.

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Chat Wednesday night with Angel Smits!

Angel Smits chats with us

Date: Wednesday December 8, 2010
Time: 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST


Or go to and click on RRT Chat and then head into Mo's Book Buzz room.

Notes: Harlequin SuperRomance author Angel Smits joins us to discuss her book, A MESSAGE FOR JULIA. Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of A MESSAGE FOR JULIA! Moderated by CrazyMo.

Angel's website can be found by clicking here.

A Perfect 10:

A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-06-185206-0
November 2010
Historical Romance

Yorkshire, England, 1823

Upon headlining the ladies' journal, Pearls and Pelisses' list of “lords to land,” antiquities expert, Lord Nicholas St. John, younger twin to the Marquess of Ralston, is eager to be anywhere but London. His opportunity for escape presents with the Duke of Leighton's quest to find his younger sister, who has mysteriously disappeared.

Nicholas accepts the mission, keen to renew the tracking skills he acquired years ago on behalf of the British government, and the former hunter-cum-hunted, high-tails it out of London . The trail, however, ends in a remote North Yorkshire village, where he, by accident (literally speaking, as in saving her from death by a runaway horse cart), encounters Lady Isabel Townsend.

The lovely, lonely Isabel is the eldest child of the recently deceased Lord Townsend, disparagingly referred to as “The Wastrearl” (Very clever play on words Ms. MacLean!). The earl has left both his elder daughter and ten-year-old heir near destitute, with the exception of Isabel's collection of marble statues. Discovering the identity of her rescuer, Lady Isabel asks Lord Nicholas to appraise and help her to sell the marbles. Her intent is not only to shore up her younger brother's estate, but also to continue supporting her secret mission of helping young women in need.

Isabel is extremely protective of her secrets, as well as those of whom she shelters. She is immediately attracted to Lord Nicholas, but his curious nature might well jeopardize what has become Isabel's personal mission in life. Gaining her confidence is Lord Nicholas's greatest challenge, while learning to trust is the greatest obstacle to Isabel's own happiness.

When I previously read Ms. MacLean's debut, NINE RULES TO BREAK WHEN ROMANCING A RAKE, I found it a charming and captivating debut, but the author has outdone herself with her follow up, TEN WAYS TO BE ADORED. The story is inventive, the dialogue delectable, and the hero and heroine sizzle off the page. I would have to give this one a Perfect 10.


Monday, December 06, 2010

Q&A with Susan Roebuck... and a giveaway!

1. Tell us about your newest release.

"Perfect Score" was published by Awe-Struck Publishing on September 21st 2010 and is receiving great acclamation from reviewers which my publisher assures me is unusual. But some of their comments sum up the book perfectly: “my God this book has the best ending I’ve ever read in this genre” (Rainbow Reviews), “Reading ‘Perfect Score’ was quite a moving experience for me. I brought to mind several life lessons, especially one in particular: whatever you sow, you reap.” (Lena Grey from Queer Magazine Online.
Its genre is very difficult to say because it's a mix of non-erotic Romance/Suspense/M/M/Literary. It’s set in mid West USA in the 1960s and is a story about family relationships, corruption, growing up, integrity, responsibility, and being a man of worth in a society of the worthless.
The two main characters are Alex and Sam. Alex is a blend of musical genius, stubbornness, a fantasy obsessive and a general ditz. He’s living with an extremely wealthy uncle (who’s the baddie in the book). Sam has more direction in his little finger than Alex has in his whole body. He’s strong, yet he’s of small stature and suffers the trauma of a terrible up-bringing. His one aim in life is to earn enough money to look after his disabled sister and he has no time for a spoiled, rich, guitar player. Sam also stutters and has what is probably a severe form of dyslexia.

2. Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story?

Oh! That’s a nice easy question! I think it’s when Alex is trying to find the love of his fantasies – Sam - who has disappeared.

Alex goes to Sam’s sister, Amy, to find out if she knows where he is. Despite suffering from cerebral palsy, Amy has a terrific – and naughty – sense of humor. When she introduces Alex to one of the nurses, she tells her that he’s French so the nurse speaks to him in French and says that it’s nice to meet him.
“How do you say, ‘Nice to meet you too’?” Alex whispers to Amy.
“T’as une tête a faire sauter les plaques d’egouts,” she replies.
And he shouts this up the corridor to the nurse (who up until then had fancied him). “The temperature fell to 20º below,” says Alex.

3. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

All my life and, like many writers, I’ve been writing stories since I could hold a pencil but I didn’t really want to live a starving life in a cold garret so I earned my living as a teacher. Given the choice, though, I’d make my career as a writer and I wish now I had lived in that freezing garret.

4. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

I always said my brother was my muse and it’s true. I won competitions for writing and drawing when I was a kid thanks to him. I’d just say, give me an idea and he’d give me one which I’d develop. He was so creative. Unfortunately he passed away ten years ago and I was in a kind of “no-man’ land” for a long time until I felt that he’s still around somewhere because – to answer your question – I’ve no idea where my ideas come from, they get dredged up somehow!

5. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

You are so going to regret asking that question. It’s that I go against all the writing rules that exist. “Perfect Score” has a prologue, an epilogue, alternating chapters with third POV and first POV, and I’ve never been to the area it’s set in (I’ve been to the States but not the mid-West). But critics have said that it all works. There must be a moral in there somewhere.

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

How quickly the time flies. How I dreamed, lived and ate with the characters for almost a year. How I couldn’t get my mind off the plot and how to integrate all the different ideas that repeatedly popped up. I love all that. Better than drugs any day.

7. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

My husband’s incredibly supportive of the time I take on the computer and encourages me so much. He’s as delighted with good reviews as I am. Other than him, I suppose it was my brother – he could make a story out of an old sock. And I hope no-one ever gets their hands on the drawings he did of me as a child.

8. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My elderly mother can’t get her mind around e-books and what they are (she lives in Britain). She keeps telling me that she’s looking in the newspapers every week at the book reviews but she hasn’t seen me yet. I constantly tell her she’ll never see it there, but she still looks, bless her.

9. Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

I really love getting together with my friends and having a great laugh. But otherwise, I’m a keen conservationist and, at the moment, I’m campaigning against the destruction of the unique laurel forest in Madeira (that’s why my blog’s called Lauracea). I swim, I walk. I have a very eclectic taste in music – it depends what I’m working on as to what I listen to. With “Perfect Score” I listened to Damien Rice and David Gray all the time.

10. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

It’s called “The Deepest Secret”, it’s not M/M (yet!) but it’ll be full of weird characters. There’ll be romance, suspense, corruption and …ahem…injustice (I think I write about issues that disturb me, don’t you?). It’s not set in the US this time, it’ll be located between the UK and Portugal. And there’ll be a female bullfighter in it who is very very bad indeed.

11. How can readers connect with you online?

There’s my blog: It really concentrates on becoming a writer, the issues of publishing and e-publishing. I interviewed an editor about her day the other day and wrote about it. I also review books. And I love getting new followers. “Perfect Score” is for sale on (the blurb and everything is there too.
Thank you so much for letting me share this with you today on your blog.


Thanks for visiting us!

Susan has generously donated a download of PERFECT SCORE to one lucky winner. To enter, just pose a question for Susan and I'll announce the winner in a few days.
Good luck!

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Book Giveaway:

SPUN BY SORCERY by Barbara Bretton
(A Knitting Mystery book)


Chloe is always losing things-but an entire town? Just when she was about to settle down in Sugar Maple with her soul-mate Luke MacKenzie, her Fae enemy Isadora strikes, and her new hometown is gone. Even the Book of Spells, her lifeline to magick, can't help her now. Just in the nick of time, her friend Janice roars up in Chloe's ancient Buick with Penny the cat and her yarn stash in tow. If she is going to save her home she has to go back to Salem, where family secrets and centuries- old feuds pull her into the fight of her life.

I will make it easy for anyone interested. Just post away and I'll pick a winner later in the week. One entry per person and US and Canada mailing addresses only.

Good luck!

PS....if you've recently won on the blog, I went to the post office Saturday and mailed off a bunch of books. :)

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New Reviews Posted at Romance Reviews Today!

Volume 12, Issue 1, December 2010

Romance Reviews Today – The best reviews on the web!

Quick! Only 24 more shopping days until Christmas – is your book list ready???


His Christmas Pleasure by Cathy Maxwell & Passions of a Notorious Gentleman by Lorraine Heath

In the Dark of Dreams by Marjorie M. Liu & So Close the Hand of Death – J.T. Ellison

BLACK WINGS by Christina Henry & Hungry for You by Lynsay Sands

Additionally author Lindsay McKenna will be giving away an autographed copy of DEADLY IDENTIY (December 2010, HQN).

Visit the Contest page to enter!

Ten Ways to Be Adored by a Lord by Sarah MacLean & Never Trust a Rogue by Olivia Drake – Lori Patterson

Scoundrel in My Dreams by Celeste Bradley & Surrender of a Lady by Tiffany Claire – Karen Gonyea

The First Love Cookie Club by Lori Wilde & Edge of Sight by Roxanne St. Claire – Laurie Gommermann

Please see the contest page for entry instructions.

New reviewers wanted. Contact Terrie – Please include a sample review in your email.

Limited number of review openings – get your request for review in early. Review Policy – 60 days advance notice. No Exceptions! Late requests will be considered on a time and space available. When requesting a review please include the following information:
Title, Author, Publisher, Release Date, ISBN, Genre, ARC Format (i.e. electronic or print if electronic please include PDF page count.)

All interviews will be posted on the blog and archived to the site at a later date. (Contact Terrie or Patti to schedule your interview.)

Advertising is available on the home page beginning in May. Please see Author Service page at for pricing information.

Chats – All chats begin at 9 pm eastern. Check out the RRT Blog for the most current author chat schedule. Open Forum with Scheme on Monday, Author Chat’s with Crazy Mo on Wednesday, and Friday Nights with Patti. Don’t miss the chats they are informative and fun! A Link to the chat room can be found on the home page at

New reviews this issue: 25 (includes 3 Erotic reviews)

SEX ON THE SLOPES – Susan Lyons – Holly – A Perfect 10 - Erotic Contemporary

Contemporary Fiction
AN AMISH CHRISTMAS – Cynthia Keller - Diana
SALTING ROSES – Lorelle Marinello – Jane
WHAT MATTERS MOST – Luanne Rice – Patti

Contemporary Romance
DEADY IDENTITY – Lindsay McKenna – Jackson Hole, Wyoming series – Carolyn (visit the Contest page to win a copy of Deadly Identity from the author)
MONTANA GLORY – R.C. Ryan – The Montana Trilogy, Book 3 – Diana

Historical Romance
A MOST SCANDALOUS ENGAGEMENT – Gayle Callen – The Scandalous Lady Trilogy, Book 2 – Jane
DUCHESS OF SIN – Laurel McKee – Daughters of Erin Trilogy, Book 2 – Jani
DUKES TO THE LEFT OF ME, PRINCES TO THE RIGHT – Kieran Kramer – The Impossible Bachelors, Book 4 – Victoria
ONE NIGHT IN SCOTLAND – Karen Hawkins – The Hurst Amulet Trilogy, Book 1 – Jane
PLEASURES OF A NOTORIOUS GENTLEMAN – Lorraine Heath – London’s Greatest Lovers, Book 2 – Jane

RULES OF AN ENGAGMENT – Suzanne Enoch – Carolyn
SEVEN NIGHTS TO FOREVER – Evangeline Collins – Victoria - Erotic

THE DUKE’S NIGHT OF SIN – Kathryn Caskie – Seven Deadly Sins series, Book 3 – Jani

Paranormal Romance

CAPTIVE SPIRIT – Annie Windsor – Dark Crescent Sisterhood, Book 4 - Lenore
DAY OF THE DRAGON – Rebecca York - Jennifer

IN THE DARK OF DREAMS – Marjorie M. Liu – A Dirk & Steele Novel – Jennifer
INSATIABLE – Morgan Hawke – Jennifer – Erotic

TEMPTED BY FATE – Kate Perry – The Guardians of Destiny series, Book 3 – Carolyn

Romantic Suspense
ICE – Linda Howard – Jane
LIE WITH ME – Stephanie Tyler – A Shadow Force Novel, Book 1 – Carolyn
THE 4 TH VICTIM – Tara Taylor Quinn – The Chapman Files, Book 4 – Marilyn

Series Romance
TWINS UNDER HIS TREE – Karen Rose Smith – The Baby Expert Series, Book 6 – Jane – SSE #2087


Spotlight Review:

ISBN: 978-0-06-198842-4
November 2010
Contemporary Romance

Twilight, Texas – Present Day

Sadie Cool may be a bestselling author of children's books, but deep down she is still shy, insecure Sarah Collier. Raised by parents who were more interested in their medical careers than their only child, Sarah cherishes the memories of her now deceased grandmother, whom she'd visit every Christmas in Twilight. One of her memories is of baking Kismet cookies. Folklore says if you put a Kismet cookie under your pillow on Christmas Eve before you sleep that you will dream of your one true love. Alas for Sarah, her hopes for marrying her true love were dashed at age fifteen when she crashed Travis Walker's Christmas day wedding announcing that he couldn't marry Crystal because she, Sarah, was his one and only true love. Let's just say her world came crashing down. Now an adult, she hasn't forgotten that day and hopes to never set foot in town again. But then she receives a heart-wrenching letter from a fan in Twilight. All the little girl, Jazzy, wants is a mommy for Christmas…before she dies. Sarah's agent convinces her that a visit will be good PR, and while she hates the idea of returning to Twilight, she agrees.

Travis Walker is now a single parent raising his daughter Jazzy, who has a severe form of asthma. All he wants for Christmas is for her to get well. Nothing else matters. The visit of Jazzy's favorite author, Sadie Cool, has her excited and seemingly healthy again. Imagine Travis's surprise to learn that Sadie is Sarah, the pudgy, shy girl who had a huge crush on him and crashed his wedding. She is nothing like the girl he used to know. While Travis is interested in Sarah, he realizes that his first priority is Jazzy and getting her well. Despite this avowal, as Christmas approaches, he finds himself falling for Sarah, but she continues to keep a part of herself locked inside, confusing him. Is he living on borrowed time, letting Sarah into Jazzy's life and hoping that his prayers for his daughter's good health will be answered?

Emotions run as deep as the Mississippi River in Lori Wilde's THE FIRST LOVE COOKIE CLUB. With Jazzy as their link, childhood friends Sarah and Travis reconnect, and an attraction begins to build. But Sarah resists, because deep down her insecurities are still there. After her ill-fated Christmas declaration all those years ago, Sarah never came back to Twilight, while Travis remained and started a family with Crystal . But his ex couldn't handle Jazzy's asthma and left town. The expenses for treating his beloved daughter are huge, but he will do anything for her. What happened on Travis's wedding day has Sarah erecting a wall to keep him at arm's length. Sarah can't see that she is going to have to learn to deal with the past before she can start her future. There is a lot of baggage that both Sarah and Travis have to resolve before they can come together. But once they do, you can bet Jazzy will be a big part of this.

The people of Twilight also provide part of the colorful background to THE FIRST LOVE COOKIE CLUB and are too numerous to mention them all here, except for perhaps Raylene, who is Travis's aunt. She has her own secret, even as she begins to question whether the entrance of Sarah into Travis and Jazzy's life is a good thing. Will she do something to hinder the budding romance, or will she provide the catalyst to bring them together?

THE FIRST LOVE COOKIE CLUB is a feel good tale that will leave you warm and cozy on a cold winter's night, wanting to reach for a cookie to go along with your hot drink. I'll admit that I reached for the cookbook to scour for some homemade cookie recipes. Forget the diet and inhale this enticing tale, one that I highly recommend you put at the top of your next book-buying list.

Patti Fischer

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The winner is....

The winner of the Lora Leigh book is.... poster #22 Jennie!!!!

Congrats and email me at by 12/12/10