Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spotlight Review:

THE THIRD SECRET – Tara Taylor Quinn
The Chapman Files , Book 3
Mira Books
ISBN-10: 0778328341
ISBN-13: 978-0778328346
November 2010
Romantic Suspense

Chandler , Ohio and Temple , Michigan – October 2010

Kelly is a psychologist in Chandler who loves her work. She recently took in a foster child, Maggie, fourteen-years-old, and hopes to adopt her. She skates for exercise and to think when she is stressed. Kelly receives a phone call from Erin Morgan, a defense attorney, who talks to her about a recent case and asks for advice.

Erin lives in Michigan . Her fiancé, Noah, died three years ago, but she is still close to his family. She receives a call from handyman Rick Thomas, who has been arrested for murder. He found a man's body, Charles, next door to where he is working. Rick has an interesting background of working for the government in covert operations in the Middle East for fifteen years, but there is no way to track this because it is all so secretive. He hires Erin to represent him, but doesn't tell her anything about his former life. The sheriff finds a knife hidden in Rick's room. He is obviously being framed. He is glad that he has the locked storage of his truck camouflaged as a second gas tank. Rick needs to keep himself safe because he is caring for Steven, a mentally challenged man with the mind of a five-year-old who is in a local facility.

Rick tries to track two men who had been involved in the undercover work with him. They are both dead. One of the men committed suicide a year ago, or so the police believe. Rick doesn't accept it. He visits his friend's landlady and is given a package that was left for him a few weeks before his death. A clue? He contacts Sarge, the head of his team, for help and asks for more help from Erin . She is attracted to the handsome man, but can she trust that he is innocent when he refuses to confide in her?

Another fascinating story from the Chapman Files , THE THIRD SECRET is well written with a lot of suspense and a fresh plot. We learn about Rick's secret life, how he served his country and now must find his way out of the morass in which he finds himself. He is a loner who finds it difficult to confide and share his problems. Erin is a warm-hearted woman who wants to do the right thing and do the best for her clients. Although Rick and Erin are attracted to each other, they realize that they must take care of what is going on first. Rick wants to live a simple life and make sure Steven has the best of care, but first he wants to find out why his friends were killed and why someone is framing him. The books are connected by Kelly's story and the Chapman files. They all can stand alone. Book four, THE FOURTH VICTIM, will be released in December 2010.

What a frightening tale! Rick doesn't have many people to rely on with all the clandestine affairs with which he has been involved. He feels he can only rely on himself and possibly Sarge. The story is sure to keep readers interested with not many clues regarding how it will be resolved. A side story regarding Erin 's ex-fiancé's family is also of interest. THE THIRD SECRET is an excellent romantic suspense from the pen of Tara Taylor Quinn.

Marilyn Heyman

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