Monday, October 25, 2010

Spotight Review:

Lucky Harbor , Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-446-57161-6
October 2010
Contemporary Romance

Lucky Harbor, Washington – Present Day

Three half sisters, raised separately but connected by a now deceased mother, gather in Lucky Harbor to decide what do with the ocean front resort they inherited. But with little cash to fix it up and none of them with jobs, it becomes clear they're going to have to do the work themselves…except for some heavy duty construction work. The sisters get drunk one night and, on a dare, Maddie Moore calls up a construction company and leaves a message for the owner to get over there as soon as possible. The next morning, a hung over Maddie opens the door to the last man she expects to see: Jax Cullen, a man she'd recently shared a hot kiss with on the pier and a man she deems too hot for her. She can't deny the chemistry that sizzles between them, but she's on a rebound from men after an abusive relationship. Right now her focus is getting to know her sisters and fixing up their inheritance—not getting involved with a man way out of her league. But wherever she turns in Lucky Harbor , there is Jax, especially after he's hired to do the work on the resort.

Jax has his own personal demons and is still not able to discuss them with anyone. Right now, he serves as mayor of Lucky Harbor and dabbles in business ventures when he's not doing construction jobs. When he learns about Maddie's past abuse, it makes it even more imperative that she not find out about his past (no, he is not an abuser, but he may be in conflict with Maddie). Maybe a fling while she's around (since she's only here to get the resort spruced up to sell), though any long term relationship is out of the question. Of course, the more Jax and Maddie are around each other—and give into their sizzling hot passion—the harder it becomes to not only keep secrets from her, including another one, which might blow the sisters' fledging relationship apart.

In SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, we are introduced to Maddie, Tara and Chloe, all three daughters of the late Phoebe Traeger, a free spirit who couldn't raise her children, but who loved them dearly anyway. While this tale centers around Jax and Maddie's coupling, a good portion also shows the growing closeness the sisters experience as they bond and share their innermost feelings. Being more or less abandoned by their mother has left them with insecurity issues. Jax knew their mother, so he's more sympathetic than they are to their mother's reasons for not raising them. There are other characters of note in SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, such as Jax's buddies, Ford and Sawyer, as well as the irrepressible Lucille, the town busybody. But when Jax and Maddie get together, they're as combustible as fire on gasoline, and readers are in for a rocketing romance.

SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE is the first one in the Lucky Harbor trilogy, and it looks as if Tara 's tale is coming up next. If you're like me, this series is going to be one to watch as Jill Shalvis combines her quirky writing with a small town America setting, while adding in some sizzling heat to make SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE…simply irresistible! I enjoyed reading this tale quite a bit.

A fun, energetic read that will have you laughing and crying at the same time, make SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE a part of your next book buying trip.

Patti Fischer

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