Monday, August 30, 2010

Spotlight Review:

TEMPTING THE FIRE - Sydney CroftACRO, Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-385-34228-5
August 2010
Erotic Paranormal Romance

The Amazon & ACRO Headquarters - Present Day

When a SEAL team is attacked by a beast in the Amazon jungle, the Agency of Covert Rare Operatives (ACRO) sends in Sela Kahne and Marlena West. It’s possible that the beast is the legendary chupacabra, and Sela, a cryptozoologist will be needed for her expertise. What ACRO does know is that there are representatives of the Global Weapons Corporation (GWC) in the area, and GWC has supplied weapons for Itor in the past. Itor, like ACRO, employs people with enhanced abilities, but Itor is in it for power and money, and are more interested in running the world than saving it. The plan is for Marlena to use her Seducer abilities to find out what GWC is up to, and find the chupacabra, and for Sela to work with the beast, without having to use her own psychic abilities (she can read people’s minds during orgasm).

Other than getting captured by GWC though, nothing is going according to plan. Logan Mills, the man who runs GWC, is more interested in Sela than Marlena, and Sela finds herself reluctantly attracted to Logan. Then, the women realize that one of the SEALs survived the attack and is currently being held by GWC. Chance McCormack has healed very well in spite of injuries that should have killed him and, when left alone with Marlena in the medical tent, he is unable to control the desire he feels for her. But, Chance wasn’t as unaffected by the attack as everyone had believed, and it soon becomes apparent that the missing chupacabra isn’t the only threat.

Once again writing duo Sydney Croft has created an amazing adventure filled with interesting characters. The first half of TEMPTING THE FIRE focuses on Sela and Marlena’s insertion into the jungle and what they deal with once they reach the GWC camp. Logan isn’t what Sela expected: someone who works indirectly with Itor should be as evil as their bosses, shouldn’t they? Yet, Logan was a soldier until his injuries turned him into a real-life “Six million dollar man”. He’s disgusted by some of the things his father has done with GWC, and hopes to turn things around. Sela’s career as a Seducer with ACRO ended badly, and she’s happy with the new direction her work has taken her. If she never has to use her sexuality on a mission again she’d be thrilled, but she may not have a choice this time. Marlena was assistant to the head of ACRO for years and has only recently begun working as a Seducer. A curse placed on her as a youth ensures that she falls obsessively in love with any man she sleeps with, and that afterwards, he’ll hate her forever. When this doesn’t happen with Chance, she hopes that the curse has been broken, but nothing can be as simple as that.

The second half of the book is where having read the previous books will be helpful, although it also helps knowing the background between ACRO and Itor and some of the earlier missions of the team. There is something going on with Annika, which is creating havoc in her relationship with Creed, and Gabe’s impatience with the training and desire to hone his powers is causing resentment with some of the instructors, especially because of his relationship with Devlin, the head of ACRO. The troubles back home become a part of the mission, but also give readers a chance to catch up with other characters.

TEMPTING THE FIRE is a thrilling addition to the ACRO series, and will keep readers riveted from beginning to end

Jennifer Bishop

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