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Spotlight Review:

DOUBLE PLAY - Joanne Rock
The Wrong Bed Series
Harlequin Blaze #560
ISBN: 978-0-373-79564-2
August 2010
Series Romance

Boston, Massachusetts and Los Angeles, California - Present Day

After her boyfriend basically tells Amber Nichols she's lousy in bed, she licks her wounds in Nantucket at a friend's place. Amber's friend suggests she hook up with the sexy neighbor next door, a one-night stand extraordinaire third baseman for the Boston Aces baseball team. While she contemplates whether to follow through, out of the water rises a gorgeous, breathtaking male. Oh. My. While bookish Amber still isn't yet sold on the idea of flirting with him, she does run into him at a local bar. The two hit it off, and she throws all her caution to the wind and the two end up between the sheets. Then she learns the next morning that he isn't the third baseman, but the coach of the Boston Aces.

Heath Donovan spent the past few years as one of the top players in professional baseball, but took a chance by becoming his team's coach. It hasn't turned out as well as he expected; the team is currently on a losing streak, and the owners are threatening to fire him. Heath ends up on Nantucket after being suspended for a couple of days. He's there to think about his future, but instead he runs into Amber. The two connect in a way he's never felt before, but he thinks she doesn't know baseball. Imagine his surprise when she reveals she thinks he's his third baseman. Is she just another groupie, or was the sex between them real and something they can build a future on?

A case of mistaken identity begins DOUBLE PLAY. Amber thinks the man she slept with was safe and a good balm for a wounded pride after her ex's hateful words. Of course, the sex is fantastic too. She's stunned to learn he's not the youthful womanizer baseball player, but sexy, mature Heath Donovan, the coach of the team. With Amber more into books and thinking before she leaps (the one-night stand notwithstanding), Heath isn't her type. Right? But they connect in ways she's never done before with a man, and he certainly proves to her that she isn't a slouch in bed.

Heath is dealing with threat of being a failure after years of success. He knew it wasn't going to be easy to replace a legendary coach, but he didn't expect he'd bomb. Being with Amber has him thinking about things other than baseball, though; maybe that isn't a good thing, since if he doesn't get a grip on what is wrong, he'll be unemployed. He's deeply attracted to Amber and whisks her off with him on the team's road trip. He'll do almost anything for her, yet, at the back of his mind is whether he can face her as a loser. Surely they can see the fiery chemistry between them? She is his yang for his ying.

DOUBLE PLAY revolves around baseball, but Joanne Rock has penned a sexy, hot tale that is less about baseball than it is about self-worth and moving ahead to find yourself. Readers will feel the deep connection between Amber and Heath. Meanwhile, there is a side story in DOUBLE PLAY about the third baseman. Is he indeed a heartthrob who only cares about getting laid and winning on the baseball field?

A summery hot read for all seasons, DOUBLE PLAY has its share of emotion that will pull you in. Be sure to grab your copy today.

Patti Fischer

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