Friday, August 20, 2010

Spotlight Review:

ALL I EVER WANTED – Kristan Higgins
ISBN: 978-0-373-77458-6
August 2010
Contemporary Romance

Georgebury, Vermont – Present Day

Callie Grey’s thirtieth birthday should be a happy day for her, but instead it turns into a nightmare when her boss (and presumed boyfriend) Mark informs her that he is seeing Muriel de Veers, who will also be working at the company. Devastated, Callie makes an excuse that she needs to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and there she runs into an obnoxious, but good-looking man who makes snide comments about her emotional meltdown while they’re standing in line for a new driver’s license. Obviously, he doesn’t understand how losing the man you’ve worshipped since your childhood—the one who gave you your first kiss—is a big deal. Afterwards, Callie decides to move on, specifically by checking out the new vet in town, who she heard is hot looking. A lame excuse visit to the vet’s office results in a shocking discovery. He’s the man she met in the DMV, who saw her at her worst. Oh, horrors…. How could a man this good looking, and who also a vet, not have a decent ounce of sympathy inside him?

Ian McFarland had a nomadic life growing up, and coming to Georgebury to settle down seems like a good idea. Unfortunately, with the ladies chasing after him and the townsfolk not welcoming him with open arms, the only business he’s been getting is a lot of women’s pets with suspicious ailments. Callie is just like the rest, and he also knows she’s just getting over a failed relationship. Add in the fact that she wants to become friends with him, and this is not something Ian feels comfortable with since his childhood rarely allowed him time to create lasting friendships, well, he has no intention of taking her up on her offer. Yet, the more he tries to avoid her, the more they seem to run into each other. Can Callie grow on him? Can it turn into something more than just a friendship? Has she gotten over Mark enough to be able to move on?

Callie’s emotional ups and downs open ALL I EVER WANTED by Kristan Higgins. Mark had been the only man she wanted, and when they finally became a “couple” a few weeks before, she had high hopes for a future with him. But alas, he dumped her for a business colleague’s daughter and brought the new woman into the business. Working and watching everyday while Mark and Muriel coo and cuddle hurts Callie, and it’s a slow process for healing. Ian proves to be a small distraction. All she wants at first is a new man in her life, but she’s not looking for a future with him. He’s a hard person to crack, as Ian tends to keep his emotions deep inside and has little patience for emotional outbursts by Callie. They definitely have a bumpy road ahead, whether it becomes a friendship…or love.

Callie’s parents divorced when she was eight, and this left a mark on the family. Her mother and father never remarried, but her mother hates men, just as Callie’s sister Hester does. Younger brother Fred is a perpetual college student who hasn’t found his calling in life unless one considers drinking and goofing off as a career. Then there is Callie’s grandfather, Noah…he’s old, cranky, has only one leg and is a general bear to be around. Yet, she lives with him and takes care of him. Their relationship is one of sassiness and snark, yet they love one another.

The one constant in Callie’s life is her dog Bowie, who adores her unconditionally. Yet, it’s hard to really talk to a dog. When Callie needs to reflect, all she has to do is look at her beloved rocking chair, a rare piece of furniture—the rarity is as special as the love she hopes to find. Can she find that love…and share it and the chair with Ian? Or is she doomed to remain single for the rest of her life, hopelessly in love with Mark?

A poignant journey of self-discovery by two people who are adrift on the river of life, ALL I EVER WANTED will pull you in from the first scene where Callie is dumped and the realization that the man who is right for her is the last person she expects. Told in first person, ALL I EVER WANTED is an enjoyable, relaxing tale with a nice mix of emotion and humor. Pick up your own copy and see for yourself.

Patti Fischer


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

This was a very cute story. One you can easily fall in love with!
Hope you have a great weekend!

cheryl c said...

I have loved all of Kristan Higgins' books.