Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spotlight Review: Claiming Her Billion-Dollar Birthright by Maureen Child

Dynasties: The Jarrods, Book 1
Silhouette Desire #2024
ISBN: 978-0-373-73037-7
July 2010
Series Romance

San Francisco, California and Aspen, Colorado – Present Day

Erica Prentice might come from a wealthy family, but she has struggled to make her place in the business world. When a lawyer from Colorado, Christian Hanford, contacts her regarding some vital information for her, she’s curious, but skeptical. Then she learns that the man who raised her is not her father, but that the late Donald Jarrod is her real father. His will has not only bequeathed her part of his estate, but stipulated that she must live in Aspen in order to claim it. Erica is shocked at the news, but curious. It doesn’t help that Christian appears convincing—and attractive. When she pays a visit to Aspen and meets her new family, she is around Christian more since he has become like a rock for her. Yet, a part of him treats her like a glass object. See and talk to her, but he won’t touch. Well, Erica wants Christian to touch her.

Christian has known the Jarrod family for a long time, going from the poor kid on the wrong side of the tracks to the man groomed to be the Jarrod family attorney. He’s grateful for everything Donald Jarrod did for him, and he’s well aware of a clause in his employee contract that forbids him from getting romantically involved with a member of the clan. But the more he’s around Erica, the harder it becomes to hide his feelings. Christian wants Erica, but she is off-limits. Can he keep his feelings under control, or will he walk away from the job he loves for the woman he loves?

CLAIMING HER BILLION-DOLLAR BIRTHRIGHT is the first book in the Dynasties: The Jarrods series and introduces readers to the Jarrod family. While this story is about Erica and Christian, there is also some focus on the rest of the Jarrod family, and Maureen Child has done a superb job weaving in each sibling’s tale. Erica and Christian get to know each other to start with; however, by mid-book, their relationship begins to heat up. It’s clear there are intense feelings between them and they have to work out the differences to find their middle ground and happiness.

Erica’s mother died at childbirth and her presumed father and brothers never seemed to understand her. She’s strived to be like them, only to be pushed aside and treated as a child again and again. With the opportunity to not only take on a new job in Aspen but start a new life, she should be too busy to be looking for a relationship. But Christian catches her eye and she can’t help but fall for him. He’s kind and generous, even as he keeps her at arm’s length.

Christian had an instantaneous attraction for Erica, but to act upon it would be detrimental to his career. He’s not selfish, but logical, since he also supports his mother. Besides, he feels as though he owes the Jarrod family his loyalty. Would he give it all up for Erica? As he tussles with his decision, readers will be holding their breath, hoping things can work out for this endearing couple.

Having never visited Aspen, but after reading CLAIMING HER BILLION-DOLLAR BIRTHRIGHT, I’m ready to take the next plane out, especially if Christian, Erica, and the rest of the Jarrod family is there to greet me. A warm, feel-good tale that is filled with emotion and what-will-they- decide moments made this hard to put down. Don’t miss out on your copy of CLAIMING HER BILLION-DOLLAR BIRTHRIGHT.

Patti Fischer

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