Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giving away a Caveman....

Or, rather.....

Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction I

By: Allyson James, Delilah Devlin, Denise Rossetti, Jory Strong, Lillian Feisty, Sherrill Quinn

Choosing Madison By Sherrill Quinn
Gaelen Brecca has to track down the errant fiancée of his world's leader. When he finds her hiding out on Earth, Gaelen has no choice but to take along Earthwoman Madison Marquette as well. Finding a mate was the last thing he and his bond-brother, Leax Ilan, expected on their mission.

When she discovers that her new friend is actually an alien princess, Madison is ready for a grand adventure with her. She's immediately drawn to Gaelen and Leax, who make no secret of their attraction for her. Can they secure her sensual surrender?

Club Vamp By Allyson James
When master vampire Kenelm sees Helena Girard, he knows she's the one destined to restore him to power. He sends his lover, Adam Chase, to bring her to his club. Helena is instantly smitten with gorgeous Adam, but knows she can't be with him because of the deadly electricity her body sends off when she orgasms.

Kenelm demonstrates he can siphon off her power so she can make love to Adam — as long as he is with them. Helena revels in the excitement of both of them, until the deadly Guardians attack, revealing the truth about who she is.

Reader Advisory: Contains male/male sexual interaction.

Come Howling By Denise Rossetti
Being a banshee is a lifetime Curse — and a magical pain the ass. It's lonely, oh so lonely. Needing a career change in the worst possible way, Maeve O'Brien the banshee visits an employment agency. Surely someone will listen!

Luc hangs on every single word. The woman's voice is sex incarnate. She might dress in bag lady chic, but a single whisper and he's got the hot chills. Two sentences and he's hard enough to pound nails. To help Maeve — Hell, Luc would do anything, even go to the devil.

Dance of the Plain Jane By Lillian Feisty
Shy Jane Holliday has loved sexy Navy SEAL Michael Sky from afar for over a year. But one night the sultry beat of an exotic drum loosens her inhibitions and empowers her to seduce her dream lover.

It's the wrong time and place, but the instant Michael spots the veiled dancer weaving her sensual magic he's stopped dead in his tracks. His hands itch to touch not just the curve of her undulating hips but every spot on her enchanting body.

But having Michael run out on her after she's revealing her deepest, darkest desire reminds Jane that trust is a difficult issue.

Her Lance-Alot By Delilah Devlin
Newlywed Lady Margaret du Bary must find a way out of the marriage her king has decreed. Lord Roland is far beneath the ideal knight she's dreamed of! But how can she distract the brute from consummating their marriage until morning when she plans to steal away from the keep and return to the convent?

Lord Roland is very pleased with his bride. Besides the lands and fine castle she brings, she's pleasing to the eye and has a suitably demure demeanor. The only thorn in the ointment is he has no experience tupping a gentlewoman. Bedding his modest bride will prove a true test of this knight's steel!

Lyrael's Sacrifice By Jory Strong
Lyrael's blonde hair and blue eyes mark her as Azzura, one those raised to be given to the Djinn. When she dreams of a panther that shifts into a bird before changing into a serpent, she knows she will be the next Azzura sacrificed.

Whether she lives or dies will depend on her courage, her determination. And her trust in Asrafil, the Djinn prince who introduces her to carnal pleasure and will name her the wife of his heart, his flesh, his spirit—if she passes the tests necessary to enter the city of the Djinn.


Easy to enter....tell us about what you are reading right now. Open to US and Canada residents only and I will pick a winner Wednesday night.


Armenia said...

I have just started Swing by Opal Carew. Awhile back I read my first book by her, Secret Ties, and really enjoyed it.

Please count me in. Thanks for the chance to win your book.

Dawn ♥ romance said...

Right now I am reading Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas but three days ago I read Empress New Clothes by Jaid Black.

Dawn ♥ romance
Ellora's Cave fan
d53a @

Laurie G said...

I'm currently reading Robyn Carr's Forbidden Falls.

I've never read any of the Ellora books. It looks like I'm missing out of some amazing stories. These authors are all new for me too.

debbie said...

Right now I am reading morpheus road by dj machale to see if my son would like it.

Karen H said...

I just started reading 'Goddess of the Hunt' by Tessa Dare. She is a new-to-me author and the book seems to be pretty good, so far.

CrystalGB said...

I am reading Seduce Me by Robyn DeHart.

Sherry said...

I'm reading Anywhere She Runs by Debra Webb. So far it's been a very good book.

elaing8 said...

About to start Simple Need by Lissa Matthews.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I am reading The Master and The Muse by Amanda McIntyre!

aromagik said...

I just finished Jaci Burton's 'Riding Wild' this morning, and now I'm starting Liz Carlyle's 'Never Lie To A Lady'.


tetewa said...

My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent, it's the second in the series. I'm really enjoying it!

Syeda Nessa said...

I am reading "Wild Rain" by Christine Feehan.

Estella said...

I am reading Moonlight Road by Robyn Carr.

The Scarf Princess said...

Better late than never...I'm reading The Master & the Muses by Amanda McIntyre.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Lisa F. said...

I'm reading Fired Up by Celia Kyle and Vivian Arend in ebook and Cold Sight by Leslie Parrish in print.

zoomom03 at yahoo DOT com