Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday and winding down

It's 4:00 here and I just came from one of the publisher signings. Spoke with Erin McCarthy and she is as wonderful as ever. Yesterday, Nora Roberts gave the Keynote address and she gave a funny, inspirational speech on writing and back in the days when she first started out as a writer. If anyone could look at one career, it would have to be hers. She has given back a lot to the romance novel industry.

Today, Jayne An Krentz spoke at the awards luncheon and she gave a great speech. That  is another example of a gracious,kind author. Have seen a ton of people. Authors you only hear about or read their books..,they are here.
Weather is still hot but not unbearable. Tonight is dinner out and probably hitting the bar for drinks....

Until next update...

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