Spotlight Review: SHUT UP AND KISS ME by Christie Craig

SHUT UP AND KISS ME - Christie Craig
Love Spell
ISBN-10: 0-505-52799-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-505-52799-8
June 2010
Contemporary Romance

Precious, Texas - Present Day

When Shala Winters is hired to promote Precious, Texas as the next great tourist spot, she has no idea the job will introduce her to some of the most eccentric, yet goodhearted small town people around. Then again, she never dreamed there’d be a chance she’d fall in love with one of them, the sexy and infuriatingly stubborn chief of police, Sky Gomez, either. Oh yeah, she also never had a clue that her picturesque photos could make her the target of a thief and a killer.

Sky Gomez isn’t looking for love, in fact, he’s pretty sure it doesn’t even exist. Soul mates aren’t real, and Shala, the feisty beauty from Houston, certainly isn’t his, no matter what kind of weird dreams his foster father, Redfoot, has been having. Sure, he’ll protect her and find the person or person’s disturbing his small town’s peaceful lifestyle, and of course he isn’t averse to getting to know Shala better, preferably with as few clothes in the equation as possible, but he’s not going to fall for her.

Precious, Texas is just full of surprises this year, and no one will be more mystified by them than these two determined-never-to-fall-in-love people when they find themselves doing just that.

Okay, so no woman is perfect and that includes Shala, but then again, neither is Sky. I mean really, “SHUT UP AND KISS ME”? Yeah, Shala does tend to jabber some, but honestly, sometimes a girl can’t help it. Not that she minds the whole kissing thing, so maybe I’m being unfair. On the whole, Shala is a remarkable woman (I certainly wouldn’t be thrilled to discover myself in the midst of a situation where someone wants me dead; I have a feeling I’d be headin’ for the hills). Then again, if I had a police chief as kind and caring as Sky around (and yeah, his smokin’ hot body wouldn’t hurt), perhaps I could muster up some courage. ;-) Now don’t get me wrong, while the physical chemistry this pair shares is undeniable, they wouldn’t be nearly as appealing a couple without a definite emotional connection, and they’ll discover they have that in spades as well (not that they won’t fight it every step of the way).

You’ve got to love small towns like Precious. I mean, no big city is ever going to have the same close-knit, everybody knows your business and feels free to comment on it kind of life? Not that that is always a good thing (just ask the character whose possible erectile dysfunction is bandied about) but, the real reason it happens is because they all know and care about each other. Some of the locals include: Sal (the hotel owner) and his sweet wife Jessie (the purveyor of all good gossip), Sky’s foster father Redfoot (always sure he knows what’s best), Veronica (Redfoot’s girlfriend who’s not quite ready to publicly admit she’s got a man in her life), Sky’s foster sister, Maria (the sweet one of the family who can’t help wondering if she should give up her romance novels and take a good hard look at her boyfriend, Matt’s, recent behavior), Redfoot’s biological son, Jose (who comes home from New York only to discover that yes, he still hates Precious, but there’s some people in it he’ll always love), Bo (a bar owner and a huge fan of disco—yes, you read that right) and lastly, Sky’s friend and neighbor, Lucas (he works for the military in some form or fashion, and yep, I hope this mysterious man’s story will come to light in a future visit to Precious).

If you like your stories filled with humor, a bit of mystery, and the kind of romance that makes you sigh, this book is for you. And by the way, wait ‘til you get to the car wreck, fire ants, briars and skunk—I know on first glance those things don’t sound like the makings of a truly funny scene, but trust me, you’ll laugh! All in all, this is one romance that will inspire you to say to your honey, SHUT UP AND KISS ME! Don’t miss it.

Lori Ann


Kathleen O said…
I read my first Christie Craig book a few months ago and can't wait to read more of her books. I am putting this on my TBB list for sure...
Kara C said…
This is a laugh out loud,keeper of a book!
Caffey said…
I must get! The humor is so good to read!

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