Spotlight Review: Secrets, Lies...and Seduction by Katherine Garbera & Yvonne Lindsay

SECRETS, LIES…AND SEDUCTION – Katherine Garbera and Yvonne Lindsay
Miniseries: A Summer for Scandal, Book 1 0f 3
Silhouette Desire #2019
ISBN: 978-0-373-73032-2
June 2010
Series Romance

The Hamptons, New York – Present Day

Spend some time this summer as Silhouette Desire presents six stories in the three volume A Summer for Scandal series set on a polo farm in the Hamptons of New York.

CEO’s Summer Seduction – Katherine Garbera

Julia Fitzgerald has been employed by billionaire Sebastian Hughes long enough to know that when he offers a present to his current girlfriend it means goodbye. When he asks her to call his current amore and let her know that it’s over, Julia balks. No way will she do it, and in fact, she’s quitting, tired of being taken for granted.

Sebastian knows he can be a tad demanding, but doesn’t understand why the fact that she’s leaving upsets him. The news causes him to really look at her, and he suddenly likes what he sees. Maybe a little romancing before she leaves will change things between them—and get her to stay. But will changing their relationship to that of a personal one take them down a road neither can go back on?

Julia and Sebastian may have worked together for quite a while, but until he really starts spending time with her—wooing her and trying to convince her to stay—then the sparks begin to fly. She tries to resist his charms, but that proves futile. The more they’re around each other, the harder it’s going to be to leave. Does she even want to now?

Though a short tale, the CEO’s Summer Seduction is a pleasurable read.

Magnate’s Mistress for a Month – Yvonne Lindsay

Billionaire Richard Wells has just getting his divorce finalized and is on vacation at the polo farm in the Hamptons for relaxation and pleasure. He’s certainly not looking for female companionship, but it doesn’t take him long to spot Catherine Lawson, the manager of a sheikh’s polo horses. He expresses interest in seeing her, but she resists. It takes some fine convincing before Richard can even get her to be alone with him. Once he does, he learns to his surprise just how much he enjoys being around her.

With some family baggage in her background, Catherine is afraid to let many people get close to her, but nights spent in Richard’s bed have her letting her defenses down. How will Richard feel if he learns of her past? The closer they get, the harder it’s going to be when Richard leaves and their month long affair has to end.

Instant attraction is the driving force in the Magnate’s Mistress for a Month by Yvonne Lindsay. Catherine would rather stay behind the scenes and not attend lavish parties thrown by the rich. But Richard tempts her into doing things she wouldn’t normally do, like bed a man she barely knows. Is their affair going to be a summer fling, and can she walk away without getting her heart scorched?

A fine tale that encompasses emotion and sensuality, Magnate’s Mistress for a Month is an enjoyable read.

Readers looking for some quick, fun reads to enjoy for summer reading should look no further than SECRETS, LIES…AND SEDUCTION.

Patti Fischer


Laurie G said…
I like both of these authors. Sounds great!
Caffey said…
I've been mostly reading some past SD's that I had here and it reminded me why I so love this series line to read. They've been the perfect length, usually on those Friday evenings to read. And this will be a first me reading two books in one of the SD length. I'm so looking forward to reading this series!

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