A Perfect10: The Time Weaver by Shana Abe

A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-553-80686
June 2010
Fantasy Romance

Barcelona, Spain and Zaharen Yce, in the Carpathians; 1782

Amelia Langford, exiled drákon of the English conclave of dragons, sends her husband, the human thief Zane, to abduct Honor Carlisle from her home village of Darkfrith. She sees the future through dreams, and knows from her dreams that her family will kill Honor, for they will come to believe Honor is sanf, working with humans to kill all dragon kind.

Honor, like most drákon females, cannot change to smoke and then to dragon. She thought herself ungifted until she received a letter from her future self telling her she could weave through time. When she begins to travel through time, she is constantly drawn to an enemy of the Darkfrith Drákon, Prince of the Zaharen Drákon, Alexandru, who lives high in the Carpathian Mountains at the ages-old castle of crystal, gold, and gemstones, Zaharen Yce.

Prince Alexandru, or Sandu, is suspicious of the girl who literally appears and disappears before him. He knows she is an English drákon, an enemy, and that she has ensnared his heart. This is no comforting realization, as drákon mate for life.

THE TIME WEAVER is an excellent fantasy with time-travel elements. The prose contains rich imagery, as you would expect from a setting placed in the time of Marie Antoinette. Plus, the story poses intriguing questions such as what would you do if you knew the future? Would you change it if you could? And how might that change you? Shana Abé weaves the stories of Amelia's love for Zane, first told in THE DREAM THIEF, with that of the forbidden love between Honor and Prince Sandu. Honor is like a daughter to Amelia, and certainly Amelia is the mother Honor would choose as her true mother, but their desires are on a collision course that could destroy all drákon.

While the story, by changing viewpoint and time frequently, makes reading a little jumpy, the sumptuous prose carries the reader forward through a past place in time to an unexpected ending. While THE TIME WEAVER includes characters from a previous book, the reader will have no problem understanding this story. However, the other books in the series provide equally fine reading, in fact, the entire series is worthy of a Perfect 10.

Robin Lee


Jackie said…
I have been waiting on this one and glad you reminded me of it. Thanks for the review.

Loved the series from the first book!

jackie b central texas

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