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Enflame the Night - Arianna Hart
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Silver Fire
Psychic Faylene Driscol has worked for the police department for a long time, but never in all those years has she seen the level of depravity she witnessed after interrogating a Keeper of the Race. This insane cult is out to destroy any non-human—and anyone who’d defend them.

Werewolf Thaddeus Ma’wrl knows all about the Keepers. They killed his entire pack, leaving him a lone wolf out for revenge. Although he’d sworn never to trust another human woman again, he must protect Faylene so she can help put the Keepers behind bars. What he didn’t expect was that she’d touch a part of him he’d thought long dead and buried.

As Thad and Faylene run from danger, an irresistible attraction curls between them. Faylene longs to heal the emotional scars Thad carries with him, but she can’t help him if he doesn’t want her to, and she has her own scars she’s hiding. With the Keepers gunning for them, falling in love is the last thing that should be on their minds. Too bad passion makes its own rules and doesn’t care about good timing.

Sable Flame
This is the sequel to Silver Fire.

Alpha werewolf Sh’rell knows it’s her responsibility to rebuild the packs decimated by the Keepers of the Race. There’s still plenty of time before she has to settle down. She plans on using that time to get to know sexy guitarist Reza Jordan intimately.

Reza’s band is just one break away from making it to the big time. Once they’re famous, he can escape the past that has haunted him for so long. All he has to do is keep his mind on the job. That’s not so easy to do when he spots the sable-eyed beauty at one of his concerts. The desire sparking between them is intense, but she has “complicated” written all over her luscious body.

When the Keepers mount a vicious attack, Reza is the only one who can save Sh’rell’s life. Their fire and passion burn brightly, healing Sh’rell every day. They don’t know that the ultimate test lurks in the wings. Secrets from Reza’s past threaten to destroy them. Reza and Sh’rell will have to learn to work together if they have any hope for survival.

Open to US and Canada residents only.

Tell us how you're planning to spend the upcoming holidays: Canada Day for those up north and Fourth of July this coming weekend for US residents.

I'll pick a winner on Wednesday night!


aromagik said…
My older brother and his kids will be in town so we're having a nice family get together. Can't wait!

Cherie J said…
Shopping, eating some of my favorites, reading and watching fireworks. 4th of July will be fun for me.
Armenia said…
We're celebrating at the neighborhood pool to BBQ, eat watermelon, and just have fun with the kids.

Have a great 4th of July. Thanks for a chance to win the book. It sounds like a yummy read.
Anonymous said…
Actually I live in Boston and the fireworks rock here, they shut down the streets on both sides of the river (Boston and Cambridge) and we just hang out with our 2 years old and enjoy the music (Toby Keith this year) and relax!
elaing8 said…
I'm not doing anything this Canada day.usually the family gets together for a bbq and fireworks but not this year.I'll just watch the fireworks from other neighbors.Maybe just relax by the pool and read.
tetewa said…
We're having a cookout and fireworks and at my moms for the Fourth!
Cathy M said…
We are headed up to Lake Tahoe for the long weekend. Stay right on the lake, and the view is totally gorgeous. Fireworks are spectacular and top off a fun couple of days.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com
I'll be going to my folks to bbq and shoot off fireworks. I'm sure I'll also find time to soak up the sun while reading. After all, it's not a real vacation unless there's reading involved.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com
Sherry said…
I'm not really sure yet. My family will either meet at my mom's or my sister's for a big cookout. It's not been decided yet which place though.
Caffey said…
We will be going up to visit my dad, finally! And more of my family. We think the reunion is in early August and if so, we'll be doing it then. We don't have an vacations set except for maybe some sightseeing with day trips. So for me its going to be a nice quiet and relaxing summer at home!

cathiecaffey @
s7anna said…
Just going to have a get-together with family...cook up some grub and watch an action movie.

Estella said…
We're having a family barbecue on Sunday.
Pam P said…
Family cookout, and we'll also have cake for one sister who has a birthday on the 7th.
Martha Lawson said…
Planning on going to a custom car and motorcycle show here in town on the 4th. Don't know if the daughter and kids will be in town or not yet! I know we will have a cookout also.
Laurie G said…
We will be going to see my daughter stand up in her college roommate's wedding in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday, July 3rd. It's supposed to be a gorgeous day. The wedding ceremony is outside by the water.
July 4th will be a quiet day at home. None of my children can make it home.
Karen H said…
Nothing special since I don't like the crowds at fireworks displays and I don't like the crazy drivers on the holiday roads. I'll stay home and read, thank you! Have the last 3 books in Sally MacKenzie's Naked series to finish and just got a copy of Julia Quinn's latest. So I have some good books to keep me happy!
CrystalGB said…
We are having a bbq and watching fireworks.
debbie said…
We are just going to stay home. We might go see the fireworks, but I know I will cook out.
Fedora said…
I think we're having a relatively quiet weekend at home :) It'll be great to just hang out with family; maybe there'll be time to read!

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