Book Giveaway....INFINITY by Sherrilyn Kenyon

INFINITY by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Part of the Chronicles of Nick series
Out June 2010


At 14, Nick Gautier is an average kid who runs with the wrong crowd. But on the night he decides to go straight and refuses to mug an innocent tourist, his crew turns on him and just as he thinks his life is over... a new one begins.

Kyrian of Thrace isn't just a vampire slayer, he's a Dark-Hunter and he introduces Nick to a world that he never imagined.

With new enemies who make his old ones look like wimps, Nick must either measure up or get sized for a body bag. It's kill or be killed and this kid who was born on the wrong side finds a strength inside him that he never knew existed.

Now if he can only find someone to help battle the demons that don't reside inside him.

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This is going to be a tricky question for those of you who want this book... Name your favorite Sherrilyn Kenyon book and I'll enter you in the drawing for this book.
Winner announced on Wednesday night.
Open to US and Canada residents only.


My absolute favorite book by Sherrilyn Kenyon is Fantasy Lover.It was the first paranormal book I've read and instantly fell in love with the whole tragic soul trapped in old book ordeal. You add in Acheron and voila!

Please count me in.
cindyc725 at gmail dot com
Martha Lawson said…
I agree with the above comment! Fantasy Lover is my all time favorite. It's not the first book of hers i read, but to me it is still the best! I'd love to be entered to win.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com
donnas said…
I have to admit that I havent read one of her books yet. This would be the first. I have read many great things about them though and they are on my wishlist.

bacchus76 at myself dot com
Anonymous said…
It is really hard to pick just one put I'll say Wren's book, Unleash The Night. He is one of my absolute favorites of the entire series.

Stephanie G
Cybercliper said…
Definitely Dance with the Devil - Zarek is one of my all time favorite heroes!!! annhonATaolDOTcom
Lady_Graeye said…
Gosh, she has so many wonderful books but I like "Night Pleasures" with Kyrian~Amanda.

Anonymous said…
I only read Born of the Night. So far, its my favorite book. Thanks for the chance to win. :]

My favorite Sherrilyn Kenyon book is "Dance with the Devil" because Zarek is one of my favorite characters of this series!

Thanks for the great giveaway!
Karen H said…
Sherrilyn Kenyon is a new-to-me author. I've never read her work. Would love the opportunity to start! Please enter my name in the drawing!
aromagik said…
So far my favorite is 'Night Play' because I really like the chemistry between Bride and Vane.

cait045 said…
I really liked Night Pleasure because Amanda is not the person to ever be in the paranormal world and once she falls for the guy she falls right in which is great.

tetewa said…
She's my favorite author and that is a hard choice. I would pick the most recent one I read by her Bad Moon Rising!
CrystalGB said…
Dance With the Devil. Love Sherrilyn Kenyon's books. :)
Lisa F. said…
I would have to pick the first one I read by her, Night Pleasure. Love the combination of Kyrian and Amanda and the romance was off the charts!
Cherie J said…
Night Play for me. Vane's story rocks!
Estella said…
My favorite Kenyon book is Acheron.
Fedora said…
I have to agree with Cindy--it's Fantasy Lover :)
Sherry said…
It's a very hard choice because I loved Vane and Zarek's stories but I fell in love with Seize the Night. Valerius and Tabitha's story was great I felt sorry for him through most of the book.
Acheron was my hands down favorite. All the other books built up to it... and the story was so heartbreaking and epic. Thank you for the chance to win Infinity!

mdwartistry at yahoo dot com
Laurie G said…
I like her BAD Agency.

BAD Attitude with reluctant Josh Steele dealing with his guilt and kick butt, in your face Sydney is my favorite book of hers.

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