Book Giveaway: UNSHACKLED by Lorie O'Clare

UNSHACKLED from Ellora's Cave

Unshackled contains two stories, the first book in the Sex Slave Series, Sex Traders, a short story, and book two in the Sex Slave Series, Waiting For Yesterday, a full length novel.

Sex Traders:

Everything Marla of Torl has ever known and loved, her home, her family, her way of life, has just been destroyed before her eyes. The cruelest race in the solar system has invaded her planet, leaving her homeless. And while she stands there, watching her home burn to ashes, her family’s worse enemy appears through the smoke.
Trev of Kopah has no intentions of giving up just because his successful Sex Slave plantation has been attacked. He will rebuild, be successful once again. And with his planet’s destruction, all rules are wiped clean too. Now he can have the woman of his dreams, the one woman forbidden to him—Marla of Torl.
All he has to do is convince her they were made for each other.

Waiting For Yesterday:

Dree of Torl has no idea how to be anything other than a sex slave. But now, the only life she knows destroyed by war, Dree is a free woman. She doesn’t have to be with a man if she doesn’t want him. Dree can make her own decisions.
Marc Torin has never met a woman like Dree. A strong leader, he rules his land with a fair hand, but knows how to give orders. But there is something about Dree that brings him to his knees. The desire to conquer her, to learn her secrets, make her part of him, invade his senses and fills his thoughts.
But there is a separate battle to be fought for each of them. They find there is a price to freedom, and sometimes, an advantage in letting it go. At the end of the day, Marc and Dree learn that becoming one is what truly makes both of them free.

Question for readers to be entered to win this book. One entry per person but you can post more than once.

Read any books with bloopers? Tell us about them. You don't need to name the title or author, but maybe a little about the "oops" blooper.

Disclaimer: There are not any known bloopers/mistakes in the book I am giving away. Just happens to be the prize.

Winner announced later this week.


Specific bloopers I can't remember but usually confusion reigns in tandem. *wading through the fog of her memory* Especially in a menage scene with the mulitple hes/shes... sometimes I'm not sure who is where! I'm pretty sure a couple of those confusing scenes where due to character's names being wrong.

Thanks for a chance at the prize!

mdwartistry at yahoo dot com
elaing8 said…
I've read one that used the wrong character name ,then in the next sentence got it right.
Also,saying that 2 characters never met,but in the previous book in the series it said they had met.
The characters started with black hair... wind up with blonde and eye colors as well..
Little oppies...
Estella said…
Don't think I have ever read a book with bloopers---just misspelled words.
Anonymous said…
I read a couple of novels and novellas that where the author forgot the name of one of her characters and used a different name couple pages later.

Lisa F. said…
Name bloopers seem to be the most prominent. Some more I've read are characters that are already sitting down sit down again, or the color of a vehicle changes, and then there are the spelling bloopers. Bear instead of bare or there instead of their.
Laurie G said…
I haven't read any of Lorie O'Clare's books. Sex slaves?

Bloopers usually it's the name change. In Valerie Hansen's book The Doctor's Newfound Family the hero's name was Taylor Hayward on the back blurb and Cole Hayward in the book.

One story had a telephone before they were the norm in homes. Also, other electrical appliances before their times like microwaves and computers. Even electricity!

The cover pictures can also be way off... Mountains when the story is set in Kansas, the Eiffel Tower when they're talking about looking out at the Arc de Triumph, red hair when the heroine's blond, short hair when they say it's long and following in waves to her waist.
s7anna said…
Fortunately I haven't read anything that had a huge blooper...I mean there's the occasional mix-up betw. he/she or in the description of physical characteristics and of course the occasional spelling error but overall nothing too disastrous.

CrystalGB said…
I have seen spelling errors and character hair and eye color errors.
Caffey said…
I remember a blooper with 3 arms on a book cover! That's a famous one that is hard to find now (Christina Dodd, she has it up on her blog) I know you didn't need name but she has it up cuz its funny! Some of those bloopers can be keepers too!

(don't put me in this contest, I have it)
Fedora said…
I think it's mostly typos or wrong words or occasionally the wrong name in places--things that a diligent copy edit would probably have caught, but mistakes happen! Also, I do remember reading and then rereading a section once to try to figure out what exactly the characters were doing, and whether one had actually removed clothing/shoes before doing what they were doing... ;) If there are a lot of bloopers, it definitely pulls me out of the story a bit!
Reading said…
I have come across a couple of spelling errors, but I don't recall any huge bloopers.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com
Karen H said…
I think that Christina Dodd cover flub is the biggest blooper is the most memorable one I've ever seen.
Mitzi H. said…
I've read several books where the name gets changed and it always leaves me thinking....Uh, what did I miss??? Where did this guy come from???

mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net
acdaisy95 said…
I have read some with minor bloopers such as missing punctuations and spellings.
cfisher1504 said…
Bloopers...spelling and differnt hair/ey colors...
cfisher1504 at gmail dot com

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