Spotlight Review: Seducing the Enemy's Daughter by Jules Bennett

Silhouette Desire #2004
ISBN: 978-0-373-73017-9
March 2010
Series Romance

Hawaii – Present Day

Brady Stone arrives on the island of Kauai intending to get the goods on Sam Donovan as a means for some leverage to use against the Donovan family. To his surprise, Sam turns out to be a Samantha, but that may soon turn into Brady’s advantage as he begins a plan of seduction. Will she reveal some cracks in the Donovan family business Brady can use to win back his family’s hotel? Or, will he become distracted by his wooing of Samantha, set against the romantic backdrop of a tropical island?

Samantha came to Kauai to run her family’s new hotel as a means to prove to her father she deserves more responsibility in the family conglomerate. She soon falls in love with the hotel resort and wants to make the necessary improvements, but her father continually berates her and treats her like an incorrigible child. When Brady arrives on the scene, Sam is ripe for a seductive picking. It doesn’t take long, so readers know hell will break loose once she learns the real reason why Brady is romancing her.

Deceptions and secrets are at the core of SEDUCING THE ENEMY’S DAUGHTER. Brady feels the Donovan family underhandedly stole the hotel from his late father and is determined to win it back. Sam is the little known member of the family, so he thought if he did a little onsite investigation he could use any knowledge he found in his quest. Before he even learns Sam is Samantha, Brady already felt the twinges of sexual desire for her, so seducing her won’t be a hardship. But as he gets to know Samantha, something builds inside him, and soon he’s feeling more for her than that of a rival to be conquered and tossed aside.

Samantha works hard at the hotel, but it seems it means nothing to her father, who constantly puts her down and tosses out her suggestions. Samantha’s ego is ready for the tender touch Brady provides as she falls for him. Nights spent together cements their relationship—and her dreams of a possible future with Brady. Alas, when she learns the real reason why Brady is there, her life may be shattered.

Jules Bennett has penned a charming, fast-paced tale that left this reader almost wanting SEDUCING THE ENEMY’S DAUGHTER not to end. Brady might be described as a cad for his plan to seduce Samantha at the start, but midway through, his actions seem almost a must needed blessing for our hardworking heroine. When the truth comes out, will Brady be able to convince Samantha he cares for her? Can a resolution between the Stone and Donovan families be made? A captivating read I highly recommend, be sure to pick up SEDUCING THE ENEMY’S DAUGHTER today.

Patti Fischer


Jules Bennett said…
Thanks so much, Patti! I'm so glad you enjoyed Seducing the Enemy's Daughter! Be sure to check out the Cade and Abby's story in April, For Business...Or Marriage? You'll love it:)

I really apprecaite the kind words!

CallMeKayla said…
*Gasp!* This sounds soooo good! Putting on my To-Buy list!

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