Friday, April 16, 2010

Spotlight Review: Love, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox

Wild Ride to Love, Book 2
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 978-0-7582-3826-9
April 2010
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Canada – Present Day

Kat Fallon has no luck with men, as she goes from one romance to another. Her constant friendship with her neighbor, Naveen Bharani, has been one she’s relied on after each failed affair and that friendship is one she has no intention of changing. Nav is almost like a brother, and why ruin a perfect relationship by dating each other? With her sister’s upcoming nuptials in Vancouver, Kat plans to board the train for the long trip there. Once on board, her eye is caught by a handsome, successful looking man who looks almost like Nav. But, impossible, since Nav is a laidback photographer and certainly doesn’t display any signs of being well off. To her surprise, it is Nav, who’s conducted an elaborate plan to catch Kat’s eye—and heart—by pretending to be someone else.

Nav has always been attracted to Kat, but she has resisted any idea of their friendship going any farther. She sees him as a lowly, underpaid photographer who doesn’t meet her expectations for successful husband material. Nav intends to change her view of him by changing his looks, background and demeanor—all in the hopes of attracting Kat. Once she recognizes him, the plan could have gone to the wayside, but he convinces her to go all the way with his scheme…all the way to the bedroom. But once the train trip is over, do they have a future together, or has their friendship been blown apart?

Never really looking at the main man in her life, Kat is shocked by what she suddenly realizes has been there all along in LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY. Kat has never looked at Nav as a man to date; figuring that by keeping their friendship intact is the safest way for him to stay in her life. He is like her best friend, the one who knows everything there is to know about her and the one she goes crying to when a relationship implodes. Though she thought she knew everything about him, in reality she didn’t. It’s certainly an eye opener for Kat and leaves her confused by the suddenly feelings she’s begun to have for him. Of course, Nav is encouraging those feelings, making him hard to resist. After all, once the train trip is over, things are expected to return to normal. But, can they, or has love come unexpectedly to them?

Susan Fox is known for her scorching hot romances under the name of Susan Lyons, and she continues to please readers looking for some sizzling, grab-an-ice-bucket romance. LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY is told from the two points of view of Nav and Kat, with hers in first person. We learn early on that Nav has cared for Kat for a long time, but was afraid to lose their easygoing friendship. Now he wants it to change, as she’s between men and ready for love after a long string of failed relationships. Right off the bat, readers will be rooting for Nav to succeed. He’s a personable, nice guy who is out to prove he can be a sensual lover to Kat. The second tale in the Wild Ride to Love series that focuses on the planning of the wedding of Kat’s sister, one can read LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY as a standalone, but reading the first one in the series, SEX DRIVE, is highly recommended.

Sexy hijinks are in store for readers as Kat and Nav discover each other and prove that friends can turn into lovers. Don’t pass up on this story of love found in the most unexpected of places—on a train. Pick up LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY today from your nearest bookstore.

Holly Tibbs


Anonymous said...

Holly, thanks for the lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Kat and Nav's wild ride to love.

I'm also thrilled to bits because I just picked up Cosmo mag (for May), with the first wild ride to love book, SEX DRIVE, excerpted as their red-hot read!

Caffey said...

Hi Susan!!! I so love your books under Susan Lyons and so thrilled there will be more! I was wondering which book of yours was related so I'm so thrilled I found out here! Congrats. I heard about the Cosmo magazine having excerpts. I must start getting that magazine!