Book Giveaway: Pleasurably Undone anthology

Pleasurably Undone - Harlequin Historical anthology with Christine Merrill, Michelle Willingham, Louise Allen, Terri Brisbin and Diane Gaston


A collection of five sensual stories. History has never been so hot!

Seducing a Stranger by Christine Merrill
Lieutenant Tom Godfrey returns home to find pretty young widow Victoria Paget in a bawdy house. What starts as a one-night seduction soon leads to more….

The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave by Michelle Willingham
Though Aisling Ó Brannon is intended for the king's bed, fierce warrior Tharand must decide: please his king…or keep his captive love-slave for himself!

Disrobed and Dishonored by Louise Allen
Miss Sarah Tatton needs a way out of her engagement, and highwayman Jonathan Kirkland may be just the man to teach her the art of love….

A Night for Her Pleasure by Terri Brisbin
Tough nobleman Simon and innocent Elise's marriage is one of convenience—but on their wedding night, both discover ecstasy beyond their wildest imaginings!

The Unlacing of Miss Leigh by Diane Gaston
Disfigured Captain Graham Veall never expected virginal Miss Margaret Leigh to respond to his advertisement for female company. Can she soothe his inner wounds?

I'll pick and announce a winner on Tuesday night!
What do you need to do to enter?

What did you do for Easter?

One entry per person, US and Canada residents only.

Good luck!!!


Sherry said…
I didn't do anything special just stayed home and played on the computer and talked on the phone with my family. I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.
Cherie J said…
Went to Easter Sunday mass! Then went out to eat. Then put on an Easter hunt for the kids and gave them their baskets. Later we will sit down to a nice Easter dinner. Been busy but fun. Happy Easter!
I went to grab some dimsum with the family. I don't celebrate Easter.

cindyc725 at gmail dot com
Armenia said…
We gave the kids their Easter basket full of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, and the some neat toys. I also made a special Easter brunch of of fruit, cinnamon rolls, home-made potato fries, ham, sausage, and fresh squeezed orange juice. Happy Easter!! And thanks for the chance to win Pleasurably Undone.
Syeda Nessa said…
We had the kids over for a Easter egg hunt. I was suppose to give the kids choclate afterwards, but more of it went to my stomach then theirs.
mrsshukra said…
Just staying home on Easter, reading your blog!

CallMeKayla said…
I spent my Easter trying to finish my English final essay. Then I had some yummy lunch with the family. :)
s7anna said…
I didn't do anything too exciting...hung out with my family both Friday & Saturday night...played tons of fetch games with my three year old cousin(from my mum's side) and basically got run ragged since he's like a never-ending bundle of energy. Today I literally just lazed around...took a looong afternoon nap which was soo nice and now have to get ready for the rest of the week.

Happy Easter
jeanette8042 said…
I didn't do too much, just stayed at my cousin's place and read all day!

lilazncutie1215 @
Sue A. said…
I did a lot of reading and nothing else. A perfect day!

I hope everybody had a great weekend! Happy Easter!
Martha Lawson said…
Cooked Easter dinner for the grandkids, daughter, brother-in-law, hubby! It was nice having family here.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com
Breakfast was great with Mr. Easter Bunny (aka hubby). Lunch was with my daughter, mother and grandfather. Supper was with my baby sister.

My Easter was one to remember... I spent it with those that mean the most to me!!

Thanks for the introduction to this book! I definitely want it!
elaing8 said…
For Easter I just spent the day with family,parents,sister,brother and their families,and had a big dinner.
Judy said…
We had a huge garage sale from Wednesday thru Saturday!! Easter Sunday we had a barbecue, hid Easter eggs with the grandchildren. We had a very pleasant day with family and rested from the sale!!!
Pam P said…
Dinner with family, with candles on a bunny cake for ny nephew. Good thing dinner was earlier as the power went out for several hours later in the day.
Fedora said…
We had a lovely time celebrating Easter with friends! Hope everyone else had a memorable day, too!
Laurie G said…
On Friday night 3 of my sons( and 2 of their girlfriends) came down for the Easter weekend to see their sister and brother-in-law who had just arrived from Wisconsin for a 10 day vacation. On Saturday and Sunday they visited with my 85 yo Mom, went swimming, played games and cards. Sunday we had a big dinner together. I also had to work on Saturday from 10-8.

Busy, busy weekend!
CrystalGB said…
Visited my parents and bbq'd.
Lisa F. said…
We went to church and planned to spend the day doing whatever the kids wanted to do. They couldn't come up with an activity so one son went to the mall with a friend, one son went fishing and the other stayed home with us. It was a very relaxing day!
Anonymous said…
It was an unheard of 75 here in Boston so we took out 2 year old to the park and after nap the Easter Bunny made a surprise appearance and he found a ton of eggs with lots of cool toys inside. Then just a casual Sunday doing a lot of nothing. It was wonderful

Kathleen O said…
I went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine, stopped at the park with my book and read for awhile. Then I came home and watched a movie and made myself a nice Ham dinner...
Aimee said…
On Friday we went to a friend's house & colored eggs. On Saturday we went to my brother's & had a cookout & an Easter Egg hunt. And on Sunday we had dinner with family. A very busy & very wonderful weekend.
tetewa said…
Spent the weekend at my moms and we watched the movie, Everybody's Fine! A Robert Deniro film with a great cast of actors!
This sounds like a great anthology. Fun stories written by a great selection of authors. On Easter I went home to my folks and ate tons of food and sat around drinking coffee and playing cards afterwards.
catslady said…
I cooked for my grown family which made only 6 of us but everyone got lots of leftovers :)
Estella said…
Had a family dinner at my youngest daughters.
Mitzi H. said…
I had an easter egg hunt in the back yard for the grandkids (thank goodness it didn't rain) and then headed to great grandmas for another easter egg hunt and a huge family dinner (and by then it was raining).
Lady_Graeye said…
We had a big dinner for 4 of our 5 kiddos, our parents and a few others so they could go to their hubby's/significant others' family dinners on Sunday. It was nice. Sunday, my twenty year old twins and I caught an early movie then we relaxed for the reast of the day. It was a very good weekend! :-)
Unknown said…
Easter was rather boring. We don't have kids so no fun there. My husband works nights so had to sleep. So was an uneventful day here. I just read and enjoyed it.

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