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Book Giveaway: SOMETHING ABOUT YOU by Julie James



Of all the hotel rooms rented by all the adulterous politicians in Chicago, female Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde had to choose the one next to 1308, where some hot-and-heavy lovemaking ends in bloodshed. And of all the FBI agents in Illinois, it had to be Special Agent Jack Pallas who gets assigned to this high-profile homicide. The same Jack Pallas who still blames Cameron for a botched crackdown three years ago—and nearly ruining his career…


Work with Cameron Lynde? Are they kidding? Maybe, Jack thinks, this is some kind of welcome-back prank after his stint away from Chicago. But it’s no joke: the pair is going to have to put their rocky past behind them and focus on the case at hand. That is, if they can cut back on the razor-sharp jibes—and smother the flame of their sizzling-hot sexual tension…
Interested in SOMETHING ABOUT YOU? If so, then tell us about your weekend plans and I'll pick a winner on MONDAY night!
Good luck!

A Perfect 10: ON THE STEAMY SIDE by Louisa Edwards

ON THE STEAMY SIDE – Louisa Edwards
A Perfect 10
Recipe for Love Series - Book 1
St. Martin’s Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-3564
April 2010
Contemporary Romance

New York, New York - Present day

Heading to New York for a new life of fun and adventure is just what Lilah Jane Tunkle needs after getting laid off from her job as a high school drama teacher in Virginia. Who knew that getting a drink spilled on her clothes and a rush of anger would cause Lilah to experience a passionate night with a stranger she picks up in a bar? Devon Sparks is not only sinfully gorgeous, he’s also one of the most famous chefs in the country, and Lilah has no clue who he is. That makes Devon that much more eager to take her home. Something about this woman is fresh and different and he’s intrigued. Lilah on the other hand has never done anything like this and can’t believe such a handsome man would even give her the time of day. Still reeling from a night of delightful excitement, and knowing neither is ready for a committed relationship, Devon and Lilah go their separate ways knowing they’ll never cross paths again.

Fate works its magic when Devon runs into Lilah again at his best friend’s restaurant. Against his better judgment, Devon has agreed to run Market while Adam goes on a mini vacation. It seems Lilah is here because her best friend Grant, who also happens to be her roommate, got her a job bussing tables. Nervous about her first day on the job and about how to act with her new boss, Lilah is a mess. In the light of day Lilah realizes that Devon is not only devilishly attractive, he’s also arrogant, self-absorbed and sorely lacking in people skills 101. When he’s not scowling at the staff, he’s cursing up a storm scaring everyone around him. When Devon’s his ten-year old son gets dropped off by the police and he’s expected to watch him for a month while his mother is in alcohol rehab, Lilah glimpses a brief glimmer of vulnerability and fear as Devon wonders what to do. Nothing about this is what Lilah expects, but she’s determined to step in and save the day. As determined as Devon is to ignore this amazing do-gooder, he is nonetheless turned on by Lilah and her southern charm.

ON THE STEAMY SIDE takes a fresh look at romance as the writer introduces an inventive and fast-paced plot, peopled with richly developed characters and witty conversations to keep your interest. There’s a lot going on, including plenty of conflict, but the reader will fall in love with the main players, as well as becoming immersed in the lives of the supporting cast. This is evident with Frankie and Jessie, who work at Market are clearly in love, but both have a hard time admitting their feelings; Tucker, the artistically gifted young boy who desperately wants to spend more than the required month with his mostly absent father; Grant who normally tells his best friend Lilah everything, remains close-mouthed about why he has a problem with Christian, the talented bartender and Devon's father Phil Sparks, who never thought his son was good enough.

Edwards expertly delves into the potty-mouthed psyche of Devon to find out why he works so hard not to let anyone expose any of his weaknesses, and she chooses Lilah as the perfect woman to save him from himself, because she can truly see good in just about anyone. Much more than a simple one night stand, Lilah Jane proves that behind every good man is a good woman. Despite laughing throughout most of the book, and there are times that the reader may giggle out loud, there are some tragically tender moments that will tug at your heartstrings, and bring on the tears. Even better, some of the really neat recipes in the story are available for you to try in the back of the book. But if that doesn’t tempt you, wait until you read the teaser for the next in her Recipe for Love Series, CAN'T STAND THE HEAT, the next book in this series comes out in September 2010; my mouth is salivating now with anticipation. ON THE STEAMY SIDE is a solid effort from an amazing storyteller and worthy of a Perfect 10.

Allegra Alston

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The winner of No Chance is....

Congrats to Mitizi H who wins the copy of No Chance by Christy Reece!!

Mitzi, please email me at with your snail mail info.

RRT Chat with..... Dee Davis on Wednesday night

Dee Davis chats!!!

Date: Wednesday April 28, 2010
Time: 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST

Location: or go to and click on Chat.
Notes: Romantic suspense author Dee Davis joins us to discuss her book, DARK DECEPTIONS. Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of DARK DECEPTIONS! Moderated by CrazyMo.

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Q&A with Cynthia Roberts!

1. Tell us about your newest release.

Wind Warrior
Book #1 of my Iroquois Series
Tate Publishing – Historical Indian Romance
ISBN 978-1-61663-162-8
official release date June 15 – available online now through Tate bookstore @

Leslie Michaels is a visionary, and only those close to her know of her special gift and the visions that come when her mind and body surrender to sleep. Fate has a way of righting many wrongs, and for Leslie it is a destiny that changes her life dramatically. But not before she is forced to flee into the wilderness to escape a murderous trapper bent on claiming her for his very own. Faith and a strong will to survive are her only companions, until she encounters Winnokin, the handsome Seneca war chief who first came to her in her dreams. Not only does he prove to be her rescuer and protector, he teaches her that tragedy can breed happiness and the passion to live and love deeply once again.

Wind Warrior plunges readers into the intimate depths of a relationship that unfolds like a live drama before their eyes while painting an insightful and intriguing portrait of Native Indian life in the 1800s. It is a story of longing, of a wanton need to survive all odds, and a love so strong it conquers human evil. Wind Warrior expresses with cunning words the simple, raw human emotions that hold readers spellbound and captivates their hearts.

2. Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story?

When it comes to romance … hmmmm (big smile). Seriously though, when Leslie realizes the strength of her own conviction and determination to survive the dangerous perils she’s been faced with. I’m a true believer that when tragedy strikes and you’re standing on the edge of that precipice and all you see is darkness looking back at you, faith lies in knowing one of two things will happen. You can either let fear consume you, roll up into a ball and block out the world or, you can take a leap of faith and learn how to soar like an eagle. Leslie realizes that for herself.

3. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Since the first time a Crayola was placed between my fingers and I started to scribble things that made sense to only me.

4. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

Strangely enough, they just come to me. You’ll always find a small spiral pad tucked between the front seats of my car, in my purse or on my bed side table.

5. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Some may say I’m rare, maybe even a weird bird. When I attended creative writing classes at my local community college ages ago to learn the formula for writing fiction, I was taught to summarize my thoughts and create a play-by-play synopsis of how my chapters were to play out. NOT !!!! I don’t know what it is, but when I sit down to write, it’s like the words spurt out from my finger tips. Once that creative flow kicks into gear, I just type in rough draft form until my eyes are gritty and blood shot. Once a few chapters are finished, I’ll review, touch up but never truly polish it until the manuscript is finished.

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

How good it actually read … truly! This was one accomplishment no one could take away from me or claim it as their very own because it was so much a part of me. There is nothing more fulfilling than bringing to life multiple characters within the context of an environment that seems so real and believable. To this very day, I am in awe of the whole writing process.

7. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

It wasn’t like that for me. When I was young, I was into comic books. I was a passionate reader all of my adult life and used romance novels as a means to escape the rigor and upsets of life and a way to relax. I lived and breathed them and let them fill many long and lonely evenings when I was raising my children Jason and Alyssa (now 31 and 29) and much later on when my marriage came to an unexpected end.

Wind Warrior first came to life 12 years ago when I was meeting my greatest challenge to simply survive head on. I received so many rejections throughout that time frame I could have wallpapered a small room in my house. I nearly gave up on my dream. That is, until I realized it just wasn’t my time. I needed to live through and get beyond the pain in my own life before I could transform that experience into the kind of passion and emotion I wanted my readers to feel personally through my writing.

8. Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

Love to go on long walks to just think and clear my mind. I use to adore floral gardening until I became an apartment dweller but hope one day to have a small place of my own again. When I find the time, I love to go horseback riding and also try to exercise at least four times a week. Then too, I haven’t given up my passion for reading romance and enjoy the fine works of my fellow authors.

9. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

Book #2 of my Iroquois Series - Captive Heart is expected to be released the end of this year. Besides my series, two future projects near completion are Contemporary Romance Thrillers entitled Pawn For Malice and The Keeper’s Watch. I’m also hoping by the spring of next year to introduce my fans to another Romance Thriller about modern day shape shifters.

Learn more about Cynthia by visiting her website by clicking here.

Now, for a fun contest -- Go to Cynthia's Guestbook and sign it today through the end of April and she will pick one of you to win a prize.
What's the prize? An autographed copy of her book and a $25 Amazon giftcard!

Go here to enter:  Cynthia Robert's Guestbook

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Book Giveaway: NO CHANCE by Christy Reece

NO CHANCE -- Christy Reece  
Ballantine Books
Out now!


Skylar James told a lie to the man she married, and eight years later she still bitterly regrets the deception. Unknown to Skylar, her husband, Gabe Maddox, now lives in the dangerous shadows of elite operatives who rescue victims. When Skylar tries to save a naïve young beauty, kidnappers come after her. For Gabe, Skylar had been his last shot at trust and love. But news of her disappearance battens down his anger and launches him into action. Saving Skylar is Gabe’s only chance for peace and his last chance for happiness.


This is part of a (three book) series, so a good way to get in this early if you like series.

Do you like reading series?

Answer and you'll be entered for a chance at winning this book.

Winner announced Wednesday night!

Kat Martin winner is....

Congrats to Syeda Nessa, who wins a copy of Kat's book!!!

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Gift Certificate winner is....

Congrats to elaing8 who wins the $10 egift certificate!!

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New reviews posted at Romance Reviews Today

Romance Reviews Today – The best reviews on the web!


April 20, 2010

Contest prizes for April :
Non Erotic – The Secret Duke by Jo Beverley, The Chief by Monica McCarty, Demon Keepers by Jessica Anderson, Darker than Night by Kim Lenox, Coming Home by Mariah Stewart & Hell Fire by Anne Aguirre
Erotic – Hers for the Evening by Jasmine Haynes and Impulsive by Catherine Fox

New reviewers wanted. Contact Terrie – Please include a sample review in your email.

Limited number of review openings – get your request for review in early. Review Policy – 60 days advance notice. No Exceptions! Late requests will be considered on a time and space available. When requesting a review please include the following information:
Title, Author, Publisher, Release Date, ISBN, Genre, ARC Format (i.e. electronic or print if electronic please include pdf page count.)

All interviews will be posted on the blog and archived to the site at a later date.

Advertising is available on the home page beginning in May. Please see Author Service page at for pricing information.

Author site links page to go live June 2010. Get your link in early!

Chats – All chats being at 9 pm eastern. Check out the RRT Blog for the most current author chat schedule. Open Forum with Scheme on Monday , Author Chat’s with Crazy Mo on Wednesday, Friday Nights with Patti. Don’t miss the chats they are informative and fun!

New reviews this issue: 16 (2 erotic)

TALES OF THE OTHERWORLD – Kelly Armstrong – Kathy – Paranormal

Contemporary Fiction

HOW HIGH THE MOON – Sandra Kring – Robin – Women’s Fiction

Contemporary Romance
CHOCLATE MAGIC – Zelda Benjamin – Love by Chocolate series, Book 2 – Jane

LOIS LANE TELLS ALL – Karen Hawkins – Carolyn

MAN OF THE WEST – Sadie Callahan – Patti
ON THE STEAMY SIDE – Louisa Edwards – Recipe for Love series, Book 1 – Allegra – A Perfect 10

SWEET TEMPTATION – Maya Banks – Holly – Erotic

Historical Romance
PROMISE OF PLEASURE – Cheryl Holt – Vicki

TO CATCH A ROGUE – Amanda McCabe – The Chase Muses – Robin – HH#989

VICTOR – Julia Templeton – Rakehell’s of Rochester, Book 2 – Holly – Erotic

Paranormal Romance

DARKER THAN NIGHT – Kim Lenox – Shadow Guard series, Book 3 – Kate – Historical

SPIRITUAL SEDUCTION – Desiree Day – Jennifer

TEMPTING THE EARL – Wendy May Andrews – Jane

Series Romance

HIS CONVENIENT VIRGIN BRIDE – Barbara Dunlop – Montana Millionaire series, Book 3 – Patti – SD #2009

HIS RING, HER BABY – Maxine Sullivan – Miniseries: Billionaires and Babies – Deborah – SD #

Time Travel Romance


Terrie Figueroa


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New releases in May...with a fun contest!

I thought I would do something fun and different for the blog today....

Go here to the upcoming releases page at Romance Reviews Today.

Out of the list there, tell us what books you are interested in purchasing. List them here under comments. On Sunday night, I'll pick a winner.

The prize? A $10 gift certificate to either Amazon, BN, or Fictionwise.

Good luck and happy choosing!!!!Photobucket

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Chat Wednesday night with Holli Winters!

Whispers author Holli Winters joins us to discuss her latest book, RECONSTRUCTING CADY. Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a $10 gc from Amazon! Moderated by KatBos.

When? Wednesday, April 21st at 9:00PM Eastern time

Where? or go to and click on RRT Chat over on the left. When login screen loads....type your name and choose Mo's room and then enter!

Hope to see you there!


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Q&A with Kat Martin--with a book giveaway!!!

Give a big welcome to New York Times bestselling author, Kat Martin.

RULE'S BRIDE - Out May 2010

After their strategic “marriage of commerce” three years ago, Rule quite forgot about Violet Griffin, the teenage heiress to a Boston manufacturing fortune. He simply spoke his vows, took over her father’s business and returned to England to resume his usual pursuits: high-priced wine, high-stakes gambling and high-born women.

Yet when Violet, now a sophisticated woman, unexpectedly appears at Rule's London townhouse, husbandly duties no longer seem so odious—he can't wait to take his stunning bride to their marriage bed. Violet, however, is not so easily led: she has her own ideas and is seeking an annulment to marry another. But as Rule attempts to win her over, someone else is determined to frame him for murder and keep him out of the way for good….

Kat will be giving away a copy of  ROYAL'S BRIDE here, plus she has a contest going on at her web site. You can learn more by going to her web site at

Here, we asked her some questions and she has graciously given us some terrific responses:

Tell us about your new release.

RULE’S BRIDE is the final book in my Brides Trilogy, following ROYAL’S BRIDE and REESE’S BRIDE. The three novels are stories about the handsome Dewar brother’s, sons of the Duke of Bransford.

Rule Dewar, the youngest, is the wildest and most rakish of the brothers, the least ready to settle down. Or so he believes until he agrees to an arranged marriage with a young American girl named Violet Griffin. Violet is every bit as strong-willed and determined as Rule, which made the book extremely fun to write. I also liked the action in this book, the adrenalin-pumping scenes as the plot unfolds. Co-owners of Griffin Manufacturing, Violet and Rule are thrown together as they frantically try to discover who is working to destroy their company--perhaps at the cost of Rule’s life.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

Though I had always loved to read, actually writing a book or even a short story never crossed my mind until I was helping my husband with a book he had written (his first and unpublished at the time). I had such fun editing, and as my work on the book came to an end, I realized I seemed to have a knack for it. I decided to write my own book, which became Magnificent Passage, my first historical romance.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

Usually I run across some kernel of information that makes me start thinking. A newspaper article, a passage from a history book, a TV show or movie. From there the kernel expands into an idea which eventually grows into a story.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I think writers are generally pretty dull people. We sit in front of a computer all day trying to get the story in our heads down on paper. I’m not sure I have any particular quirk. Though I do love to work where I have some sort of view. In Montana, I look out at the mountains, snow-capped as I write these. At the beach where we winter, I look out on one of the boating channels that leads to the harbor.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I suppose I would have to say I was surprised I could actually write an entire book! Even more surprised that someone wanted to publish it. I am wonderfully surprised daily by the number of readers all over the world who seem to enjoy my work.

What authors and friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

I’ve always read a lot. Early romance writers like Annya Seton and Frank Yearby were big influences, Kathleen Woodiwiss was another. My husband was the biggest personal influence I had. He was truly supportive from the first few words I wrote (which were awful but he said were great), and still is to this day.

What does your family think about your career as a published author?

When my mom was alive, she was NOT a fan. She disliked romance novels in general. She was glad for my success, but I think secretly she wished I would write “The Great American Novel.”

The rest of my family has been great. My friend, author Meryl Sawyer, was a huge help when we were both just beginning to write.

Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for your writing wise?

I am just finishing a contemporary romantic suspense series, AGAINST THE WIND, AGAINST THE FIRE, AGAINST THE LAW, The Raines Brothers Trilogy. The books are scheduled for release January, February, March of next year. I loved writing these books: three great heroes and the ladies who tame them. I’m hoping readers will love them as much as I do.


Thank you, Kat! To those interested in entering for a copy of her book ROYAL'S BRIDE, please post for a chance.

Be sure to check out her web site at and follow her on facebook by clicking here.

Book winner is......

Congrats to CAFFEY who wins a copy of The Chief by Monica McCarty!!!!

Please email me at with your mailing info.

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Spotlight Review: Love, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox

Wild Ride to Love, Book 2
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 978-0-7582-3826-9
April 2010
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Canada – Present Day

Kat Fallon has no luck with men, as she goes from one romance to another. Her constant friendship with her neighbor, Naveen Bharani, has been one she’s relied on after each failed affair and that friendship is one she has no intention of changing. Nav is almost like a brother, and why ruin a perfect relationship by dating each other? With her sister’s upcoming nuptials in Vancouver, Kat plans to board the train for the long trip there. Once on board, her eye is caught by a handsome, successful looking man who looks almost like Nav. But, impossible, since Nav is a laidback photographer and certainly doesn’t display any signs of being well off. To her surprise, it is Nav, who’s conducted an elaborate plan to catch Kat’s eye—and heart—by pretending to be someone else.

Nav has always been attracted to Kat, but she has resisted any idea of their friendship going any farther. She sees him as a lowly, underpaid photographer who doesn’t meet her expectations for successful husband material. Nav intends to change her view of him by changing his looks, background and demeanor—all in the hopes of attracting Kat. Once she recognizes him, the plan could have gone to the wayside, but he convinces her to go all the way with his scheme…all the way to the bedroom. But once the train trip is over, do they have a future together, or has their friendship been blown apart?

Never really looking at the main man in her life, Kat is shocked by what she suddenly realizes has been there all along in LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY. Kat has never looked at Nav as a man to date; figuring that by keeping their friendship intact is the safest way for him to stay in her life. He is like her best friend, the one who knows everything there is to know about her and the one she goes crying to when a relationship implodes. Though she thought she knew everything about him, in reality she didn’t. It’s certainly an eye opener for Kat and leaves her confused by the suddenly feelings she’s begun to have for him. Of course, Nav is encouraging those feelings, making him hard to resist. After all, once the train trip is over, things are expected to return to normal. But, can they, or has love come unexpectedly to them?

Susan Fox is known for her scorching hot romances under the name of Susan Lyons, and she continues to please readers looking for some sizzling, grab-an-ice-bucket romance. LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY is told from the two points of view of Nav and Kat, with hers in first person. We learn early on that Nav has cared for Kat for a long time, but was afraid to lose their easygoing friendship. Now he wants it to change, as she’s between men and ready for love after a long string of failed relationships. Right off the bat, readers will be rooting for Nav to succeed. He’s a personable, nice guy who is out to prove he can be a sensual lover to Kat. The second tale in the Wild Ride to Love series that focuses on the planning of the wedding of Kat’s sister, one can read LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY as a standalone, but reading the first one in the series, SEX DRIVE, is highly recommended.

Sexy hijinks are in store for readers as Kat and Nav discover each other and prove that friends can turn into lovers. Don’t pass up on this story of love found in the most unexpected of places—on a train. Pick up LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY today from your nearest bookstore.

Holly Tibbs

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Book Giveaway: The Chief by Monica McCarty!

THE CHIEF by Monica McCarty
Out now!


The ultimate Highland warlord and a swordsman without equal, Tor MacLeod has no intention of being drawn into Scotland’s war. Dedicated to his clan, the fiercely independent chief answers to no one—especially not his alluring new bride, bartered to him in a bid to secure his agreement to command the deadliest fighting force the world has ever seen. The treacherous chit who made her way to his bed may have won his hand, but she will never claim his heart.

Although her husband’s reputation is as fierce as his manner, Christina Fraser believes something softer hides beneath his brutal shell. But the only warmth she feels is in their bed, in the glorious moments of white-hot desire that disappear with the dawn. When Christina’s reckless bid to win her husband’s love goes awry and thrusts them into danger on the eve of war against England, Tor will face his ultimate battle: to save his wife and open his heart—before it’s too late.

The trend on book covers right now are the nicely naked chests of the hero. Do like these type of covers, or would you prefer them to be clothed, the couple together...or what?

Post your thoughts and I'll put you in the pot to win this book.

Winner announced Sunday....
US and Canada residents only.

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Chat Wednesday night with Victoria Alexander!!!!

Multi-published author extraordinaire, Victoria Alexander joins us to discuss her book, DESIRES OF A PERFECT LADY!

Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of THE VIRGIN'S SECRET and another lucky winner will get a coffee mug! Moderated by CrazyMo.

When? This Wednesday night at 9:00PM Eastern Time

Where? or go to and click on RRT Chat. Once the login screen loads, type your name and choose Mo's room from the chat room menu ;)


To learn more about Victoria, visit her website by clicking here.
Join Mo's Book Buzz:

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Tracy Wolff winner is....

Congrats to Joder, who wins the prize from Tracy Wolff!!!!

Please email me at with your name and mailing address. Please put Tracy Wolff winner in the subject header.

The Jaci Burton book winner is...

Congrats to Martha Lawson, who wins the copy of Bound, Branded, & Brazen!!

Please email me at with your mailing info and put Jaci Burton winner in the subject header. Thank you!

A Perfect 10: Second Time Around by Beth Kendrick

A Perfect 10
Bantam Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-385-34224-7
April 2010
Women’s Fiction

Thurwell, New York – Present Day

Five women get together for a reunion, having met every year since college ten years ago. They are commiserating over the fact that they got their degrees in English and are still paying off their student loans and working at mundane jobs. Jamie is bartending; Arden is an attorney and ill with lupus; Brooke works at the school for alumni affairs; and Cait is an assistant professor. Anna comes bustling in—she is the only one who is married, and she is desperately trying to have a baby. Anna edits technical manuals, and is an excellent cook and baker. They all discuss what they would like to do with their lives if they only had money. Two months later, Arden passes away leaving her friends one million dollars with the stipulation that it must be used to begin new careers.

Brooke buys Henley House where all the women lived while attending college. It had always felt like home to her, and now she intends to turn it into a Bed & Breakfast. She talks Jamie into helping her, and Cait and Anna soon join them. Mulling over their choices for a second career, Jamie decides to begin an event planning business, and Cait wants to write her first novel.

Brooke is devastated to discover that her house needs complete new wiring that will cost more than she can afford. She looks for help and hopes to do it herself. Jamie gets her first job planning a wedding, and Anna, a wonderful cook, will make the cakes. Cait runs across a professor on whom she had a huge crush in college. When he asks her out for dinner, it gives her the inspiration to begin a romance novel. Things are beginning to fall into place for the four women. Of special interest is Trish, Anna’s archenemy, who complements the tale and rounds out Anna’s story.

SECOND TIME AROUND is the story about second chances, and about four women, best friends, who help each other and remain friends through thick and thin. They are all likeable, fun, sometimes irreverent, and always there for each other. They all have the opportunity to start new careers that don’t always work out as expected, and make new friends and lovers. The dialogue and pacing are excellent. It is a beautifully written book that will keep you turning the pages. Trust me, you won’t want to put it down! It is a Perfect 10.

Marilyn Heyman

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Guest Blogger: Tracy Wolff (with a giveaway)

The “edgy and erotic” (Shannon McKenna, New York Times bestselling author of Tasting Fear) author of Tie Me Down and Full Exposure offers another steamy novel of sex, lies, and sultry games.

Burned once too often, true crime writer Lacey Richards has sworn off love. Instead, she explores her deepest desires through her anonymous- and very provocative-blog. Anonymous, that is, until her dark and ultrasexy neighbor discovers her dirty secret.

Stockbrocker-turned-carpenter Byron Hawthorne gave up life in the fast lane, hoping to start over in a new city. When he learns his alluring neighbor is the one writing the sizzling blog that keeps him up all night, he can’t resist offering to fulfill her fantasies in the flesh. But Byron isn’t the only man provoked by Lacey’s writing. Now Lacey doesn’t know who she can trust-and who she can dare to tease.

I love games—all kinds of games. From board games to video games to card games to interactive games, I love them all.

I was an only child of older parents, who spent a lot of time playing with me. My mom taught me card games like Gin and Go Fish, Old Maid and eventually bridge while my father taught me to strategize with board games like Risk and Stratego and chess. Add to that the fact that we had full size arcade games in our game room (Ms. Pacman and Space Invaders) and an Atari game system long before anyone else in the neighborhood did, I guess you could say it was predetermined that I would love to play games.

Now that I’m a grown-up (which my husband would say is debatable) I too love to play games. I have three sons and whether I’m playing Wii with my oldest or hide and seek with my youngest, I still love the thrill of the chase—and, of course, the rush I get from winning.

The love of games—and winning--is why, when I sat down to write Tease Me, my third erotic suspense and a Romantic Times 4 ½ Star, Top Pick, I spent a lot of time concentrating on the fun and games aspect of the story, as well as the suspense side of it. As the story progresses, my hero, Byron, is determined to fulfill my heroine’s fantasies one experience at a time. From sexy strip games of Seven Questions to sly blog entries and a little voyeuristic teasing, these two run the gamut of sultry experiences—and have a great time doing it. In between the games, they manage to investigate a human trafficking ring, bring down some very shady characters and—of course—fall in love.

So, what kind of games do you like to play? I’m still a sucker for Risk, but I also love Clue and Spades and Hide and Seek. I also have a soft spot for a rousing game of Go Fish ;) Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Tease Me.

Learn more about Tracy by visiting her website at
Tease Me is now available for purchase at most bookstores.

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Book Giveaway: Bound, Branded, & Brazen by Jaci Burton

Bound, Branded, & Brazen by Jaci Burton
Out now from Berkley


Bound by passion, branded by love, brazen enough to take it all…

In the wilds of Oklahoma, three sisters have a hot date with destiny. Valerie, Brea, and Jolene McMasters reunite on the family ranch that should have been called the Bar Nothing…


When Valerie left for the big city, she kissed her foreman husband, Mason, goodbye—along with the best sex she ever had. Now, seeing him brings back sizzling memories. But their rekindled fire threatens to burn them both.


Watching Gage wrangle untamed horses with a gentle but firm touch leaves Brea hot and bothered. But can she live out her fantasy with a man who may ask more than she’s willing to give?


Ranch hand Walker Morgan can’t afford to lose his job by getting too close to his new boss, Jolene, no matter how much she tempts him. But Jolene’s prepared to take the first step, because what Jolene wants, Jolene gets. And Jolene wants Walker.
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New Reviews Posted and the Best Books of 2009!

Best Books of 2009 in this issue!!!

The best books of 2009 as selected by the reviews at Romance Reviews Today can be found in this issue.

Huge thanks to reviewer Jennifer Bishop who coordinated the entire Best Book of the Year voting for the staff! Thanks Jen!


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RRT Prize Books

TO SIN WITH A SCOUNDREL- Cara Elliott and MY DARLING CAROLINE - Adele Ashworth – Winner - Michele Smith

THE GIRL WHO CHASED THE MOON - Sarah Addison Allen (HC) – Winner- Lisa Glidewell

RRTErotic Prize Books

DO IT TO ME - P.F. Kozak – Winner - Armenia Fox

SIMPLY SINFUL - Kate Pearce – Winner - Stacy Fitzgerald

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The Secret Duke by Jo Beverley & The Chief by Monica McCarty

Demon Keepers by Jessica Anderson & Darker than Night by Kim Lenox

Coming Home by Mariah Stewart & Hell Fire by Anne Aguirre

RRErotic Prize Books TBA.

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New Reviews – 32 (includes 3 Erotic)

May 2010 New Releases are now posted.


LACED WITH DESIRE – Jaci Burton, Jasmine Haynes, Joey W. Hill, Denise Rossetti – Allegra – Erotic

Roses – Leila Meacham – Deborah – Family Saga

SECOND TIME AROUND – Beth Kendrick – A Perfect 10 – Marilyn – Women’s Fiction

Contemporary Fiction

FIREWORKS OVER TOCCOA – Jeffrey Stepkoff – Jane

LOOKING FOR A LOVE STORY – Louise Schaffer – Marilyn

Contemporary Romance

HOME IN CAROLINA – Sherryl Woods – The Sweet Magnolias, Book 5 – Diana

LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY – Susan Fox – Wild Ride to Love, Book 2 – Holly - Erotic

MASQUERADE – Sheri Whitefeather – Jennifer - Erotic

ON SHADOW BEACH – Barbara Freethy – Marilyn

OUT OF EDEN – Beth Ciotta – Robin

Futuristic Romance

BORN OF ICE – Sherrilyn Kenyon – The League, Book 3 – Amy

Historical Fiction

NO WILL BUT HIS - Sarah A. Hoyt – Jani

Historical Romance

A TOUCH OF SCANDAL – Jennifer Haymore – Vicki

DESIRES OF A PERFECT LADY – Victoria Alexander – Jani

HIGHLAND SURRENDER – Dawn Halliday – Robin

IN THE WARRIOR’S BED – Mary Wine – Lori

MOST EAGERLY YOURS – Allison Chase – Her Majesty’s Secret Servants, Book 1 - Carolyn


SENECA SURRENDER – Gen Bailey – Warriors of the Iroquois, Book 2 – Jane

Paranormal Romance


DEMON KEEPERS – Jessica Andersen – The Final Prophecy, Book 4 – Marilyn

HIS DARKEST HUNGER – Juliana Stone – Jennifer

SOME LIKE IT KILTED – Allie Mackay – Lori

Romantic Suspense

DARK DECEPTIONS – Dee Davis – A-Tac, Book 1 – Jennifer

Series Romance

BILLIONAIRE M.D. – Olivia Gates – Man of the Month miniseries – Marilyn – SD #2005

FOR BUSINESS … OR MARRIAGE – Jules Bennett – Patti – SD #2010

HOT WESTMORELAND NIGHTS – Brenda Jackson – Westmoreland series – Sinclair

MONEY MAN’S FIANCÉE NEGOTIATION – Michelle Celmer – Kings of the Boardroom, Book 4 – Patti – SD #2006

POSSESSING MORGAN – Bonnie Edwards – Patti – HB #529

SCANDALIZING THE CEO – Katherine Garbera – The Devonshire Heirs, Book 2 – Jennifer – SD #2007

Suspense / Thriller

DESCENT INTO DUST - Jacqueline Lepore – Kathy – Paranormal

FORGET ME NOT – Vicki Hinze – Diana - Inspirational

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Pleasurably Undone winner is...

The winner of the copy of Unpleasurably Undone is......... Sue A... poster #10

Congrats!!! Please contact me at with your mailing address.


Spptlight Review: To Sin With A Scoundrel by Cara Elliott

Circle of Sin, Book 1 of 3
Grand Central Forever
ISBN: 978-0-446-54129-9
March 2010
Historical Romance

London, 1812

Unwilling to give up the fortune their son and cousin gained by marrying, the Sheffield family continues to spread scurrilous rumors about his widow, Ciara, Lady Sheffield. Having failed to see her convicted of poisoning her husband, they now hope to get possession of her son—and his inheritance—by having her declared an unfit mother. Ciara doesn't mix much with Society, but is fortunate in having four very good friends with mutual interests in scientific subjects. The ladies of the circle are of various ages and personalities, all delightful. They call themselves the Circle of Scientific Sibyls. Concerned over Ciara's situation, they conclude she needs to find a man of enough prominence to rehabilitate her reputation.

Lucas Bingham, the Earl of Hadley, lives a life of self-indulgence; he's probably the most notorious rakehell in Town. Hadley really cares for only one person, his uncle and former guardian, Sir Henry Phelps, a reclusive invalid and scholar. When Sir Henry needs help in translating an ancient manuscript that could be vital to England's war effort, he asks Hadley to contact Lady Sheffield for him. Ciara is well aware of Hadley's hedonism and avoids him as long as she can.

Hadley gets a big surprise when he finally confronts Ciara; she's nothing like the bluestocking "Lady Murder" of the gossip columns he had envisioned. For reasons of their own, Hadley and Ciara agree to a temporary engagement.

Ciara is a totally sympathetic character from the start. Not so Hadley, though even before meeting Ciara, he'd begun to see his life as meaningless—an attitude he struggles to fight off.

TO SIN WITH A SCOUNDREL is a well-constructed novel of relationships and suspense. Great character development, plentiful dialogue often touched with humor, spicy sexual tension, and exciting plotlines combine to make it a winner. I was much impressed with the liveliness and wit in this debut effort, but shouldn't have been surprised. Cara Elliott is the pen name chosen by veteran author Andrea Pickens for her new, sexier series of books. I highly recommend TO SIN WITH A SCOUNDREL and eagerly look forward to its sequels.

Jane Bowers

Monday, April 05, 2010

Spotlight Review: Seducing the Enemy's Daughter by Jules Bennett

Silhouette Desire #2004
ISBN: 978-0-373-73017-9
March 2010
Series Romance

Hawaii – Present Day

Brady Stone arrives on the island of Kauai intending to get the goods on Sam Donovan as a means for some leverage to use against the Donovan family. To his surprise, Sam turns out to be a Samantha, but that may soon turn into Brady’s advantage as he begins a plan of seduction. Will she reveal some cracks in the Donovan family business Brady can use to win back his family’s hotel? Or, will he become distracted by his wooing of Samantha, set against the romantic backdrop of a tropical island?

Samantha came to Kauai to run her family’s new hotel as a means to prove to her father she deserves more responsibility in the family conglomerate. She soon falls in love with the hotel resort and wants to make the necessary improvements, but her father continually berates her and treats her like an incorrigible child. When Brady arrives on the scene, Sam is ripe for a seductive picking. It doesn’t take long, so readers know hell will break loose once she learns the real reason why Brady is romancing her.

Deceptions and secrets are at the core of SEDUCING THE ENEMY’S DAUGHTER. Brady feels the Donovan family underhandedly stole the hotel from his late father and is determined to win it back. Sam is the little known member of the family, so he thought if he did a little onsite investigation he could use any knowledge he found in his quest. Before he even learns Sam is Samantha, Brady already felt the twinges of sexual desire for her, so seducing her won’t be a hardship. But as he gets to know Samantha, something builds inside him, and soon he’s feeling more for her than that of a rival to be conquered and tossed aside.

Samantha works hard at the hotel, but it seems it means nothing to her father, who constantly puts her down and tosses out her suggestions. Samantha’s ego is ready for the tender touch Brady provides as she falls for him. Nights spent together cements their relationship—and her dreams of a possible future with Brady. Alas, when she learns the real reason why Brady is there, her life may be shattered.

Jules Bennett has penned a charming, fast-paced tale that left this reader almost wanting SEDUCING THE ENEMY’S DAUGHTER not to end. Brady might be described as a cad for his plan to seduce Samantha at the start, but midway through, his actions seem almost a must needed blessing for our hardworking heroine. When the truth comes out, will Brady be able to convince Samantha he cares for her? Can a resolution between the Stone and Donovan families be made? A captivating read I highly recommend, be sure to pick up SEDUCING THE ENEMY’S DAUGHTER today.

Patti Fischer

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Book Giveaway: Pleasurably Undone anthology

Pleasurably Undone - Harlequin Historical anthology with Christine Merrill, Michelle Willingham, Louise Allen, Terri Brisbin and Diane Gaston


A collection of five sensual stories. History has never been so hot!

Seducing a Stranger by Christine Merrill
Lieutenant Tom Godfrey returns home to find pretty young widow Victoria Paget in a bawdy house. What starts as a one-night seduction soon leads to more….

The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave by Michelle Willingham
Though Aisling Ó Brannon is intended for the king's bed, fierce warrior Tharand must decide: please his king…or keep his captive love-slave for himself!

Disrobed and Dishonored by Louise Allen
Miss Sarah Tatton needs a way out of her engagement, and highwayman Jonathan Kirkland may be just the man to teach her the art of love….

A Night for Her Pleasure by Terri Brisbin
Tough nobleman Simon and innocent Elise's marriage is one of convenience—but on their wedding night, both discover ecstasy beyond their wildest imaginings!

The Unlacing of Miss Leigh by Diane Gaston
Disfigured Captain Graham Veall never expected virginal Miss Margaret Leigh to respond to his advertisement for female company. Can she soothe his inner wounds?

I'll pick and announce a winner on Tuesday night!
What do you need to do to enter?

What did you do for Easter?

One entry per person, US and Canada residents only.

Good luck!!!