Spotlight Review: Stolen Promise by Lisa Marie Wilkinson

STOLEN PROMISE - Lisa Marie Wilkinson
Medallion Press
ISBN: 978-1-60-542069-1
March 2010
Historical Romance

England and South Carolina - 1806

Jade has run away before and she will do so again if forced to marry the abusive Dimitri. A Gypsy woman has no choice but to obey the laws of her people. Now her father has told her of another tribe who has offered for Jade’s hand for a half-Gypsy grandson of the tribe‘s leader who will protect her from Dimitri. Before the families can make it official, though, Jade, with the help of her younger sister, Liberina, escapes the Gypsy camp and heads straight into trouble.

Evan Dark, half-Gypsy and an American plantation owner, is trying to get aboard ship to return to South Carolina when he encounters, and rescues, a beautiful Gypsy woman. Despite her wildness, Evan is intrigued and enchanted, but the only way for both of them and her sister to escape England safely is to work out a plan. Jade agrees to be Evan’s indentured servant in exchange for her sister’s passage. But can Evan keep his personal feelings separate from his new servant as they set sail for his home? How will his fiancée in South Carolina react to Jade’s arrival? And will Dimitri give up Jade so easily?

Although Jade and her sister are treated well at Evan’s plantation, her presence in his life has strained the relationship he has with his intended, Gloriana. Evan is torn between his obligation to Gloriana and his need for Jade. Outside influences, family involvement, and life in general complicate the future for both Evan and Jade.

STOLEN PROMISE has an interesting premise and two very engaging lead players. Jade tends to let her emotions rule her actions, but her yearning for a normal life keeps her going. Evan’s Gypsy side occasionally surfaces as he deals with the complications of life back in South Carolina and a not so loving fiancée. Secondary characters are extremely vital to the plot, and there is an exciting, although somewhat predictable, ending.

Plenty of adventure, some steamy interaction between Jade and Evan, and a glance into early plantation life in the United States make STOLEN PROMISE excellent entertainment.

Jani Brooks


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