Spotlight Review: SOMETHING ABOUT YOU by Julie James

Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-23338-2
March 2010
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois ~ Present Day

Assistant U.S. District attorney Cameron Lynde doesn’t expect that a night spent in a nearby hotel while her house is unavailable would turn into overhearing a couple having loud, raucous sex—and someone getting murdered. But that is what happens, and with it brings danger to Cameron since she caught a glimpse of the alleged killer. She’s put into protective custody—and back into contact with FBI Special Agent Jack Pallas, a man who had an infamous run-in with Cameron that led to his being banished to Nebraska for the past three years. Jack is as thrilled to see Cameron as she is him, but protecting her is more important than their contentious squabbling. Of course, protecting her from the bad guy means 24/7 coverage. Will they be able to be around each other without killing each other?

Three years ago, Jack had worked long and hard on a case, only to see Cameron shoot it down. He spouted his mouth off to the press in anger about Cameron, which caused embarrassment to her and the FBI. He thinks she was the reason he got shipped off, and he’s not interested in being nice to her. Of course, Jack, being a dedicated agent, won’t let the bad guy have a crack at her, even if he is slightly tempted. And being up close and personal with Cameron suddenly has a certain part of his anatomy on full alert. Will he be able to keep his eye on—and his hands off—her?

A quirky beginning to SOMETHING ABOUT YOU sets the tone right away for readers in this engaging tale. What was supposed to be a night of relaxation soon turns into a horrifying nightmare when a woman is killed in the next room. Cameron has worked hard through the ranks at the U.S. District Attorney’s office, but she knows better than to argue with her superiors—or the FBI when she’s placed under protective custody. Of course, the last man she expected to be in charge would be Jack. The man is an annoying know-it-all who glowers at her and looks as if he needs a shave all the time. Okay, she can admit he looks sexy when he looks at her. Jack immediately puts a plan into place to guard Cameron, meaning he’s going to have to spend time around her. He still hasn’t forgotten it was she who sabotaged his investigation against a crime boss. But Jack soon realizes that Cameron isn’t the barracuda he thought her to be, even as it becomes harder and harder to hide his growing lust. Their sizzling chemistry is funny to watch, knowing it won’t be long before they give in to their passion. As for the murderer, well, readers learn about midway through SOMETHING ABOUT YOU who it is. It’s then a game of cat and mouse to see when Jack and Cameron figure it out—and how the person will be brought to justice.

Julie James has penned an entertaining, fast paced and well written tale to make it a highlight of my reading year. Make it yours by picking up SOMETHING ABOUT YOU.

Patti Fischer


Kara C said…
I'm in the middle of reading this book now. It is sooo good!
I finally bite the bullet and bought this book this weekend!! I can not wait to read it!!! UGH, and not after you great review... I want to read it now!
Thanks for a great review!
Hope all is well!
Pam P said…
Liked it a lot, too, along with her previous two books; she's become a favorite author.

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