Spotlight Review: Chick With a Charm by Vicki Lewis Thompson

CHICK WITH A CHARM – Vicki Lewis Thompson
Babes on Brooms
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-45-22936-6
March 2010
Paranormal Romance

Chicago – Present Day

Lily Revere is a witch and a bartender at the Bubbling Cauldron. Tired of waiting for Griffin Taylor to make the first move, even though she sees the attraction in his eyes, Lily brews an ‘adoration elixir’ to put in Griffin’s drink. She uses her dog, Daisy, as her familiar, and uses the dog’s devotion to her as part of the spell. Lily is determined to take the handsome lawyer to her sister Anica’s engagement party, even though using magic on another person is against the witches’ creed.

Griffin is definitely attracted to the beautiful bartender, but she is too attractive and frivolous for him. He wants a sensible, down to earth woman...or does he? Why aren't the women he should be attracted to as good looking as Lily? Griffin and his friends attend their usual happy hour at the Bubbling Cauldron, and Lily serves him her special drink. Later in the evening, he begins to get very restless and desperate to see Lily. He asks Lily for one night—but only one night. Little does he know that one night will make the spell even stronger! Anica phones her sister trying to talk her out of going with Griffin. She reminds her sister what happened when she used magic on her fiancé and turned him into a cat! (See Anica’s romance in BLONDE WITH A WAND).

Lily agrees to go out with Griffin for coffee only, although that is not what he has on his mind. He can’t seem to stop panting after her! When Griffin meets Daisy, they have an instant rapport—has he met this dog before? Why does she seem so familiar? This is one smart pound dog! Griffin is very enticed and amorous with Lily. Is it the spell, or are his real feelings coming to the fore? What will happen when he finds out that Lily is a witch and he is under her spell? Griffin doesn’t know what hit him, and Lily is beginning to feel very guilty about the whole situation.

Another comical and sexy story from the pen of Vicki Lewis Thompson, CHICK WITH A CHARM is a sizzling-hot paranormal romance. It is a bedroom romp along with a light-hearted and entertaining story.

Marilyn Heyman


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