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A Perfect 10: Some Like it Rough by Kate Pearce, Susan Lyons and Anne Rainey

SOME LIKE IT ROUGH – Kate Pearce, Susan Lyons and Anne Rainey
A Perfect 10
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-3898-6
March 2010
Erotic Contemporary Romance Anthology

Some Like It Rough – Kate Pearce
Gulch Town, California

Luke Warner has returned to town to restore his family’s old pharmacy. Luke had left town hurriedly years ago, and his return is sure to raise a few eyebrows from the townsfolk, especially those of Julia and Paul. The trio was much more than friends as teenagers, but Luke’s sudden departure left a gaping hole in each of their lives. Julia and Paul are lovers, and Luke has a secret passion for the lady himself, but he’s not about to infringe on the couple’s relationship. That is, until he’s invited to a night of passion with Julia. And what about Paul and Luke? Is there also something between them?

Kate Pearce has penned a sizzling tale with Some Like It Rough. Gulch Town could be any rural, western town in the United States, but the close-then-ripped-asunder relationship of Luke, Paul and Julia isn’t. The chemistry and unspoken desire between the three percolates until it’s a raging river ready to spillover —or split their friendship. Luke has secrets he hasn’t told his friends. Is now the time to reveal it all? And how do Julia, Paul and Luke really feel about each other? Can they remain friends in the future—or are they daring to rip their lives apart?

Cowboys, sexy men and a scorching triangle. What more could a reader ask for in Some Like It Rough?

Private Eyes – Susan Lyons
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Ry Montana and Haley Croft are two of the detectives working for The Private Eye. Their current assignment involves the investigation of a woman who works at a strip club. The woman’s husband suspects she is cheating on him and has hired the PI agency to find out. The only way to get close to the suspect is to have a female PI pose as a stripper. Sweet, seemingly innocent Haley offers to go undercover (or get uncovered, so to speak). Ry is surprised at the offer and even more so when she turns into a tigress on the stage. He’s suddenly looking at her in a new way. For Haley, stripping gives her power she didn’t know she had, the ability to have men look at her as a sexually satisfying female. Especially, Ry.

Susan Lyons has exquisitely blended a story that’s both sweet and sensual in Private Eyes. A woman who enjoys stripping in front of a roomful of men isn’t your everyday heroine. Ry’s eyes are opened as he really looks at Haley for the first time and discovers he likes what he sees. Not because she is naked, but rather, for the person who she has now become, like a flower blooming on a warm spring day. There are multiple characters in Private Eyes, but this terrific tale focuses on the relationship between Ry and Haley.

Haley may be ready to strut her stuff, but she only has eyes for Ry. A tempting treat of a tale, Private Eyes will leave you smiling.

Cherry on Top – Anne Rainey
Zanesville, Ohio

Cherry Dubois runs a respectable massage therapy business, though her next door business neighbor Dante Ricci is suspicious of her. He also is irked because he wanted to expand, but Cherry took the space. This hasn’t stopped her from secretly lusting after him, with fantasies she knows could never come true with a man as distant and cold as Dante. They are nodding acquaintances, but one day he walks into her business and schedules a massage. When he comes onto her, she’s shocked, and refuses him, but he’s relentless. Finally, she gives in and agrees to dinner. Things begin to heat up and a dinner turns into a weekend spent having fabulous, mind-blowing sex with Dante. They learn they have a lot of things in common, such as when she agrees to have him be her Master in a submissive/Dominant relationship.

Anne Rainey knows how to turn up the heat in Cherry on Top. Dante is an alpha male extraordinaire, while Cherry just wants to make a success of her life after a disastrous marriage and isn’t looking for a guy to share it with. Their interactions are combustible, both in and out of bed, leading to some scorching sex. Better plan on wearing asbestos gloves while reading Cherry on Top! If you like some BDSM with your romance, then this tale is definitely one I highly recommend for your reading pleasure.

When Dante finally gets to claim his Cherry, get ready for a steamy read you won’t forget in Cherry on Top.

Each tale stands alone, but each one brings together some terrific writing from three outstanding authors. By the time I finished SOME LIKE IT ROUGH, I knew it richly deserved a Perfect 10 and would go on my keeper shelf. If you are looking for a sizzling read that is time well spent, then pick up SOME LIKE IT ROUGH.

Holly Tibbs


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I WANT THIS BOOK! lol... I will be getting soon hopefully. From the cover to the back, this book just looks smoking hot!

Can't ask for anything better than this-->> "Perfect 10 and would go on my keeper shelf."
Wow! Great review!

Unknown said...

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it!