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From Terrie:

What's in a Romance?

Since February is the month for romance, with Valentine’s Day and such ? What is the most romantic book you’ve ever read – and what scene in the book pushed it to the top of the romance scale for you. Send me the title of the book, and the text from the scene that just “did” if for you… I’ll draw one winner on Valentine’s Day for a very special prize – and post the titles and scenes submitted. Come on put on your thinking caps – which book – which hero or heroine – which scene melted your heart and made you sigh and say “Now that’s’ true love.”

Here is my pick:
KINGDOM OF DREAMS by Judith McNaught:
In this scene we have the heroine, Jennifer Merrick Claymore, having fled to her room to avoid watching her husband destroy her kinsmen in a tournament. The hero’s brother, Stefan Westmoreland is determined she return the tournament and watch her husband Royce, The Duke of Claymore.

(excerpt from Kingdom of Dreams, Judith McNaught, Pocket Books, Copyright March 1989

“Her heart and mind ravaged by divided loyalty, she stood where she was, unable to see the field but able to hear what was happening. Based on the prolonged ugly jeering coming from the crowd – a sound that was becoming more pronounced at the end of each match –they weren’t getting much of a show from the loser of each match. Evidently her Scots weren’t even worth a bit of polite applause …”

She jumped as the door to her bedchamber was flung open and crashed into the wall. “Get your cloak,” Stefan Westmoreland snapped ominously, “you’re coming back to that field with me if I have to drag you there!”

“I’m not going back,” Jennifer countered, turning to the window again. “I have no stomach for cheering while my husband batters my family to pieces, or ---“

Stefan grabbed her shoulders and spun her around, his voice like a savage whiplash: “I’ll tell you what’s happening! My brother is out there on that field dying! He swore he’d not raise his hand against your kinsmen and, the moment they realized that during the tournament, your precious kinsmen massacred him!” he said between his teeth, shaking her. “They tore him to pieces in the tournament! And now he’s jousting – Do you hear that crowd jeering? They’re jeering him! He’s so badly injured; I don’t think he knows any more when he’s been unhorsed. He thought he’d be able to outmaneuver them in the jousts, but he can’t, and fourteen more Scots have challenged him.”

Jenny stared at him, her pulse beginning to race like a maddened thing, but her body was rooted to the floor, as if she was trying to run in a nightmare.
“Jennifer” he said hoarsely, “Royce is letting them kill him.” His hands bit painfully into her arms, but his voice broke with anguish. “He is out there on that field, dying for you. He killed your brother and he’s paying ---“He broke off as Jennifer tore free from his grip and started running ….

Okay, you’re wondering where the romantic scene is? Is there anything more romantic than man willing to sacrifice his pride – his very life to prove his love? “sigh”. The scene outlined above left me in tears the first time I read it – and the story is one of my all time favorite historical romances. And I can honestly say in the dozen times I’ve re-read the book – I never walk away dry-eyed. Without a doubt one of the best romances ever written.

So that’s my favorite romance – and what I consider a very powerful scene in the book. What’s yours?

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Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

When I get home, I will have to pull the book out. But my most favorite book for love is Tortured by Amanda McIntyre. So, I will be emailing you later with the passage.
I love your choice. I will have to go look this one up! Have a great day!