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New Reviews Posted at RRT

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2010

By Terrie Figueroa

Happy New Year

2009 has seen a lot of changes at Romance Reviews Today. We have lost some of our long time reviewers due to time constraints and personal issues. Several of our reviewers have suffered unexpected personal losses this year and I myself have dealt with some unexpected and time consuming personal issues. But for me, through the entire year, the staff at Romance Reviews Today has been a rock. Steadfast, reliable and despite their own personal issues has continued to produce top quality reviews for our readers.

Patti Fischer has done an incredible job with the RRT Blog this year and we have seen readership of the blog grow. Scheme, Patti and Mo continue to offer up fun and sometimes wicked chats for our readers to participate in several nights a week. If you haven’t been to a chat recently be sure to check out the schedule or sign up to the RRTChatters group where all chats are announced.

AS the New Year approaches Romance Reviews Today will continue – hopefully on a more consistent basis than this past year. We will continue to offer you top notch reviews as well as author interviews for our readers, and will be opening up new promotional opportunities for authors as the year progresses.

Additionally, we will be adding a monthly feature article beginning in April. We of course will focus on books in many of the articles, however, we also want to talk about what you want to know – or are interested in. Is there a topic you’d like to see featured on Romance Reviews Today? Drop me an email with your suggestions.

Many of you have been readers of Romance Reviews Today since its inception in October of 2000 – yes it’s hard to believe we are entering our 10th year on the web. The time seems to have flown by and it seems like only yesterday were the new kid on the block with only a handful of reviews to offer up. Since then we have grown and at one point with a staff of 30 reviewers produced more than 200 reviews a month. A pace that was not possible to sustain.

In 2006 we launched our sister site RRTErotic and that site was hugely successful for several years. However, due to time constraints, mine and the reviewers, RRTErotic will officially close in June 2010, and in fact will not be updated directly at RRTErotic again. There are a number of reasons for this. Primarily because maintaining two separate websites is time consuming, and at this point not practical. We will however, continue to offer erotic reviews as a part of Romance Reviews Today. Links to the old RRTErotic website will continue to work through the expiration of the hosting service in June 2010. As of June 2010 all reviews posted at RRTErotic will be available via email, and hopefully online in a simple database. (If anyone has suggestions on a fast and simple database that can be incorporated into Romance Reviews Today – email me -- please!)

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January update schedule: 1/3/2010, 1/9/2010, 1/16/2010 and 1/23/2010

February update schedule: 2/1/2010, 2/10/2010, 2/20/2010


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New Reviews


A CHRISTMAS BALL – J. Ashley, E. Bryan, A. Johnson – Amy – Historical Romance

BETTER NAUGHTY THAN NICE – V. Lewis Thompson, J. Shalvis, R. Nelson – Patti –Contemporary Romance

BLAZING BEDTIME STORIES - T. Carrington, T. Weber - Patti - HB#513 - Contemporary Series Romance

Contemporary Fiction

A BLUE AND GRAY CHRISTMAS – Joan Medlicott – The Ladies of Covington, Book 10 – Diana

Contemporary Romance

A BLACK TIE AFFAIR - Sherrill Bodine - Jennifer

HIDDEN FIRE – Jo Davis – The Firefighters of Station Five – Deborah

LEAD ME ON - Victoria Dahl -Patti

MRS. MIRACLE – Debbie Macomber – Diana

OUTBACK HERO - Elisabeth Rose - Jennifer

SEDUCTION ISLAND – Lorie O’Clare –Jennifer – Erotic

SEX DRIVE – Susan Lyons – Wild Ride to Love, Book 1 – Holly – Erotic

THE MATING GAME – Barbara Raffin – Deborah

THE PRODIGAL FATHER – Kara Lynn Russell – Diana

THE SATIN SASH – Red Garnier – Jennifer – Erotic


DIVINE MISDEMEANORS - Laurell K. Hamilton - Merry Gentry Series, Book 8 - Kathy - Urban Fantasy

Futuristic Romance

LIONSBANE – Marteeka Karland – Frozen Earth, Book 3 – Lori – Erotic Short Story

Historical Romance

A MATTER OF CLASS - Mary Balogh - Jane


LADY EUGENIA'S HOLIDAY - Shirely Marks - Jani

SEDUCED BY A ROGUE - Amanda Scott - Jane


THE MADCAP – Nikki Poppen – Robin

WHAT THE DUKE DESIRES – Jenna Petersen – Robin


THE BETRAYAL OF THE BLOOD LILY - Lauren Willig - Jani - Historical


Paranormal Romance

A MERMAID’S RANSOM – Joey W. Hill – Allegra –Erotic

DEFILED – Evangeline Anderson – Kate – Erotic

JANE BITES BACK - Michael Thomas Ford - Robin - Humor

ME AND MY SHADOW – Kate MacAlister – A Novel of the Silver Dragons, Book 3 – Lori

SHADOWLIGHT – Lynn Viehl – A Novel of the Kyndred – Courtney

Romantic Comedy


Romantic Suspense /Thriller

HARD TO HOLD – Stephanie Tyler – Robin

SLEEP NO MORE - Susan Crandall - Marilyn


DUTY, DESIRE AND THE DESERT KING - Jane Porter - Deborah - HP #2880

THEN COMES BABY –Helen Brenna – An Island to Remember Series, Book 3 – A Perfect 10 – Diana – HSR #1606

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