Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spotlight Review: IF LOOKS COULD CHILL by Nina Bruhns

Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-424-23152-4
December 2009
Romantic Suspense

St. Martin’s Parish, Louisiana – Present Day

Marc Lafayette works for Storm, part of a special ops team. Marc, Darcy, and Quinn worked undercover in Turkey to find the plans for a new bio-weapon, but failed in their attempt. Now, in Louisiana, they see evidence of the virus having been tested on animals. When State Trooper Tara Reeves sees the dead animals, Marc is told to neutralize her----he is not happy about baby sitting a police officer. Tara hires Marc to take her into the swamp. She wants to see first hand what is going on. The attraction between them sizzles.

A team of six from Storm has assembled in Louisiana hoping to find and destroy the terrorist cell operating in the bayou. Marc, Darcy, and Quinn are part of that team. Darcy and Quinn have had an on-again/off-again hot romance since meeting in Turkey.

Gina Capozzi, a scientist, is being held and forced to work on the virus by Abbas Tawhid, head of the Al Sayika terrorist organization. Rebel Haywood is looking for evidence on where she is, while Gina is praying for someone to rescue her from the terrorists. Alex Zane, who almost died on a mission for Storm, has just set the date to marry Rebel’s roommate, Helena Middleton; Rebel is heart-broken.

There is a lot of action in IF LOOKS COULD CHILL. It is anything but chilly---the sexual action is as hot and steamy as the action in the field. Members of the team don’t hesitate to make love or risk their lives hunting down the terrorists. Marc is a good guy, smitten by Tara, but will he be able to accept that it is love? And Darcy is tired of fooling around with Quinn; she wants a commitment. Rebel figures she doesn’t have a chance with Alex; can she forget him and meet someone new? The characters are all bold and colorful; the romance scenes are sensuous and intense. Chasing down the terrorists is frightening. Can they catch them before they kill a lot of people?

If you like a thrill a minute, you will enjoy IF LOOKS COULD CHILL. The gripping tale is well written and filled with intrigue and passion. With some threads left hanging, readers will look forward to the next book in this series, A KISS TO KILL.

Marilyn Heyman

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