Spotlight Review: POSSESS ME AT MIDNIGHT by Shayla Black

POSSESS ME AT MIDNIGHT - Shayla Black The Doomsday Brethren, Book 3
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-416-57846-8
November 2009
Paranormal Romance

Great Britain - Present Day

While magickind does not actually have royalty, if it did, Sabelle Rion would be its princess. A powerful witch who is also the granddaughter of Merlin and a member of the Privileged class, Sabelle is also a kind, giving person who draws the admiration of many, including Isdernus (Ice) Rykard. Ice has wanted the sexy witch since the first moment he met her, but he knows that a union between them is impossible. First, because he is Deprived, the lower class of the magical Social Order, and mixing the two classes does not happen. Second, the enmity between Ice and Bram Rion, Sabelle’s brother, would be enough to prevent any relationship, even without the fact that Bram plans a mating for his sister that will strengthen his political position. That doesn’t stop Ice from wanting Sabelle, or sway him from his growing conviction that Sabelle is his mate.

With her brother laid low by a mysterious spell and Sabelle taking over his Council duties, Sabelle knows that it’s more important than ever to do her duty to both her brother and her bloodline. She’s aware that Bram would like her to mate with one of the two men who will inherit a Council seat in the future and had always planned to follow his wishes. But meeting Ice has changed things for her. She’s intrigued by the supposedly mad wizard and is more attracted to him than she has been to any other man she’s met in her eighty-five years. When the evil wizard Matthias sends his Anarki troops to her home, Ice is the one to help her and her comatose brother escape. As the magical war escalates around them, Sabelle also has to fight the attraction she feels towards the very desirable, but inappropriate Ice.

The Doomsday Brethren face a new challenge in POSSESS ME AT MIDNIGHT, as Matthias comes up with another devious plan. In the months since Ice joined Bram’s army, he has struggled with his hopeless desire for Sabelle, but when they are stranded virtually alone together, the temptation to Call to her becomes impossible to resist. In spite of the fact that she is an adult witch, Sabelle’s loyalty to her brother --- the only family who matters to her --- urges her to wait until he is well enough to resume his duties before making any decisions, especially one she knows he won’t like. The romance between Sabelle and Ice, and the complications due to the conflict between Ice and Bram, overshadow the fight between the Doomsday Brethren and Matthias for much of the book, but there is still plenty of action.

As the battle between good and evil is a continuing thread throughout the series, and there are a lot of things that carry through from one tale to the next, it’s helpful to read the stories in order. The latest novel in The Doomsday Brethren is as captivating as its predecessors, and the intriguing characters, caught in an impossible relationship, make POSSESS ME AT MIDNIGHT a book you won’t want to miss.

Jennifer Bishop


Syeda Nessa said…
i cant wait to read it. i love books with princesses and princes.
Julie said…
i just love magic.

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