Spotlight Review: HOT ON HER HEELS by Susan Mallery

HOT ON HER HEELS – Susan Mallery
Lone Star Sisters Series, Book 4
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-77384-8
November 2009
Contemporary Romance

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Deputy Dana Birch has finally done what she set out to do, found evidence to bring Garth Duncan in for questioning for messing with her three friends, Lexie, Izzy, and Skye Titan. Dana is determined to get Garth for blowing up the oilrig Izzy was working on and almost leaving her blind, but then the sisters spoil her plan and come up with a different scheme. They are determined to save Garth from himself and love him into their family; after all, he is their half-brother. While all this sibling love is starting to work its magic, Dana makes it her full time job to follow Garth and make sure nothing else happens to her friends. If only he didn’t challenge her at every step and make her want to believe in his innocence.

Just because his father, Jed Titan, turned his back on his bastard son when Garth's mother Kathy had brain cancer years ago, Garth has made it is goal in life to put Jed, his business empire, and his entire family under his shoes and grind them down while making their lives miserable. But Garth knows if Dana had real evidence on him he’d be arrested, so he treats her threats like a pesky ant and concentrates on Dana’s prickly personality and obvious devotion to his half-sisters. Jed will pay for refusing to give money for his mother’s operation, leaving her living in her own world like a child. Kathy needs live-in help and enjoys the pet shop Garth bought her and considers him a very nice man, but after she finally had the operation she lost the part of her that made her Mom. Garth scraped and saved and built a company that affords him the money and contacts to do whatever his mind can think up to crush Jed in every area of his financial life.

Dana and Garth give us an interesting and enjoyable story that shows us the results of fathers who don’t take care of their own and have a sort of psychotic personality that prevents them from having love for anyone. Garth is still making plans to buy enough stock in his father’s company to start a panic in the stockholders, and is helping Dana find out who tried to blow up Izzy and get himself out from under suspicion. Dana and Garth are astounded that the sparks fly between them, and each one is trying to be careful so it doesn’t get too serious. They are both lone wolves, guarding their hearts against anyone. But can love break down the barriers?

Once again, Susan Mallery has written a gem of a story featuring her expertise in writing a series about families and highlighting the Titan sisters here. Dana isn’t a Titan, but they have accepted her into their fold. A child whose mother died early and whose father regularly beat her for no reason, the Titan house and family was her refuge. To keep herself from falling in love or giving up control of her life, Dana usually chooses men who are weaker than she is, and she hardly misses them when they break up. Lovingly created, Dana is a proud, fiercely loyal, no-nonsense woman who enjoys being able to rely on herself and doesn’t use her feminine wiles, if she even has them----she’s not sure she does. Written from her point of view and Garth’s, we come to learn Dana’s personality very well. Garth is not so simple to read; he’s had a hard and yet a sad life. But the main thing that spurs him on every day is keeping his mother Kathy happy.

Who else can we expect to shine in this story but the three irrepressible Titan sisters, their men, and Jed Titan, the father from hell? I said before that I can conceive of no worse father figure, and he does not redeem himself here. What lengths he will go to in relation to his family will astound everyone.

HOT ON HER HEELS brings the Lone Star Sisters series to a fulfilling and action packed end. Following UNDER HER SKIN (May 2009), LIP SERVICE (June 2009), and STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP (July 2009), you need not to have read the others to thoroughly enjoy HOT ON HER HEELS, but Susan Mallery’s series book are her specialty, and not to be missed. Do yourself a favor and grab up HOT ON HER HEELS and appreciate the strength and love the Titan sisters and Dana give to those they care about.

Carolyn Crisher


Kathleen O said…
I cannot wait to get my hands on this latest Titan family saga... I have read the three other books and I am a big Susan Mallery fan...
Syeda Nessa said…
wow i can wait to read it
Julie said…
is this about sisters? if it is i want to read it because i have two sisters and i want to see if their relationship is like mine

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