Monday, November 02, 2009

Spotlight Review: CLAIMING KING'S BABY by Maureen Child

Kings of California, Book 5
Silhouette Desire #1971
ISBN: 978-0-373-76971-1
October 2009
Short Series Romance

Southern California – Present Day

Married, but not connecting...

That is how Maggie King felt as she walked away from Justice King after one, final, sizzling weekend of sex. In the interim, things have changed, just as much as they haven’t. Justice is still a rancher and as stubborn as ever. He misses Maggie, but won’t admit it, because to do so would mean he wants her back. He’s currently recovering from a serious accident and needs therapy and, back into his life, comes Maggie. Only, this time she brings someone else—her infant son, Jonas. This can’t be his son, because he was told by doctors he would be unable to have any children due to an earlier accident. He knows Maggie is trying to pull a sick joke on him.

Why can’t Justice see that Jonas looks just like him? That’s the question Maggie has to ponder every time she tells the pigheaded man that he’s the father. She still loves him, but he made it clear to her that children and any future with him wasn’t in the works. She walked away because he wouldn’t tell her the real reason why he didn’t want children. As Maggie works on Justice, the bond which sizzled between them once reignites. But it’s all for naught, right? Since to take Maggie back would mean to accept Jonas as his son.

Fiery passion and a refusal to accept what’s staring in their faces provide the drama in Maureen Child’s CLAIMING KING’S BABY. Their marriage started out just as any other—falling in love and promising to be together through thick and thin. But when Maggie started pressing for children, Justice pushed her away without telling her the real reason why he didn’t want kids. If he’d come clean with her in the first place, a lot of their misery could have been avoided, but he’s a stubborn, proud man who didn’t want to admit he grieved for what he couldn’t have. Then back into his life waltzes Maggie, with a son she claims is his. Will he admit the doctors could be wrong?

Bewildered by Justice’s attitude as much as she hates to admit she still loves him deeply, Maggie can only hope he accepts Jonas and builds a bond with his son. They dance around the issue for much of CLAIMING KING’S BABY—that Justice couldn't be the father has him rejecting any possibility. Will the truth be revealed, or is it too late to save their relationship?

A love that won’t die and an adorable child bring together a couple who truly belong together. Can they get past the issues which drove them apart and build a future together? This tale will enthrall you right from the first page as they try to work things out. Discover for yourself if they do in CLAIMING KING’S BABY.

Patti Fischer

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