Spotlight Review: Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts

BED OF ROSES - Nora Roberts
Bride Quartet, Book 2
Berkley Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-425-23007-7
November 2009
Contemporary Romance

Greenwich, Connecticut - Present Day

With Spring struggling to the surface and the wedding season in full swing, Emmaline Grant couldn’t be happier. Sure, her workdays are longer and Vows, the company that she and her three best friends own, often has back-to-back bookings making free time almost non-existent, but there’s nothing more joyful than weddings. The lack of time for a social life isn’t much of a concern to Emma, as she’s yet to meet a man who hits a ten on her “spark-o-meter” and, having been successful in redirecting her latest date’s attention elsewhere, Emma is content. Then, the strangest thing happens: she has a moment with Jack Cooke. She and Jack have been friends ever since her best friend Parker’s brother introduced them, but she’s never come close to kissing him before.

Jack’s dreamed of Emma for a few years now, but figures if he ever made a move on her she’d laugh in his face. Shortly after the almost-kiss though, he decides to take the plunge and kisses her during one of the wedding receptions. Their chemistry is hotter than he’d imagined and, since she doesn’t laugh in his face, Jack can’t wait to take things further than a kiss. Can their friendship survive the heat?

Four best friends are building a successful wedding-planning company and finding happiness for themselves along the way in the Bride Quartet. If you were to label each of the friends, Emma, the heroine of BED OF ROSES, would be the romantic one. The fairy-tale story of her parents falling in love and marrying has set the bar high for her, and she’ll settle for nothing less than the same. Jack, on the other hand, was devastated when his parents suddenly divorced, and he enjoys casual, short-term affairs. The long-standing friendship, not just between Jack and Emma, but also Parker, Del, Laurel, Mac and now including Mac’s fiancĂ© Carter, may complicate things, but it also makes some things easier. Emma and Jack are comfortable with one another and, despite having known each other for so long, still find occasional surprises. Of course, having three best friends that know you so well means that they all have opinions and curiosity that knows no bounds.

A charmingly sweet romance, BED OF ROSES is a treat.

Jennifer Bishop


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