A Perfect 10: Wedding at King's Convenience by Maureen Child


Kings of California, Book 6
A Perfect 10
Silhouette Desire #1978
ISBN: 978-0-373-76978-0
November 2009
Short Series Romance

Ireland – Present Day

While negotiating with Irish sheep farmer Maura Donohue over rights to use her farm for a movie location, movie mogul Jefferson King sealed the deal by bedding her. He left the next day, their fling just that, never to see each other again. But Jefferson is called to Ireland four months later when problems on the movie set arise. The formerly friendly townspeople are downright hostile to him, with comments about his not doing the “right thing.” Then, he learns to his surprise when he shows up on Maura’s doorstep to confront her, that they are referring to the fact she’s pregnant—with his child.

Maura fell for Jefferson the night they made love. After she learned of her pregnancy, she tried to contact him, but could never get past his receptionist. Angry at what she sees as his brushing her off, when he arrives back in Ireland, she is not in a forgiving mood. Plus, when he orders her to marry him for the baby’s sake, well, she doesn’t have an Irish temper for nothing. No one, not even the rich and powerful Jefferson King, is going to tell her what to do. What ensues next is a battle of wills, as Jefferson tries to figure out the best way to win over the mother of his child. Too bad he doesn’t figure out love has a big advantage…

I absolutely loved WEDDING AT KING’S CONVENIENCE. It’s not just because the setting is in Ireland on a sheep farm, but because two entertaining and charismatic characters are the stars of this tale. Maura is strong and independent, yet she melts in the arms of Jefferson. At the same time, Jefferson King, who has avoided getting involved with a woman because he’s afraid of loving someone, shows his vulnerable and masculine sides at the same time. Their chemistry sizzles right from the start in WEDDING AT KING’S CONVENIENCE and continues even as they argue and she informs him she won’t marry him. Their love is a dance of romance that readers will adore. Jefferson won’t admit that Maura meant more to him than a casual fling, while each is stubborn in holding onto their ground. I could wax poetic on WEDDING AT KING’S CONVENIENCE all day and it would never be enough. It richly deserves Romance Reviews Today’s designation of A Perfect 10. Please, pick up this book, as I guarantee you won’t be sorry.

Maureen Child has skillfully filled the pages with descriptive scenery of Ireland and its people. It makes one want to hop a plane and visit this lovely country. If we can find someone like Maura, Jefferson and the rest of the people of the village near the sheep farm, then the visit would be perfect.

With a beautiful country for a background and an equally engaging couple as the main characters, readers are in for a special treat in WEDDING AT KING’S CONVENIENCE.

Patti Fischer


Kathleen O said…
Patti I have read all the books in this series and will getting my hands on this one too.. I love these books and this one even more as it is set in one of my favourite places.. Ireland..

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