Book Giveaway: Falcon's Prey by Penny Jordan

FALCON'S PREY - Penny Jordan
Part of Harlequin's Famous Firsts
This is a reissue, originally published in 1981


Englishwoman Felicia Gordon should be floating on air. After all, she's engaged to a man who is kind, charming, considerate…. But he doesn't inspire the least amount of passion in her blood.

It isn't until Felicia flies to Kuwait to meet her fiancĂ©'s family that she finds the electricity she's been missing—in her fiancĂ©'s uncle, Sheikh Raschid al Hamid al Sabah! Raschid is hardly the "uncle" she imagined—tall, powerful, unnervingly masculine and shockingly arrogant. But beneath Raschid's contempt lies a passion that burns hotter than the desert sun, a fire Felicia never knew she craved…until now.

Question for readers (and a chance to enter to win a copy of this book)...

Do you remember the first romance novel you read? What was the title, or if you can't recall, then what was the plot?

I'll pick a winner on Wednesday night! Good luck.


Laurie G said…
My first romance was Forgiving by LaVyrle Spencer. A young woman heads West to take over the publishing of her late, father's newspaper. She runs into opposition from the sheriff and his biased views concerning a woman doing a man's job.
Virginia C said…
The first romance novel that really made an impression on me was "Marry in Haste" by Jane Aiken Hodge. I still love this book, so I purchased a "gently used" copy earlier this year. I also read a lot of Georgette Heyer and Barbara Cartland in my early teen years.

gcwhiskas at aol dot com
Karen H said…
This question stretches my memory just a bit, but I believe the first romance novel I ever read was 'Forever Amber' by Kathleen Windsor and that was closely followed by 'Gone With The Wind'. I read both back in the early '60s.
The first romance novel that sticks in my mind is Julie Garwood's Gentle Warrior - I got totally sucked in the Lyon Series and still have them today!

mdwartistry at yahoo dot com
Kathleen O said…
Well I would have to say "Mrs Mike" by Benedict Freedman and it was about a woman who married a RCMP officer and went to live in the wilds of the Yukon in the early 1900's if I recall that far back..
Chelsea B. said…
I *think* it was a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, but I can't remember which one. I do remember being totally hooked and having the almost undeniable urge to go out and buy all of her books LOL
Estella said…
I don't remember the name or the plot. It was by Barbara Cartland.
Syeda Nessa said…
Dark Legend
by Christine Feehan
I loved that book and from then on i was hooked on romance novels. i recommend it to anyone who loves reading about vampires, love and action.
Julie said…
My first romance novel was Chesapeake Bay by Debbie Macomber
Sue A. said…
I can't recall which was the first romance because there have been so many and anyways I've re-read so many of them I can't recall the sequence of the readings. But my early loves were books by Julie Garwood and Johanna Lindsey.
aromagik said…
I know it was a YA romance from the early 80's, but I can't remember the title or even the plot. I do know that 'Forever' by Judy Blume was one of the first romances I enjoyed. I also remember reading 'Endless Love' by Scott Spencer (good thing my mom didn't know what I was reading) and 'Ice Castles' by Leonore Fleischer (I had a thing for Robbie Benson for years). :)

Oh my gosh, what a great question! I'm not sure who the author was **thinkin' Julie Garwood**...BUT I do remember the story. An English miss comes to Scotland to help her friend deliver her baby...and lo and behold, she falls in love with the laird! I loved that book so very much, I remember taking it with me to high school and reading during Home room. :)

rachie2004 @ yahoo (d0t) com
Judy said…
Oh goodness, that was so many years ago:) I am sure it had to be something by Victoria Holt. I use to read everything I could find of hers.
kanishk said…
I still love this book, so I purchased a "gently used" copy earlier this year.

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Momof1DD said…
I am thinking my first romance novel would have to be Madeline Baker, and other various authors, but mostly historical romance. I was probably around 14yo or so.


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