Monday, October 12, 2009

Spotlight Review: Long, Lean and Lethal by Lori O'Clare

St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-0-312-94343-1
October 2009
Romantic Suspense

Lincoln, Nebraska - Present Day

A series of murders across multiple states have come to the attention of the FBI and specifically special agent Noah Kayne. Swingers groups, couples who like to switch partners, have become the target of a murderer. Most recently, three individuals have been killed in Nebraska. Noah is dedicated to his job, especially fresh from a break up with his fiancée. Coincidentally, the reason for their split is that she was into the swinging lifestyle and Noah is into monogamy. So, this case is already bringing up bad memories for Noah when he meets his new and deliciously beautiful partner, Detective Rain Huxtable.

Rain Huxtable is also dedicated to her job, and she also likes to work alone. She can crack the swingers case by herself and doesn't need the help of some hotshot FBI agent who doesn't know her city. Of course, her instant enthrallment with Noah doesn't help her focus her energies on the case as much as she'd like, and when they pose as husband and wife to go undercover in one of the groups, well, just how real will this 'marriage' get?

An intense attraction between two wary cops lies at the heart of the suspenseful, LONG, LEAN AND LETHAL. Rain and Noah are both used to working alone and don't believe they need help solving the case. But the temptation of their interest in each other soon overshadows the need to be top dog on the team. Setting up house together allows Rain and Noah to learn more about their new neighbors and each other. Both carry baggage from previous relationships, and the story starts slowly as they feel each other out. But as they mesh both their investigative and personal styles, the explosive attraction soon bursts into flame.

Lori O'Clare has penned an entertaining tale of love and murder. The search for a killer amongst the interesting cast of secondary characters serves as a compelling backdrop to the evolving romance between Rain and Noah. Pick up your copy of LONG, LEAN AND LETHAL and take a little swing on the dark side.

Kathy Samuels

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