Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spotlight Review: Dragon Moon by Rebecca York!

DRAGON MOON - Rebecca York
The Moon Series
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-23098-5
October 2009
Paranormal Romance

Pennsylvania and Otherworld - Present Day

Three months ago, Kenna was abducted from her job as a tutor and has spent the time since fearing for her life. An adept (person with magical abilities), Kenna has been preparing children for the adept school, and has had a fairly comfortable life. Then soldiers took her to their master, Vandar, who invaded her mind and uses her, as he does three hundred others, as a slave to his whims. Out of fear, she has performed the jobs assigned to her and done her best to keep from becoming Vandar’s next meal. When he summons her to his office, she’s terrified, but he gives her a new assignment, one that gives Kenna her first glimpse of hope. He is sending her as a spy to another universe to gather information so he can invade. Kenna learns that her chances of escaping are slim, and she’s going to have to do what Vandar commands, both thanks to the compulsion the powerful monster has implanted in her psyche.

After finding a buried box containing a million dollars, Talon Marshall knows that trouble will be finding him, but he hadn’t anticipated trouble being so beautiful. There’s something about Kenna that has Talon on edge. He senses that she may be important to him, and for a werewolf trying to avoid finding his lifemate, he’s not very comfortable. At the same time, he can’t completely trust a woman so confused by modern conveniences and ill at ease with the thought of the authorities. Exactly what is Kenna hiding from him, and does it have anything to do with the money Talon found?

The Marshall pack is back in DRAGON MOON, once again facing a threat from a parallel universe. Talon is aware of the fact that the mated Marshall men have come together in a way that’s been almost impossible since their family curse set in, but he hasn’t connected with the others yet. The oddities in Kenna’s behavior have Talon calling on Ross Marshall, a private investigator, but Talon couldn’t have predicted the strange things coming his way. Kenna had enjoyed a nice life prior to her abduction, but during her time as a slave, she has been pretty much on her own. The lying she is forced to do to Talon is tearing Kenna apart -–- literally -–- and the more time she spends with him, the more she regrets those lies, because the secrets and mistrust will make a lasting relationship impossible. Their romance starts off on pretty rocky footing, and the outside obstacles are only going to make things more difficult.

The family dynamics and history, along with the parallel universe, are better understood if you’ve read the series in order. However, while the Otherworld is the same universe that the other stories were set in, the place where Vandar resides is not the city previously mentioned. For an engaging story that gives readers a chance to revisit the old characters, as well as introducing a few new ones, check out DRAGON MOON.

Jennifer Bishop


Linda Henderson said...

I love Rebecca York's books.

Caffey said...

I love this series of Rebecca's! I realized too I missed just the one that was out before this so a couple to catch up with her on with this series! Great reading this review!