Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spotlight review: GOING TOO FAR by Laura Hamilton

GOING TOO FAR – Laura Hamilton
Black Lace - Virgin Books Limited
August 2009
Erotic Contemporary Romance

London, South America - Present day

Bliss Van Bon is thrilled about her upcoming three month trip to South America, but then disaster strikes when her best friend and traveling companion breaks her leg on a ski trip ten days before their departure. Unable to find someone to take her friend's place at this late date, Bliss grudgingly plans to go off on her own. When her on again-off again boyfriend mentions that he has a friend named Carlos in Peru that likes for women to play dress up, life begins to look much better.

After an exciting party celebrating her departure, Bliss sets off on her adventure. Right away she meets Peter Verhoeven on the plane and decides to flirt. He's on a mission to get up close and personal with the stewardess and convinces Bliss to watch the action. Bold and beautiful Bliss reaches her destination and meets not only Carlos who helps her recognize her submissive tendencies, but also Robbie and Red as she delves into the world of ménage. She also meets a host of other secondary participants willing to play. Things are heating up fast!

Bliss gets to explore some of her naughtiest fantasies, but it isn't until she meets Robbie and Red that she begins to feel something a little more than lust. Knowing that she has to go back home to Stratford, she devises a clever way to stay in touch with these two men that's a little different to say the least. Perhaps this steamy relationship doesn't have to end.

Told from the point of view of Bliss, who uses English dialect with witty flair and humor, this story establishes character and a sense of place right away. While Bliss, as the lead, is engaging and the people she meets throughout South America are interesting enough to turn her life upside down, I didn't get a real sense of passion or conflict regarding the overall plot.

Ms. Hamilton does a good job of proving that women can be just as sexually independent as men, and not spend time worrying about repercussions or unfair labels. Light on actual romance, and heavy with erotic exploits, GOING TOO FAR is focused on the escapades of a single woman on her own and all the things she gets into. Her story is quick and interesting, going out on a limb to introduce some quirky, yet endearing characters. The depiction of various locations throughout South America provides an added bonus. Those looking for a deep love story may find this tale a little disappointing, but readers into the pure joy of steamy sex will enjoy this wicked romp on the wild side.

Allegra Alston

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