Friday, August 14, 2009

Spotlight Review and Video: Break Point by JoAnn Ross

A High Risk Novel - Book 4
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-22776-8
July 2009
Romantic Suspense

Mokapu Peninsula, Hawaii - Present Day

Former Air Force Combat Controller Dallas O’Halloran and JAG Officer Julianne Decatur are called upon to investigate Navy fighter pilot Dana Murphy’s suicide on board the USS O’Halloran carrier. Dallas can’t believe the coincidence with both the name of the ship and becoming partners with Julianne. The former JAG Lieutenant Decatur tried to court-martial Dallas and his fellow black-ops Phoenix Team members that were stationed in Afghanistan. She didn’t succeed but still left an impression on Dallas. Now Dallas works for THOR (team High-risk Operational Resources), and he thought his days working undercover were over. That is not the case, and when he and Julianne are called upon by the higher-ups at THOR to get involved, neither has a choice.

Julianne may have a reputation for being an ice maiden, but whenever she and Dallas are together, their attraction for one another could melt the polar ice caps. Julianne wants to keep things professional and at a distance with Dallas. But Dallas is up for a challenge, and that means trying to get Julianne into his bed. From the moment he first laid eyes on her at his court martial hearings, he has had it bad for the ice princess with the incredible curves.

It may look as if Dana Murphy hung herself, but things simply don’t add up. Many are keeping secrets from Dallas and Julianne, and as they get to closer to the truth, there are those who will kill to keep things hushed, even kidnap Julianne’s pregnant sister Merry in order to keep Julianne away from the truth. Dallas and Julianne will have to keep their feelings for one another at bay as they track a killer intent on doing even greater harm.

BREAKPOINT is another great addition to this series by JoAnn Ross about the men and women whose involvement in the military consumes them even though they may find themselves in danger. Dallas and Julianne are a great team as they search for a killer among countless suspects. Not even the high-ranking officers are off the hook.

Even though the story is full of mystery and crime solving, there is a nice romance between Dallas and Julianne. At first these two may seem to be total opposites, but the respect they have for each other’s work makes them come to the conclusion that they need one another in more intimate ways. It may not be the best time to engage in a love affair, but for this reader, it was a nice way to balance the murder and killings. Dallas is a true Southern gentleman who knows how to handle a woman like Julianne.

Ms. Ross has a great way of keeping her reader on their toes with the list of suspects. You will have no clue who the killer is till the very end. One highlight of BREAKPOINT is the interaction Julianne has with her sister Merry. These two have a great sibling relationship, and Merry is quite the surprise, especially when she tries to escape her kidnappers. Some of Dallas’s friends from the past High Risk novels also make appearances.

Dallas O’Halloran finally gets his own story and meets the woman who is his other half. Watching Dallas romance the woman of his dreams was well worth the wait. BREAKPOINT is one suspenseful read that JoAnn Ross fans will not want to miss out on.

Kate Garrabrant

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